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BB Video

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Here's a combination for you: a German porn company and a cast of amateur German galls and guys. The result? BB Video. This is a porn company from Germany and this is the site where they let members see some of their scenes from their released DVDs for under �20.00 per month. (Check the regional prices in your currency.) There is an update schedule or around one new scene per week and a very simple member area to use.

"All German amateur hardcore, just like we like it"

Latest Review Update

BB Video is a raunchy German site with a mix of amateurs and porn stars. They have 205 hot scenes in their last review, and since adding a further 119 movies, they now have 324 exclusive movies (no photos), and most of these are in full HD. They havent updated anything since August 2017 but, lets hope this is just a glitch as this looks like a scorching hot site set against a black background and it is easy to navigate. This is a stand-alone site, and the 50-minute movies speak for themselves.




  • 324 Full Movie
  • Full HD 1080p (5,000 Kbps)
  • Streaming
  • Downloadable
  • Average length of 20 Mins

BB Video Full Review


What we're going for here are the amateur German porn performers and the variety. BB Videos is all about scenarios. Each of the scenes sets up a new story even though they come from DVDs that have themes. For example, there are no prizes for guessing what the DVD Mega Titten is all about, and you don't need a degree in languages to understand that the DVD, Frau Doktor is going to have a medical fetish bent. You can change the language of the site into English or French, but not the titles of the DVD cover shots, of course. But still, the images let you know what to expect.

You have the choice to view the DVDs or their scenes, and the Scenes area contained around 324, 20-minute scenes taken from the 118 DVDs. Not all of the scenes from every DVD have been uploaded yet. Some had four scenes, most had only one, but a new scene seems to be added every week, so the site is growing. If you opt for the DVD route you get to see the cover shots and then you select which one you are going to see from that, the following page gives you a thumbnail for each scene it has available. But if you head to the Scenes area you see thumbnails straight away some are marked with Bonus and these are non-exclusive or non BB Video scenes, and there are also some disguised links to up-sell live cam sites in there which we could do without.

Click on a scenes thumbnail and you come to a viewing page. There were some scenes I wanted to see where the stream and download options did not show up at all, which was a disappointment, but in most cases, they worked. Here I found I often had the choice of stream or download, but not always of what resolution to take. There were 1080p scenes in full HD which will need a good strong connection to stream, and there were some 540p ones too, but again only 540p, no other options. They are also all Mp4 files and streams and there are no clips, only the full scene.

You will see, lower down your viewing page, that you can make comments, and up the page you can rate the scene and use linked tag words for navigation. You will also see blank placeholders for the other scenes from the DVD to be loaded into in time. The rest of these pages are given over to advertising for live cam shows, which is a pain on the eye, but you're going to have to put up with it. You can add scenes to a favourites area for later, and there are a few basic search options.

Although I found BB Videos pretty basic and not that well designed, and although viewing options are actually limited, even though the quality of the movies is a decent amateur standard, I actually liked the movies. The whole thing about this site is that were mixing amateur German models with all kinds of hardcore and these guys and girls are really into what they do. You get some nice mixes too: skinny young lads with big fat housewives, fantasy scenes, ordinary folk in orgy scenes, chubby guys with some Milfs, it's the kind of rough and ready, down and dirty amateur porn that amateur porn sites should be about and so gets a thumbs up for that.


This is DVD release quality amateur almost homemade style filming from a professional company, and it works well. You do have some HD 1080p scenes, most are 540, or DVD quality. The site has a bit of a rough and ready design but most things work fine.

Content offered on BB Video

This is DVD and scene content only, with no galleries. There were 324 scenes and these came from 118 + DVDs; not all DVDs have had their full set of scenes uploaded as yet. Movies come with one stream and one download options only. You can browse by scene or DVD title. These are all amateur performers, German Milfs, teens, and others.

Reasons to Join BB Video

This is good amateur porn, just what you want and expect from a professional company providing hardcore with amateur performers. Very natural and with lots of varied scenarios taking place; from Milf/teen to medical fetish. The site is easy to use and there are some interactive options.

Things that could be improved on BB Video

The site has a bit of a basic design that is littered with adverts that are a pain on the eye. Not all DVDs have their full set of scenes. There are few viewing choices, usually only one per scene and there is no info about the scenes or the performers. No gallery and no model index make for a pretty sparse site.

BB Video Bonus Sites & Pricing

The prices were set in Euros and I recalculated them into Dollars, but you will need to do the same to get the right price for your location. Watch out for a pre-checked cross sale on sign up. You get a decent amount of content with some non-exclusive scenes thrown in and updates do happen.

BB Video Review Conclusion

This is good, old-fashioned, amateur porn; the kind of thing you'd see swingers make at home. It's kind of nicely sleazy, decently put together, there are some HD scenes, but it is a bit limited on viewing options, details, info, and we could always do with more scenes. But, compare the membership cost to the cost of even a few DVDs, and you've got value.

Members Area Screen Shots

Below are actual screenshots taken from the members area of BB Video. Updated on March 14, 2018

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