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Ex Hacked

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Who doesn't like watching other guys and girls in their horny, candid home videos? Well, that's exactly the kind of content you find at ExHacked. Here, they tell us, they hacked social media accounts and tube sites and found a heap of real, amateur home sex tapes. They also have a feature where members can upload their own and really get into the community-of-swingers swing of things. Quality varies, but content numbers are good.

"Real amateur home sex tapes and you can send your own"




  • 4,156 Movie Clips
  • DVD Quality (350 Kbps)
  • Streaming
  • Downloadable
  • Average length of 5 Mins


  • 6,099 Picture Sets
  • Zip Files

Ex Hacked Full Review


The things that get me about some 'self-submit' sites are these: Some say you can submit your own content and then you find you can't. You can at ExHacked. Some say it's all real amateur footage and then it isn't. It sure looks like it is here. Other genuine amateur home videos sites have too much of a classy, studio-produced edge to them and although ExHacked doesn't, it still works and, most importantly, it stays with its promised theme. Ok, so the sign-up page does say 'over 10,000 videos', and I only found 4,156, but that's nearly halfway there, and updates were coming in. You have 6,099 galleries, and we'll get back to them in a moment. First, here's what else you will find:

There are loads of videos here, and they may not be long (average runtime around five minutes) but they are right on the button when it comes to real, amateur homemade, hardcore, horny and voyeuristic tapes. The site gives you a list of categories, and these are unusual in that they are not you normal teens, Milfs, hardcore etc., though all those kinds of videos are available. They have things like Mixed Flavors, Security Cameras, Xmas, From Secret Profiles and After a Bad Breakup. You've also got Blowjobs and Anal Sex, so that's okay too!

Videos are shown with sample shots that rotate when you point to them and then when you click they lead to viewing pages. Here you only get one option for streaming and one for downloading, but remember that these aren't studio made movies or clips. Having said that, I did find some at 20 minutes, there's a lot of variety. The stream screen was at 730 x 550 and will go to full-screen size (almost, they don't stretch to fit, but they do enlarge). Your download in Mp4 at 360 x 480 @ 300 kbps, at least, the ones I found came out at that kind of size, there may be some variation. Again, the quality isn't wonderful, but we have to remember these are genuine home clips.

As for the galleries, each one holds around 20 pics, and these were at sizes such as 750 x 562 when opened online. There are zip files to take of the full sets where they come out at the same size. The quality varies depending on how the images have been taken. Some are from phones, and you get that classic 'taken in the bathroom' style shot with flash burn and so on. Others look much better, but the point is, they are all real.

Okay, so there's a decent amount of genuine amateur home sex footage at ExHacked, but is there anything else? Well, there are some interactive options, such as comments and there are those neat top lists and category headings, but most importantly, you can contribute. You can add a profile pic and so on, and you can also send in your own tapes and pics. It's one of those sites where the more you put in, the more you get out, though there's no forum, so it's a not quite a true community site. Still, it's an excellent place to find those short clips of real people doing real sexy things.


The quality is going to vary as some of this content was taken on mobile phones, others on digital cams and all of it was taken by amateurs having some sexy fun at home. Stream sizes are pretty small, and downloads are not usually bigger than 360 x 480, but some videos are better looking than others, ditto the pics. The site itself is easy to handle.

Content offered on Ex Hacked

Updates are coming in, and the site has at least 4,156 videos that last for between one minute and 20 minutes each; there's lots of variation. Each gallery has around 20 pics at small or medium sizes and comes with a zip file. Videos can be streamed or downloaded. Nothing is exclusive, of course, but it can be if you only upload your vids here.

Reasons to Join Ex Hacked

You are able to submit your own videos and galleries and contribute to your site and then have the pleasure of seeing how many other members view it, or comment. You could get very involved. There are good updates and the sites I easy to use. It has some original category headings, and there is certainly plenty of variety.

Things that could be improved on Ex Hacked

Some of the tour claims are a bit off, and the quality of the content is very varied. There's a cross sale on the join page, and the trial comes back at a higher price than the monthly sign-up. There is little or no info about the tapes and pics and not very much other information.

Ex Hacked Bonus Sites & Pricing

There is a trial offer, but it doesn't say if it is limited and it comes back at �34.95 - my prices showed in Euros so there may be some regional variation. The monthly deal is reasonable, and the annual one saves you some cash. There are no bonuses, but there's a cross sale to watch out for when you sign up. Overall, it's a good enough value membership.

Ex Hacked Review Conclusion

You never know who you are going to find on sites like this, maybe even your own home sex tapes will appear. They will if you send them in, which you can do at ExHacked. Otherwise, it's real amateur home videos and pics all the way with a good variety of amateurs, loads of content, a good update schedule and plenty to see for a decent price.

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