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TS Virtual Lovers

Added on February 27, 2018 by Luke Preston

Review Summary

Hot transsexuals in virtual reality movies where you are either in the movie or watching it, all exclusive and also Ultra HD. Sounds too good to be true, when in fact, it's actually what you have at Shemale VR. This site is growing every month with a few updates, it holds some very sexy VR content with top transsexual models and offers us good VR variety.

"The best VR Tgirl online experience you can imagine"






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$79.99 $26.66 a month
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53 Full Movie

Average length of 30 Mins
30000Kbps MP4
3840 x 2160
20000Kbps MP4
2880 x 1440
20000Kbps MP4
2560 x 1280
20000Kbps MP4
1920 x 960

TS Virtual Lovers Full Review

ReviewerThe thing that struck me about Shemale VR was the variety. I know there are only 54 movies, but they have various storylines and themes, and they also mix up the models. What I mean is, you find some scenes that are group tranny scenes, some that are cute younger guys and experienced Tgirls, others with two Tgirls together and some where there is a mix of male models and shemale models. You have some build-ups and scenarios to make things even more realistic, and you can also opt to see the scenes from your point of view, or from a voyeur point of view; something virtually unique in virtual reality.

When I was at the site just now, I found everything very easy to find and there is plenty of help on hand if you are new to VR, so there are no worries there. You can browse the 53 movies from the homepage which acts as page one of the index pages, or you can use the model index to locate a hot Tgirl and then see what videos she appears in. Videos come with titles and a description to give you some background, and the option to run a trailer online. In fact, you can only view trailers online, to find the whole scenes you have to take one of the various Mp4 formatted VR files, and then you have to decide if you want the POV version or the voyeur version. You can, of course, take both.

Movies are set up for just about every VR device: Oculus Rift, Gear VR, Smartphone high quality and lower, and PlayStation VR, and files range in size from over nine GBs to three or lower for the one lower quality version that's available. The overall quality is fantastic and not just in terms of being Ultra HD. They know their technical stuff at Shemale VR. Movies run for around 30 minutes and the trailers for around two, and you can also watch those online with your VR goggles.

The sound is Binaural, there is 180 degrees turning and frame rates are at 60 fps, apart from the lower resolution version which is at 30 fps. If all that means nothing to you, don't worry, you have all that help and support on hand if you need it. The main thing to remember is that you need a lot of storage space and may find long download times for the larger files.

Movies also come with ten images that you can open to give you a better idea of what happens in the action. These are at 1,920 x 1121 px in size, and you find them alongside the scene trailers. If you want to know more about the models, then you can use the model index with 13 gorgeous and genuine Tgirls appearing there. Eva Paradis is here, and she's one of the most famous top tranny stars working at the moment. You will also find Kimber Lee, awesome Niki Vidic and dark-skinned Nathaly Miller, among many others. Click through to their individual pages, and you find stats and a bio, plus links to their scenes. It's a handy browse tool.

On that subject, I found no navigation issues with the members' area. The top menu is simple, you can see your profile, and you can easily find the videos if you click the site title in the menu. There were no technical issues either, and the site has a good design in black, white and pink. What it does have are extras or bonuses, and so you are paying a fairly high price for the movies only. Having said that, you get two perspectives on each one, and they are all stunning quality, and so you have to expect to pay for the best.


There are no quality issues at Shemale VR. The videos are well shot and put together, and technically everything works fine. The Tgirls are good looking and fit, often well hung and shapely and they know how to act, both in the setups and in the porn. The guys are pretty hot too. The site has a simple design and includes some high res images.


There were 53 exclusive VR movies here with at least one Tgirl in each one, sometimes groups of them. They come as short online trailers followed by a range of download options and in two perspectives, POV and voyeur. Updates are roughly once per week. There are ten images per video as a guide, plus descriptions. There were 13 features models.


You have this two-perspective thing I keep on about. I think that's an excellent addition to the main VR idea, you can be in the scene, or you can watch it from the outside. The quality is amazing, there are good descriptions and model details and updates seem to be reasonably regular. It's also exclusive and suits just about all VR systems.


There were no extras or bonuses at the site. Movies have to be downloaded to be viewed in full, and some files are, naturally, very large. It's not a huge site as yet, but updates are happening. The price is also quite high for the number of videos you have, but that will get better in time. There are few interactive options.

Pricing & Bonus

You're paying nearly $40.00 per month for access, and with only three or four new updates per month it's going to take a while before the content amount fully justifies the cost, but this is exclusive VR content, and each scene is filmed from two angels. A longer-term, three-monthly option is available, and there are no hidden charges.


Shemale VR hits the nail on the head with its variety of Tgirls together and with guys, in duos and orgy scenes, and the VR experience is perfect. It's all set up for various systems, HD and easy to use, updates are happening and some pics to collect as well. The price is high but then so is the quality and you're paying for the best Tgirl VR experience.

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