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Underwater Show

Added on April 23, 2013 by XGuest Reviewer

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Under Water Show is all about getting young and beautiful girls to strip underwater while they are filmed with high quality water proof cameras. The site is relatively new starting in 2011 but with a steady stream of updates they are creating an impressive library of very unique material. The site itself is very bare and gets straight to the point: exotic teens getting naked underwater in HD. As of now they have around 100 scenes.

"Watching these beautiful girls swim underwater is real art."






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Underwater Show Full Review

ReviewerUnder Water Show is a unique little site, it is all about stunning teens in various states of undress under water filmed in equally stunning ways. The content of the site reflects a confidence in the simple niche, unfortunately so does the site itself.

The site layout is very simple, on the right column are all the videos with three options to each one: stream from the site, download in high-quality WMV, or download in high-quality MPEG-4. On the left column is a very simple text log of all the latest updates. The site is basically one very long page as they do not page the videos. Scrolling to the very bottom will take you to the first videos made when the site first started in 2011.

Given that the site is so new I am surprised that they have gone over the hundred mark in terms of updates, although the videos are very simple and not too long (but not too short to the point of rip-off) so I do not suspect it takes much time to produce these. The site is not dead as they update more than once a week and continue to do so.

The content itself is shot with some of the best equipment out there. The site may be small but the quality rivals that of the bigger names of the industry. There are also a few photo sets so videos are pretty much the bulk of what you will be getting. The videos themselves seem very short and seem like they would benefit with added moments that break out of the premise of the site. What they could possibly do I go into later.

This is a European site so of course there is as much variety as the niche will allow. It would be exciting if this site could partner up with models outside of Europe just to bring in a little more variety to the girls as well keeping the content coming. Another thing that would add much needed variety to the content is if they did hardcore scenes underwater. As of now, there is one girl, sometimes more, swimming naked under water. It is in the sites best interest to expand upon this idea to bring in more people because as of now it is very specific and I do not see many becoming enthusiastic about the site as it is right now. Of course, for the people who are super into this, this site will please you as the footage is just amazing to the point that I could see it being projected in an art gallery, maybe they should also try that as well.

If this sounds like something that will be up your alley a membership will cost you about $30 (the site is exactly 23 euros). This is a recurring 30 day membership that you can of course cancel at any time and grants you access to all the updates in the library but no bonus content such as other videos or access to other sites as far as I can tell. Access to another site would have definitely helped justify the cost of a membership I think.

Even if this does not sound like something you would be into I would highly recommend a quick glance at the preview site. These videos truly are beautiful to behold and I think everyone should at least see a couple to see just how elegant porn can be. This gives me hopes for other kinds of visually exciting erotica that can be out there in the future.


As the site is relatively new, all the content is filmed with the highest quality devices and are offered in either high-quality WMV videos or MPEG-4 videos. If you are not technical just know that they are giving you the best and most accessible formats.


The content itself is very simple as it is purely just beautiful teens getting naked underwater and swimming around as they are filmed. Sometimes a scene will feature more than one girl. Sometimes the girls will already be naked or will strip off their clothing underwater.


The way in which each scene is filmed is truly remarkable, they all turn out great and create this almost dreamlike world where these beautiful girls are floating and we are able to see every inch of them as they are not bound by gravity. These images are art gallery worthy.


I understand that when you cater to a niche it is not necessarily a bad thing, but for me a little more variety in content would have been nice. For instance what about underwater sex instead of underwater striptease? Also Im not sure if the amount of content justifies the asking price for a membership. The members area is way to simple, with no real option

Pricing & Bonus

For a recurring 30 day membership it will cost 23 euros which is approximately $30.16. The payment service is a very secure site that is verified by the likes of Visa and MasterCard. The membership will give you access to all the videos ever released by the site and the few photo sets.


If you like this material then this site is a must have, for everyone else I would say its a no. Although its surprising just how beautiful this kind of stuff can be, the fact that the streaming videos are small in size, and the members area is overly simple makes it hard to really recommend, other than those with a real fetish for this kind of material.

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