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Squirt Hunter

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Added on October 17, 2009 by Missy

Review Summary

Bring your raincoat and a pair of goggles because when these ladies get excited, you're going to get wet! Somewhere in the vicinity of the G Spot will be the wet spot, and just the right amount of sexual stimulation will have these babes spraying with excitement! Much more than a trickle, these are full stream female ejaculations. This is a part of the Pink Visual Network, meaning you'll have pledges of high quality and bonuses as well.

"Sexual Saturation and Satisfaction!"




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$69.95 $23.32 a month
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72 Full Movie & Movie Clips

Average length of 5 Mins
2800Kbps FLV
1478Kbps WMV
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4220Kbps WMV

72 Picture Sets

125 Pics In Set
Hi-Res Pictures
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Squirt Hunter Full Review

ReviewerThere are flash flood warnings out for this site, and the creeks and crannies are overflowing with wetness and desire. Squirt Hunter has taken all of the hard work out of this fetish for you, they've found the girls that can project their pussy juices across the room for you, all that's left is sitting back, watching, enjoying and then drying off. The main membership page shows a bit of this and that, from the network itself, but right up front and center stage will be the most recent update to this site and then a link taking you into the archives. Each picture of advertisement for the girls here show such lovely women, some with an almost coy look on their face, but its not until you open their set that you see just how wildly saturating these sassy broads really are!

Not only is the action of their female ejaculation a sight to see all in itself, but its the leading to the liquid dispelling that will quickly become some of your favorite parts as well. This isn't just a projecting procedure that you can lay back and wish into happening, no, it takes work, hard work, high arousal, strong and forceful attention and a build up through foreplay that will bring the wetness spewing in all directions. The ladies are the main focus of course, but the men aren't just flying solo, they get the head jobs, they enjoy the penetration, and they are loving every moisture filled moment these women are giving them.

Not only do the inside of their thighs shine with the simmering sauces of their sexuality while the fingering and the oral stimulation and yes even the deep plunging of those mighty cocks take place, but you can see the wetness dripping onto the carpet, the furniture, the beds, etc. When their face starts to turn red, when their body is really writhing you know it wont be long before they expel their pussy pumping pleasure high into the air, all over the face of their lover, and in some cases, what seems to be clear across the room!

They have a layout design all of their own, for not only this site, Squirt Hunter, but from other areas of their network as well. Ive reviewed some of their sister sites and they all hold that bit of willy-nilly in how they offer their gushing goods. When opening up the intended area, its easy as can be in finding the sets, never an issue there, but do keep in mind there's a link at the top that will take you directly to all sets that are now offered in HD. A lot of folks enjoy that extra touch of quality and especially with the saturation you're going to find from the sexy scenes here, you wont want to miss one drip or drop or full blown pornographic projectile moment.

They do offer either streaming or downloadable clips/full scenes in their video section and the quality is very nice indeed. They keep a crispness that allows the smallest of details to really take hold and make an enjoyable encounter that you may not even notice at first in the respect of how well they've done, you just know what a good time you're having watching them. There's not a long list of formats, but there are of bandwidth, so they're looking out for members, and members are going to enjoy looking out for the spraying of seduction coming from these girls.

The images are shown directly below the video choice area, no need to transfer to another page, they are keeping things boxed in nicely. The thumbs are large, they're clear, they're posed and they're hot. They bring the cameras in close to exhibit the passion that grows to almost rage stage it seems while these men.and women are working to get that Squirt Hunter footage. There are some variances in the degree of quality in some of the galleries, not much, but here and there, some difference is sprinkled through, but the good news is you have the opportunity to download these as a ZIP file, which will make your hard driven harder.


The quality would definitely receive a pat on the back from this reviewer. As the Kbps and video size numbers will show, you're in store for some nice clarity from their fetish material. Navigation was simple, the girls were lovely and the squirting sexiness will make your jaw drop in amazement.


They keep a better than average count for this site, and updates of course will only enhance what's already here. They have chosen a niche that is real, it's hot, it's fetish oriented and maybe not always understood, but continuously appreciated.


All of the kudos in the form of the positives for this site in general, must fall upon the shoulders of the shooting women. Yes, they made sure to film everything in high quality and they gave the choices that will be an enjoyment for members, but it's the women that really bring the horniness home.


Just like with the sister sites of this network, my main issues of somewhat disappointment, come in the fact of how with the video installments, well, it's a bit topsy-turvy with how some hold HD, some don't, and they all are pretty limited on the number of formats they offer. That's not a huge complaint by any means, and the perks do override.

Pricing & Bonus

They did a nice job of building the self supporting material for this site, meaning you're going to get enough numbers in sets that could carry it's own wet weight for membership, but when you factor in the huge amount of bonus sites, the chat, etc. then your dollar is being stretched beautifully.


They are wetting your whistle with the fetish material supplied through the pages of, Squirt Hunter. The women don't hold anything back, and that includes each and every desire filled drop that spurts from their land where it may. Tour promises held up nicely and this is an all around nice experience with plenty of extras.

Members Area Screen Shots

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