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Chocolate Models

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Big, beautiful booty, bubbly black babes, pole dancers, strippers, solo girls showing all they've got, that's what Chocolate Models is all about. It's a traditional magazine site with each edition holding its own number of videos and galleries, exclusive to the mag, and it comes with various extras added on depending on what membership you take. It's fully mobile compatible, it's easy enough to navigate, and there are frequent updates.

"Big black babes parade booty in a magazine style site"




  • 1,700 Full Movie
  • Full HD 1080p (8,000 Kbps)
  • Streaming
  • Downloadable
  • Average length of 15 Mins


  • 2,000 Picture Sets
  • Hi-Res Pictures
  • Screen Captures

Chocolate Models Full Review


I have to say, my first impression of Chocolate Models was that it was complicated. But, as I grew used to it, I started to change that opinion. Yes, it's full of texts and words and looks very old fashioned with its block text and with lots of links to the content opening in new tabs, but it all works, and what you do manage to see on the tour is there in the members' area.

It's all about great looking strippers and big booty black babes in dancing shows and strips. It's not exactly a hardcore site, it's mainly about solo girls who are Latinas and ebony models, and usually, these girls have asses to die for, and big boobs too. They are slinky and sweet, and the movies and pics you see here are only to be found on this site, we are told. The girls are filmed in a simple fashion. Often in their lingerie where they stand in front of the camera and dance for you. You're able to stream these or download them and watch them again when you want. The movies are erotic and suggestive, and there's lots of close up action of the booty we came in to see, but there was not a lot of full nudity (that I saw); it's not that kind of site. The girls do go naked, but the one is saw were all facing away, showing me their huge asses while rubbing their tits away from the camera. Mind you, I didn't have time to see all 1,700 + movies or check out every single one of the 2,000 + galleries.

Once you're signed in, you will find the main page and the list of years. Each year holds a monthly magazine, and each magazine holds its own count of videos and galleries per month. January 2017, for example, had over 30 videos. These were all solo strips, the girls were listed with their stats, and the videos were right there to download in Mp4, in HD and in a lower resolution version. I could also stream them by clicking the link which opened the Tube area in a new window. You will have to have the premium membership to do this. Movies were around 15 minutes in length, and the quality was fine. They were musical soundtrack videos with the girls dancing and stripping. Simple.

There were 18 photo sets for January 2017 (you get a lot of new content in each monthly edition!), and these held various numbers of images each. Some held over 300 while others had only a few, around 40. There were basic thumbnail pages that then led to solo pics at 1,329 x 2,000, in the recent galleries - older content may be smaller and older videos are also smaller and come with WMV as well as Mp4. You open the images one at a time (no slideshows, so it's a bit cumbersome) and you can save them from there.

It took me a while to find my way around the site. The magazines (there were no articles that I could see, only pics and vids) are neatly laid out, so that's not a problem, but I did find myself with nine new tabs open when I first started browsing around. Lots of pages open in a new tab, which was a pain. When I clicked back to the Main Page which was open in its own tab, I was able to find other links. There's a blog, for example, and the Tube area. As I understand it - and there's almost too much writing, text and instruction about this on the tour - you have to have the appropriate membership level to access the Tube area where you find the streams. You can also gain bonus sites like Exotic Dancers VOD (is a VOD site a bonus?) and there are more sign-up- options than the first ones shown, so explore all that before you make your way into the final stage of sign-up. Honestly, I found that side of things very complicated.


The quality is fine here with newer movies in HD and older ones looking good but not being as high a resolution. The images are also good quality. The girls are perfect at what they do, which is strip and pose. I found the site design very old fashioned and cumbersome, with lots of tabs opening and loads of text. It needs 'weeding.'

Content offered on Chocolate Models

Exact numbers are hard to pin down without opening and counting every month of every year of the 'magazine', but I reckon at least 2,000 galleries with 40 to 400 pics each, at least 1,700 videos of around 25 minutes, with streams in the Tube area if you have access, and with downloads, usually two per clip/scene. Updates are fine with a full mag each month.

Reasons to Join Chocolate Models

You get a lot of content at Chocolate Models, and the models are the best thing about the site. There is a lot of content and its now HD and its exclusive too. The site is fully mobile compatible, there is a mobile sign-up area too, and it's not expensive. There is a large archive of content.

Things that could be improved on Chocolate Models

The site needs a redesign. Tabs open all over the place, the sign-up details of what you get are complicated, or maybe it's just me. There was very little info about the models and no actual model index that I could see. There was no detailed search function either.

Chocolate Models Bonus Sites & Pricing

As I understand it, you sign-up (Mobile or desktop) for one month and have free access to a VOD site. But explore further after clicking through, and you find longer-term deals with six months bringing you + 4 free channels - no idea what they may be, it doesn't say. Recurring monthly fees go down after the first month the, longer-term brings discounts.

Chocolate Models Review Conclusion

I didn't enjoy my experience of Chocolate Models, the site, due to the unclear sign-up options and deals, and all the text, the navigation and the lack of search and sort options. But I totally got off on the big black broads showing their fat booty for me in mildly erotic solos and strips. There's masses of ebony solo content (softcore).

Members Area Screen Shots

Below are actual screenshots taken from the members area of Chocolate Models. Updated on June 22, 2017

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