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Young Perps

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Added on January 22, 2018 by Luke Preston

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Reality TV meets porn at Young Perps. At this site, from the makers of 'Mormon Boyz' and 'Family Dick' we find delinquent young shoplifters getting their comeuppance at the hands and dicks of tough security guards. Everything is exclusive, filmed in a reality style, looks good and gives us long movies in HD. Members can download them, take the pics and check back in each week for a new update.

"Late teen perps are frisked and fucked in exclusive bareback"

Latest Review Update

October 7, 2018

New scenes are still being added here at a rate of 2 exclusive videos every month. Content remains on topic with cute twinks in naughty reality style Gay Porn.

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Young Perps Full Review

ReviewerThe story goes: there are millions of dollars lost to shoplifting in the USA each year. So, what Young Perps does is fit out the security interview room with cameras and film what happens each time a sexy, young, straight, tough and streetwise guy gets done for trying to shoplift. My eyes were as open as these young lads' asses after watching a couple of the 50 + minute long movies. Just as they've done with Mormon Boyz, they give us some very well produced and sexy reality/fantasy moves here.

The perp guys are cute and good looking, fit and slim. The security guards are older and tougher, black or white, and hung. The movies start with a lengthy build-up where the perp is waiting to be interviewed, and he's getting more and more nervous by the minute. That's the reality side of things. The guard then comes to interview him, and we have more minutes while he slowly beats the guys down - not physically, but with threats of gaol and such like. Eventually (and you can skip through, but it's fun to watch it all) talk turns to what the perp can do to avoid incarceration and of course, it's big dick sex. 'Suck my cock, is your jaw aching? Turn around, nice butt, take this, And away we go into the really horny fuck scenes. The perps do manage to get hard despite claiming they are straight, and there are usually two cum shots per scene. It's fantastic stuff, and bareback too.

Viewing is simple. You can stream right there and then at 960 x 540, and that looks good and works well. There is also an HD version to stream if you have the capabilities. Then you can take one of four downloads, with the top resolution at 1,920 x 1,080 HD, one at 720p, one at 540p and one for mobiles at 360p, all in Mp4 format.

Beneath the video, you find descriptions and a place to leave your comments and rate the scenes, and above it, you find links to the gallery. There are between 20 and 60 pics per set at 4,868 x 3,245 when downloaded and at 600 x 900 online, so they are easy to browse through. Zip files are available if you want the whole set. Like the videos, the quality is excellent, and I had no worries about that side of things.

One of the things that I did particularly like was the way some of the models from the company's other sites appear here. Their new rising twink star from Family Dick was 'coming soon', and I bet he does. This is the slim and young looking model causing a stir over on their other sites, and I'm looking forward to getting back to Young Perps soon to see him fucked raw and hard by one of the hunky black guards at this shopping mall security centre of cock. You may recognise other guys from Mormon Boyz too - it's a good line up of models. Which was why, for me, it was a shame that there was no model index, and no info about the guys; not even made up info to go with the characters they play so well.

Navigation and technical things are fine at this site. It's actually still pretty small but growing week on week, and so there's nowhere to get lost. You will find videos from the home page, a favourites area and the rest of the menu deals with links to cam sites etc. It's only two pages big with only 33 videos so far, but they are something you've got to see.


Quality is great here. Everything is filmed in a kind of hidden cam style but with HD cams so you the 1080p resolutions. The younger guys are cute, and 'all-American' and the guards are studly and older. The pics are big, the viewing options are good, and the site works well.


So far we have 44 exclusive HD movies at Younger Perps, and they run for around 50 minutes each, including a lot of build-up and scene setting which adds to the atmosphere. It's all exclusive. There are galleries too with around 20-25 pics each at good sizes. Updates are every 2 weeks.


The guys behind this site know what they are doing, they have two other highly successful sites to attest to that. The quality is good, the fantasy/reality is extremely well played out, and the models fit their parts perfectly. (And the 'parts' fit the other models perfectly as well - and tightly!) Access is also reduced-price for a limited time.


The site is small and will take time to grow - but updates are happening. There's not a lot on it, as in: no model index, not a lot of extra info and no bonuses. There is also a cross sale on the join page.

Pricing & Bonus

The usual price for this site will be $27.95 per month, but we currently have that down to $17.87 for you, if you're quick and grab the offer. Longer term deals also bring savings (but still not as low as this monthly offer). Watch out for a cross sale on the sign-up page.


These guys know what they are doing, and this is their third site that pushes the boundaries and explores older/younger bareback. Here it's in a security office setting, the acting is good, the sex is perfect, the guys are cute and/or studly and butch, and the quality is outstanding. Stay with Young Perps, it's new but growing, and definitely one to watch.

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May 22, 2018

Young Perps is a gay fetish site that will have you drooling. This new site started off in mid-November 2017 with only 10 hot scenes, but now, thanks to their regular updating, they already have 33. These exclusive vids last for approximately 40-50 minutes each, and they are mobile compatible, and each one comes along with its own high-resolution photo set. This site has been produced by the same guys who brought us Mormon Boyz, so you know you will be in for a hell of a special treat.

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