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Diary Of A Milf Review
Discount Price Save 28%

Diary Of A Milf

Updated on Jun 23, 2017

Trial: $1.95 - 3 Day(s)    Monthly: $24.95 $17.76 - 30 Days

The majority of the content is not in the current industry standard as far as high definition goes since pretty much all but one of the videos at the time of writing this were filmed back in 2005 to 2007. Dont go expecting 1080p or even 720p here.   Diary Of A Milf Review

Lia 19 Review

Lia 19

Reviewed on Aug 31, 2013

Trial: N/A    Monthly: $24.95 - 30 Days

Lia 19 is a great site loaded with plenty of high quality pictures and videos that are just waiting for you to come and explore. This sexy 19 year old babe and her friends are ready to show it all just for you, with great HD videos up to 1280x720, and high resolution pictures that will have your mouth watering.   Lia 19 Review

EX GF Pass Review

EX GF Pass

Updated on Dec 7, 2016

Trial: $1.00 - 1 Day(s)    Monthly: $24.95 - 30 Days

Being user submitted porn the content does vary in quality. Overall it was better than average and a lot of the photo sets were well above average. This is real content filmed by real people not big studios.   EX GF Pass Review

Femdom Foot Fetish Review

Femdom Foot Fetish

Reviewed on Mar 2, 2015

Trial: $4.99 - 3 Day(s)    Monthly: $29.99 - 30 Days

The videos are available in either 1080p or 720p formats, with respective bitrates of 3 Mb/s and 1 Mb/s: put simply, you can really tell that these guys have considered what type of site they want to be, and quality is not something they're willing to compromise.   Femdom Foot Fetish Review

Cumshot Surprise Review
Discount Price Save 40%

Cumshot Surprise

Updated on Jan 28, 2016

Trial: $1.00 - 1 Day(s)    Monthly: $29.95 $17.95 - 30 Days

The guys behind Cumshot Surprise really know how to deliver the money shot. They have a good eye for creating the perfect masterpiece and they are proud to show off their work. Cumshot Surprise is not for clean freaks who hate messes or those squeamish when it involves massive amounts of warm gooey man gravy.   Cumshot Surprise Review

Teens 3 Some Review

Teens 3 Some

Reviewed on May 29, 2015

Trial: $1.00 - 2 Day(s)    Monthly: $29.95 - 30 Days

I'm quite surprised that a site publishing material in 2009 was doing so in 720p. It's not so aligned with the modern desire of quality, but back in those days, this would have been fantastic. I like the fact you get multiple quality options too - that makes all the difference, as the device you're on may influence your download decision.   Teens 3 Some Review

Jurassic Cock Review
Discount Price Save 40%

Jurassic Cock

Updated on Jan 19, 2016

Trial: $1.00 - 1 Day(s)    Monthly: $29.95 $17.95 - 30 Days

The video quality is decent, nothing to write home about, but more than watchable. Its worth noting that the network you get has lots of great HD content. Each video is available in MPEG HD, WMV HD, MPEG, WMV, and Flash. Even the video screen caps are good quality. Downloads are reasonably fast and there are no errors or slow loads with the streaming video.   Jurassic Cock Review

School Girl Internal Review

School Girl Internal

Updated on Sep 24, 2012

Trial: $4.99 - 3 Day(s)    Monthly: $24.95 - 30 Days

The quality at Schoolgirl Internal is very nice, even though the videos could be better bit rate they are clear, and crisp and offer a great viewing experience for the members. The photos are HD quality at 720p and can be viewed through a thumbnail gallery. The bonus area, well that left me speechless, 39 premium sites for free!   School Girl Internal Review

Naughty Athletics Review
Discount Price Save 28%

Naughty Athletics

Updated on Jun 23, 2017

Trial: $1.95 - 3 Day(s)    Monthly: $24.95 $17.76 - 30 Days

It is sometimes said that quality is in the eyes of the beholder, yet there are some who desire all the movies to be in Hi Def and desire all the pictures to be in Hi Res too. However we feel that the quality here is at the very top, and that all will be quite pleased with their quality.   Naughty Athletics Review

Mea Melone Challenge Review
Discount Price Save 33%

Mea Melone Challenge

Updated on Jul 21, 2016

Trial: N/A    Monthly: $29.95 $19.95 - 30 Days

There are HD files at 1,920 x 1,080 and they looked good, the standard definition version is also good quality and the movies are well filmed, steady and look fine. There are pics which are also decent quality and the site works well.   Mea Melone Challenge Review