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Sperm Hospital

Added on September 11, 2015 by Luke Preston

Review Summary

Can you imagine a medical clinic, staffed by Milfs, often with big boobs, where you can go to get some manual relief from your blue balls? Well, that place is the Sperm Hospital and it is now open for business. It's not been open long and so it's not very big, but it does have a collection of medical themed hand job movies in HD, with galleries, and a bonus site. Updates are coming in and it looks fine so far.

"Older on younger hand jobs in exclusive videos and pics"






Monthly Price

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12 Full Movie

Average length of 25 Mins
1700Kbps MP4
640 x 360
5000Kbps WMV
1280 x 720

12 Picture Sets

180 Pics In Set
Hi-Res Pictures
Zip Files

Sperm Hospital Full Review

ReviewerThere are two sides to this content and this theme. On the one had you have the fact that it is hand job action, with young (East Europe looking, but I may be wrong) guys stripping down and getting a boner that the nurse then has to deal with. And on the other hand you have the nurses: some BBW, some older gals with long legs, wrinkles, and a lot of experience. If there's such as genre as clothed nurse naked male, or wank off surgery fetish, than Sperm Hospital comes the closest.

There are kind of scripted scenes here, though I didn't understand the language. A guy comes in, the nurse tells him to strip, he sits on the chair and she interviews him. Then she examines him (eye tests included for some reason) and then she gets to work on the root of the problem, his dick. She might use a toy or a pump, she plays with his balls, the camera tends to stay in close on the cock and hands, and the whole thing plays out like a real examination, but with male masturbation. Some nurses get their big boobs out for the cum-shot finales and mop ups.

There were 12 movies here and they are all shown in the same way. There is an Mp4 stream to run and it behaved well and ran smoothly, there are then WMV downloads in 720p HD and one Mp4 in 640 quality. The files are not too huge though some movies run for up to 30 minutes; the average time is around 25. There are some adverts on the start of the scenes but they don't take long and you can jump through the streams. The quality is good and the sound natural, though there are no subtitles.

There are also 12 galleries with various numbers of images each, but around 150 to 200 on average. These open in new tabs and to thumbnail pages where you need to open and close each pic one at a time; there are no slideshows and no through-gallery navigation. There are zip files to take though, if you want to full set. The quality is good here too, with images up at 1,333 x 2,000. All this content is exclusive to the company and it's all well-made and stays on theme. Updates look to be at the rate of a new photo set or video each week.

You don't have much interactivity at the site, there is a model index but no info about the ladies apart from name and age. There are no rates to give, no comments to make and not even an add to favourites function. But you can write in and send a script and ask for a scene to be made; there's a Custom Video link at the top of your pages. And there is also a Forum that you can use. This covers the sites from the company and so you can find out more about the other places you might like to sign up to. The Forum is from Exclusive Club and there are loads of different discussions going on.

But these other sites are not bonus sites. There's a list of them on the Our Sites page and you do get some discounted membership offers, but there's only one bonus site and that's Turbo Moms. The theme here is hardcore with older women and younger guys, not necessarily with any medical fetish, and the quality is also fine at this site. As long as Sperm Hospital stays on track with its updates and maintains its quality, I reckon it's going to do well.


There are 720p HD movies here and decent quality lower res ones too. The filming is good and the scenes are well lit and come with natural sound, though no subtitles. The images are big and clear and decent quality and the site, though basic, is easy enough to use.


There were 12 videos here running for around 25 minutes each and coming with one stream and two download options. There were 12 galleries with around 180 pics each. The content is exclusive and on theme, with older nurses milking younger guys in hand job movies. A new gallery or video is being added each week at the moment.


This is exclusive content and it's well made, from Europe and it stays on the niche promised on the tour. The quality is good and there are 720p HD movies to download. Updates have been on track so far, and one bonus site and a forum is included.


The site is small as it looks to be new, and there is not a lot of information. There's only basic info about the girls and not a lot about the videos. Updates are regular but slow, two vids per month, two galleries per month. There are some adverts on videos and in the member area, and only one sign up option to take.

Pricing & Bonus

You can only join for $24.95 per month and that changed to 24.95 (Euros) when I check it out, so there may be regional variations. It's a bit over the top for only 12 videos and galleries, but you will get better value over time. The bonus site is on a similar older/younger theme making it a good value extra and you do have the forum to use as well.


Sperm Hospital is off to a reasonable start with a small collection of exclusive, hand job and nurse fetish movies that are good quality and HD. The galleries re also decent quality and the site is easy to use. It comes with a forum and bonus site and it is updating, though slowly. Check in, keep an eye and enjoy the older/younger hand jobs.

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