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Squirt My Cum

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Added on June 14, 2010 by Missy

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Welcome to the wetlands, slip on your goggles and bring your snorkel because you will be saturated with sexiness! These girls are showing a long shot that definitely pays off, its Squirt My Cum, the area that shows women can ejaculate in larger amounts and further projections than many men, just hit the right spot and its on! They pledge high quality for pics and videos along with bonuses of exclusive and non exclusive content.

"You can run but you cant hide from the H20!"
We apologize, This site is no longer available.




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Squirt My Cum Full Review

ReviewerIf you could close your eyes and wish really hard for a network that holds not only plenty of hardcore sex but also those kinky little touches that make lust worth living, you just might have the porn of All Elite Pass placed on your plate! Youll want a tablespoon for digging into all of the extras they hold, and dont be afraid to take a big bite, its going to slide down easily and will melt in your mouth from the heat it generates. The main membership page shows scrolling footage of different sets from different sites, but a drop down box will lead us to our intended, Squirt My Cum, and Im typing with crossed fingers that well find updated content and plenty of girls gushing from excitement!

Im a fond follower of squirting footage, mostly because of the fact that when it comes to viewing your porn, theres no doubt when a man ejaculates that his needs have been met, hes had his balls emptied and now its time to continue on, but for a woman, she can moan and groan, grind her hips and toss her head back, but unless you see the wetness, it could be a ghost gushing. There is definitely no When Harry Met Sally diner delight found to this site, these ladies are indeed experiencing the real deal, and its apparent by the flash flood warnings that should come with this site!

They do a nice job from the footage supplied at bringing you through the steps needed for saturation, the foreplay, the oral sex, both giving and receiving, the high heels, the thigh high boots, whatever it takes to make the woman feel like getting wet, and as their arousal meter starts tipping into the deep red area of past the point of no return, shes getting the true, full benefits from boners and tongues alike, its going to take that sort of stimulation to get those flood gates open. Theres that certain spot, and when the pressure is applied and the mind drifts to the dirtiest of fantasies, theres no holding back, and the reality lives in more than just the Squirt My Cum sort of footage, its the look on their faces, the tenseness of their bodies, it all plays into raw reality, and that my friends is what I consider to be the hottest part of this fetish. Of course the fact there is also some domination footage involve certainly doesnt hurt any!

The women are all lovely and will be a joy to your eyes, but do know that should you be near sighted and you scoot in for a better look, bring an umbrella because there is a 100% chance of sexual showers! All Elite Pass does know how to gain the exclusive content to make the loudest statement in the world of porn, but with every ying there is a yang, and unfortunately, the yang Im finding from this site is one that could possibly throw the universal balance off kilter in a big way. Starting at the beginning would be notifying you, the prospective members that this site was given birth in January of 2007, this is now March, 2010, there are 31 sets. Hmmm, do you see the problem? Also, approximately a year and a half has passed since there was anything new added at all….what a shame and what a huge dark mark against the rating of this review.

Unfortunately, the disappointments dont stop at that fault. The content itself could use a real boost in the quality department. There are basically three formats, which isnt that bad, a stream and download option, which is good, but the technical numbers are low, and it shows when watching the content. None of the choices will carry anything high enough to really give the clarity or the proper lighting that should be accompanying the material. From there, youll find they have sets self contained, which is great for navigation, but there are only a few that will hold what they call high resolution images, the rest are screen caps. The problem there being, the high resolution are very poor as well. They look like the video grabbers in the fact there is blurriness and movement not to mention the darkness and just all around poor shooting quality.


Quality isn't exactly in the top two things from this site to make you feel warm and fuzzy all over. Navigation is simple, but from there, it lacks. The lighting is poor, the technical numbers are low and images aren't done well at all.


The number of overall sets for this site are low, and what makes it even worse is knowing it's been about a year and a half since anything new was added, that qualifies for serious neglect.


The most positive thing I found in going through the material of this site is the squirting action itself, which that niche always carries a lot of enthusiasts, one of which is me. From there, not a lot to brag about.


I will have no problem in filling this area of the review, the first thing being the technical numbers in video installments are low, giving a disappointment. There are a few sets that carry what they call high resolution shots, but these were very poor in presentation, the lighting, the focus, etc. was all bad. From there, serious neglect in freshness.

Pricing & Bonus

I'm not sure whether to tell you to go for the gusto here or keep the cobwebs covering your credit card. They seriously lack updating ambition to this site, and I've found that in a few other installments from this network, however, for what is here, the niches are great. Quality waivers. A lot to consider when thinking of parting with your dollars.


Squirt My Cum is a great title, covering an even greater niche and fetish, however, you have to have something to back up this liquid-ation sale to make it work, and that's where we have problems. Approximately a year and half since new material was added and what is here, the quality isn't even at an average on the scale of presentation niceness.

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