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Virtual Real Trans

Added on August 04, 2017 by Luke Preston

Review Summary

Can something be virtually real? Well, the movies at Virtual Real Trans feel very real, and they are virtual reality, so I guess so. What we have here is a site where the movies are all VR and POV, so with the right equipment, you feel like you are the guy in the movie. The models all have the right equipment; hot Latina, and Brazilian transsexuals who do to you what you want them to do to you, and in high-quality 4K HD.

"A new and high-class Tgirl VR site with exclusive videos"






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$29.95 $9.98 a month

Yearly Price

$89.95 $7.5 a month
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44 Full Movie

Average length of 35 Mins
13000Kbps MP4
3400 x 1700
8000Kbps MP4
1920 x 1080

44 Picture Sets

6 Pics In Set
Hi-Res Pictures

Virtual Real Trans Full Review

ReviewerYou get the best of both worlds at Virtual Real Trans: the real world of being in the movies (virtually) and the world of transsexual porn where the stars have both boy-bots and girl boobs. These Tgirls are slinky and well put together, often well hung, beautiful of face and fair of figure, and they are also pretty raunchy. In scenes like the new 'Pyjama Party' you have two of them together; in scenes like 'You Must Be Proud' (a gay special) you have a Tgirl and a guy together, and there is a good selection of both types for you. There are some well-known trans porn stars here too like Angelina Torres, and hung males like Big Johnny, plus many others in the 25-strong model list that you can use as a filter.

A good selection of models leads to a good selection of movies, with 44 full-length videos to date and more coming in on a regular basis. The site has built up at the rate of one per week for a while now, and each one is shown on the main videos page with a large sample shot that also holds key information. You can start off at the home page or use the videos page from the menu, so finding the content is not trouble at all.

Movies are well filmed from your point of view, so all you need to do is put your headset on (you can stream them without one and still zoom in and out), and you're off. The girls appear, find you there, start to play with your cock and then go down on it. In some, they sit on your dick, and you fuck them, in others they fuck you. There's variety in the action despite the camera being static - in the ones I saw, and the quality is good. Movies run for around 35 minutes each, and they take place in different locations for even more variety.

Technically, you are well looked after here. At the risk of sounding like an instruction manual you have movies at 4K HD, 3,400 x 1,700 @ 13,000 kbps, streaming and downloading and there are four types of VR setups in use. There's a section of PlayStation with 3D (PS4) and 3D (PS4 Pro), there is Gear VR at 1,600p VP9, Smartphone at 1080p and Oculus Live at 1,600p as well. If you're a VR user you will know what that all means; if you are not, there are support pages and help, so everything is explained. You don't have to be a VR nerd to get the best out of these movies.

Movies are also 180 degrees so you can look left to right with your headset, the sound is binaural and, I am told, they are compatible with teledildonics.

Each one comes with a trailer and some images. These enlarge to 1,200 x 800, and there are around six of them per videos. They are more of a guide to the action than a collectable set, but you can browse them online and download them. They also include some posed shots and some taken from the side, so are not always POV, but the quality is good. There are also descriptions of scenes and linked tag words to help you find similar movies.

Back at the main videos page, you find a model list to use for filtering, a search box and some other flirters including one where you can filter the videos by position, so if you prefer to be on top, or underneath, it's easy to find yourself virtually there. Navigation is good here, and there were no technical issues.


Movies here are up to 4K HD, with others at 1080p, depending on what system you are using. The layout of movies and pages is good, and this makes the site very easy to use. The filming is simple but done so that you can move through 180 degrees and there are no technical issues. The models are excellent quality Transsexual babes.


This is all exclusive content with 44 videos so far and a new one being added each week. Movies are around 35 minutes in length and can be streamed (in 2D or with headsets), and there are four VR formats in use. Movies come with a few images each, and there's a model list with 25 Tgirls and guys to filter by.


There is a lot of help and support, so the site is set up in encourage new VR users to use it; very helpful and nothing to be scared of. The quality is good, the models are varied, there are some top tranny porn names and the technical side works really well. It's also compatible for teledildonics. Free cardboard headsets are available at sign-up.


Download files may be big and faster connections are advised (by me). There are no bonuses, and the site is still on the small side.

Pricing & Bonus

You only have to pay $9.95 per month for streaming only, and the full price including downloading is only $15.95, so prices are good and there are longer-term deals. My prices showed in Euros. There are no bonuses, but there are no hidden charges either.


VR is the future of porn, and it's great to see a hot Tgirl site getting in on the act. The guys behind Virtual Trans World give us what we want and put us right in the picture, as it were. You don't need all the gear but it's best if you have it because it's just like being there with these horny and beautiful transsexual models. An excellent Tgirl VR site.

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