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Added on November 26, 2009 by Missy

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There's sexual saturation coming your way, so either weave and bob or just keep your stance to enjoy the experience! The tour area of Squirtaholics shows that just the right touch at just the perfect spot and these girls are going to be spewing juices across the room with orgasmic pleasure. They pledge its 100% real, exclusive and ready to show you some nice quality through their liquid covered footage. Bonus sites are included.

"Fornicating flash flood warnings!"
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$59.95 $19.98 a month
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20 Movie Clips

Average length of 5 Mins
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20 Picture Sets

300 Pics In Set
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Squirtaholics Full Review

ReviewerWell, Meat Members is at it again, in more ways than one. Per their reputation, they are bringing us another fetish filled site that will entice those that enjoy the temptation of typhoon reaction, knowing that a Spring sprinkle is nice, but its the Summer pouring sessions that will really make things heat up quickly. And, despite what you might be thinking, when these girls from Squirtaholics cut loose, their wetness will not extinguish the fire, in fact, it fans the flames into an even deeper fornication. Another resemblance that Ive found as a pattern in going through their network is the fact that updates are not something they keep at the forefront of their freshness list, and its always a sad realization to see the way they're lax, because everything else about them is at the top of the horny heap.

The most recent update, which is nearly 2 years old features a hottie by the name of Chloe Morgan, and with her small breasts and slender build, its hard to believe there's that much moisture built up within her body, but, the reaffirmation of her holding tank is shown nicely through the footage. If you think this content is all going to start out with just immediate camera covering spurting, think again, they are leading you through all of the foreplay fun, including oral and finger plunging and from there, the deep penetration that drives to the dick to the root deep inside of their gashes is just what they need to get their faucets primed for some release, and Chloe will surely release anything pent up, as do the rest of the girls from the small amount of content offered here.

If you are fortunate enough to find a girl such as this during your dating days, or maybe even after slipping a ring on her finger, then I would suggest buying some rubber sheets and a snorkel before your wedding night, because when these babes cut loose, there's not going to be much of anything dry in the room. I really enjoyed the footage of when the girls started to unleash their gushing, they didn't stop! Like a geyser they just kept releasing one high shooting stream after another.

Even though the actual numbers that will be listed for Kbps and video size don't show outstanding quality, the presentations were actually very nice, and more than tuned in well enough for you to feel as though you're going to need a towel after viewing. They keep things narrowed down to a couple of formats, streaming or download, keeping the same numbers as the download for their WMV and MPEG productions. Actually, in going in a bit deeper to the sets, Im finding some repeat girls, wearing the same clothes, and being seduced in the same areas, so Im assuming a larger clip was filmed and they've broken them down to add as extra to boost the numbers.

They've kept things a bit more minimal from Squirtaholics in comparison to some of their other sites, meaning, no full video offered for any of the sets, nor will there be any high resolution shots, just screen caps.


In reporting on the productions themselves, the quality was good. You won't find HD footage by any means, but it's clear and it does make for enjoyable viewing. Navigation was simple, offering a main page of all updates listed for the network, but a drop down box will take you to the intended site.


The numbers were low, very low for this site as an individual entity, the only boost in count came in the form of the high number of bonuses that will accompany your membership.


The largest plus to this site came in the form of the squirting itself, this is an act that many women wish they could do and all men would like to experience, and these ladies seem to have it down to a fine art. From there, above average in the footage display made it more than bearable.


I did find areas that need some attention from the webmasters, immediate attention. Nearly 2 years have passed since anything new was added to this site for starters, which keeps the content count extremely low, as well as stale. From there, no full scenes, no high resolution shots, no ZIPs.

Pricing & Bonus

I am duly noted as saying I have mixed emotions in regards to the membership for this site, none of which has anything to do with the footage itself, the action is great! The problems are with the very low content count and the fact they haven't updated in nearly 2 years, which seems to be a pattern through some of their network sites.


There's no denying these babes have some holding tanks that will keep the liquids stored...somewhat like a camel, but minus the extra hump. When stimulated in the right fashion, they spurt and spew their juiciness. Squirtaholics has a great niche going for them, but lack of attention leaves it lower on the star scale.

Members Area Screen Shots

Below are actual screenshots taken from the members area of Squirtaholics. Updated on January 22, 2015

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