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Trike Patrol

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Added on April 28, 2014 by Luke Preston

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Here's a unique site with a great concept: three guys on a trike pedal around the streets of the Philippines and pick up Asian girls for hardcore sex sessions which they film and post on their site Trike Patrol. It's an amateur site it just about every sense of the word, and it's one that offers its own exclusive content, videos to download, photos, some background info and articles as well.

"Three guys, one trike and loads of Asian fun"






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Trike Patrol Full Review

ReviewerTrike Patrol is a pretty popular site too which means its future is, hopefully, assured. It's got a good following and it has been around a few years now. It's growing steadily with a new update more or less every week, and it has a very simple set up which makes it easy to use. I did find some of the pages rather image heavy and a bit slow to load, but then the images are all relevant and although here were a few adverts they were also relevant to what the site is about: amateur Asian girls.

You start off at the home page which shows you the recent updates. There is a right column here with some extra things like members' polls, recent comments, adverts, and top lists, and a top menu to take you to the various areas of the site starting with the model index. hundreds of girls can be found here, each with a good face shot that, when clicked, led to her scene. Each scene comes in a stream format and with one MP4 download, I found two resolutions while browsing with the top resolution one being 1,280 x 720 @ 2,200 kbps. The quality of the videos is amateur and not always sparkling, there are some dodgy sound moments and some quick moves but that all adds to the reality of the situation, and you will need to accept that this is not studio made porn.

The scenes also come with sets of photos and these are found on the same page after the lengthy written introduction, which is good to read. Images were large and digital though scaled down at first so they fitted well on the page, and they come with a slideshow function as well as single pic viewing. The quality was fine and there were posed shots as well as action ones here.

As you are viewing the content you can read and write comments and also leave a rate. There is a menu item for Top Rated so you can see which scene and girl are at the top of the polls, and you can add things to a favourites area. There is then a section where you can Rate My LBFM, which stands for little brown fucking machine; you send in your own pics and they get added to the collection, then other members' vote on who is the hottest real Asian girl as photographed by members.

There is then a drop-down list so you can sort the girls and content into categories and this kind of gives a rough idea of the variety of content that is available in Trike Patrol. Anal, blow job, chubby, creampie, deep throat, lesbian, Milf, shaved, swallow and threesome are all in there and it is safe to say that the site is very varied and there is lots of amateur hardcore action, as filmed by one of the three guys who cycle around the cities with their cameras looking for genuine Asian girls to pick up, have fun with and film. The site stays well on its original target in that respect.

It then gives you a few extras with a glossary of terms, some tips and advice, a place where you can submit your own videos and two bonus sites for more original movies and pics. It all works well, there is a decent amount of info about the shoots and girls and it looks like the site is keeping to its weekly update schedule.


The quality is a bit variable here and handheld and amateur but that is what you were expecting from the tour, so that's ok. There were HD movies, with DVD quality for some older ones, but there were also some shaky movies and scratchy sound at times; generally though the quality is just fine and there should be no complaints.


There are hundreds of episodes here with loads of girls in the model index. The content was varied and yet always featured at least one Asian girl, sometimes two. Movies ran for around 20 to 30 minutes but there was only one viewing option, MP4 stream or download. There were pics with each episode at good sizes and resolutions and plenty of them.


This is exclusive content shot for real in Asia and stars real amateur Asian girls. It also has its own unique theme and set up with guys on the prowl, its natural and amateur and works really well. The site has interactive functions, updates and looks to be well looked after.


Some of the videoing quality is a bit handheld and shaky, and sometimes the sound and light is a bit rough; but then this is amateur content. I found the pages very image heavy which might slow down your browser. There were limited download and stream options with only MP4 formats in use.

Pricing & Bonus

With a nice discount for our readers this is a good price considering that the site is totally exclusive and very unique. There are no bonus sites as such but you will find tips and advice that will help those going on an Asian holiday that are looking to pick up some of the local talent.


Trike Patrol is growing steadily and has been for a few years now. It is probably one of the most honest and original amateur Asian sites around, all homemade and it even invites members to send in their own content to the party. You get an update once per week, the quality is variable and the viewing options limited but the site is totally exclusive.

Members Area Screen Shots

Below are actual screenshots taken from the members area of Trike Patrol. Updated on February 19, 2017