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Vivid Celeb

Added on August 26, 2016 by Luke Preston

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You know how there are 'celeb' sites out there that offer your real sex taps from the stars and then, when you get inside, you can't actually find them? Nasty, I know. But here at Vivid Celeb, they do things the other way around. They only have those sex tapes - it's not a large collection, but it is the only one you need to find everyone from Kim Kardashian to Pam and Tommy Lee, with over 20 others in there too.

"Pamela & Tommy Lee sex tape, okay, but Jimi Hendrix?"




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Vivid Celeb Full Review

ReviewerSo, think of a celebrity sex tape scandal and who do you think of? I guess we all remember Pam and Tommy Lee, some will have seen the Kim Kardashian tape and you may have tried to find the Paris Hilton one as well. But did you know there's a Jimi Hendrix one too? That's here in Vivid Celeb and it was a bit of an eye opener. You might know Vivid, they are a large porn company with loads of hot stuff to offer, but this site is all about their search for those sex tapes we all love to see; the things that were never meant to get out into public view.

They have 25 of these tapes now and although there are some names I had heard of, there are quite a few I hadn't heard of, and that's because I am not in the USA, I guess. I mean, who is this Kim Kardashian and what's she famous for? Apart from this sex tape that you can see on the site. And who is Farrah Abraham apart from being hot and in this site in her own sexy tape. You may recognise more names than me but what I do know, is that you get what you are promised on the tour and that is, 25 sex tapes and interviews, and some good background in a collection of movies which should be added to over time.

These tapes are streaming only and they are divided up parts with some movies being shown in five minute clips; one video had 19 such clips. Others are shown in four or five, 20-minute sections. Some of them together run for an hour, others are quite short, but they all stream straight away in a JW Player with one resolution to choose from. There are no downloads here but you can go full screen and adjust the volume.

The movies also come with a written intro, some of which are better than others. Some give you some information and some tell you about how Vivid went out to find lost tapes, like the Jimi Hendrix one (is that really him though?), others give you the background to the sex tape and others, like the midget one with Chuy Bravo, read like your standard porn movies intros. The content is neatly set out on the one page, the home page and there is a ribbon of models across the top which also leads to their sex tapes. But that's about it at the site; there are links to news stories which is fun and informative, though not very up to date, and there are 240 + bonus movies which are standard, non-exclusive hardcore DVD scenes. These are also stream only but come with up to three choices for resolution including HD.


I have to say that the quality generally is not half bad, considering these are homemade sex tapes; there are a couple that are grainy as you wold expect from a Jimi Hendrix home video (?) and there are some fast camera moves where the image blurs, but mainly the quality is fine.


There were 25 videos here arranged in parts, with some running for a combined length of 60 minutes or so. There were 18 videos in 2012, and 25 in 2016 - so you can see that the site does not update very regularly. Movies are streaming only in a decent resolution and come with some brief written intros.


There might be some tapes here that you have not seen before. It's good to get to the what's offered on the tour without having to search hard for it and find lots of stuff you didn't want (as with some other sites). The quality ain't bad and the site is easy to use. There are some hardcore bonus videos included.


The site is small and only growing slowly; movies are streaming only and can't be downloaded. You have to know your celebs to know who some of these girls are. There are cross sales on the join page.

Pricing & Bonus

Watch out for two cross sales on the join page (in the grey wording below the join boxes), and the trial offer recurs at a higher price if not cancelled. The monthly price is a bit high for what there is here but you have to wonder about on-going membership when the site has not updated much. There are though 240 + bonus hardcore scenes!


I have seen larger celeb sites and they often carry sex tape content too, but here at Vivid Celeb you're looking at a specialised site, one of the connoisseurs, with unusual sex tape material as well as the better known scandals. Stick with it and see if it updates, and see what you thinků and, is that really Jimi Hendrix in a threesome?

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