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Shower Spy Cameras

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Added on December 01, 2015 by Luke Preston

Review Summary

There's not a great deal to tell you about Shower Spy Cameras, except to say that if you like watching women shower then you are going to love this site. It is simplicity itself with one theme, one form of presentation and a load of clips of real women caught in the showers, locker room and at the beach shower on a nudist beach. That's it. Videos, screen caps, a search function, downloads, streams and there you go.

"Perfect locker room spy cam quality for all spy-cam pervs"

Latest Review Update

November 23, 2018

This site has been busy updating since its last review three years ago, and it has added over 1,000 exclusive videos that are mostly in full HD. The library of porn is huge and thanks to their almost daily updating, it is getting bigger all the time. No photos, but plenty of unsuspecting amateurs to enjoy.






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$54.95 $18.32 a month
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1722 Movie Clips

Average length of 5 Mins
2000Kbps FLV
1280 x 720
5000Kbps MP4
1920 x 1080

Shower Spy Cameras Full Review

ReviewerWhat you have on the tour is pretty much what you have inside. The content starts on the home page and then carries on through a set of numbered index pages to reach a total of 1,722 video clips. A new one is added almost every day so it's worth taking an on-going membership. You simply click an image and get the viewing page. You can also filter the content by camera and these are lined up across the top menu for you. Cameras 1 through 6 are each a different locker room with one of them being the outside shower at a nudist beach.

We are looking an unsuspecting and real girls and ladies here, with adult changing rooms being the main setting for the content. These ladies have no idea that another rather pervy lady is filming them as they shower, change and get dressed again. The women vary from cute and slim to older and big and, well, it's just normal every day shower room action from normal every day (Europe, I think) women. Perfect for every voyeur. Content can also be filtered on a category page.

Having said that, this is a one horse race and after a while things do start to feel pretty much the same. The nudist beach shower makes for a breath of fresh air when you hit upon it, as the others are all static cams (though sometimes moved) inside similar looking locker rooms.

Viewing pages hold one stream and one download option and this, for me, was in Mp4 and a pretty good quality, 1080p HD. Movies run for five minutes each and so they are not huge files to download, and the stream worked fine too though it's best to start one, pause and let the buffer get ahead; this will stop it from jerking along. The video quality is fine and the images are clear, though they do sometimes move around and the camera is not always static. The sound is also natural and the overall quality fine, considering these are hidden cams in public locations.

The movies have screen cap galleries with them and there are plenty per set, around 90 on average, though they are rather repetitive. You might want to save one of two when a certain lady that takes your fancy gets in front of the camera for a while. The images are up at 1,920 x 1,080 when at full size, taken from the digital video-cam, but they are shown online scaled down to 670 x 377. They have through navigation buttons and can be viewed full size on the screen, but there are no slideshows or zip files to take.

Like I say, Shower Spy Cameras is a pretty straightforward site but it has its niche and it stays firmly on it. Perfect for voyeurs and everyone who likes to spy on women naked and unsuspecting; you get all your fun and kicks here without fear of being found out. The quality is good, the site updates every day and it's a nicely original site to support.


These voyeur videos are filmed in 1080p HD and so look sharp and clear, unlike many hidden cam videos. The screen caps galleries hold decent quality images, though taken from the video camera. The sound is also a decent quality. The site has a simple design and it works just fine.


There were 1,722 videos of five minutes each and with six different locations featured. A new clip is added almost every day. Movies come with only one download option in Mp4 and one stream. They each have a screen cap gallery with various numbers of pics per set at decent size and quality.


You get exactly what is promised on the tour at this site with nothing but spy cams in ladies locker rooms. The videos are good quality for hidden cam content and the content is HD and downloadable. Updates happen just about every day. Content can be searched and can be listed by category. You can rate content and add things to a favourites area.


Things can start to feel the same after a while. There are no extras or bonuses. There are limited viewing options and only one download and stream per movie.

Pricing & Bonus

Just under $30.00 per month gets you in the door with a three month option and an unusual five month one at $99.95 bringing you better value. There are no bonuses though, only the content and no extras to boost value. Still, it's a decent price for true voyeurs.


You have to be a pretty dedicated voyeur to want to see content like this more or less on a daily basis and that's why Shower Spy Cameras work; it knows its job and it does it well. Five inside locker rooms and one outdoor shower area, hundreds of unsuspecting women of all ages, 1080p HD filming, easy to use and updates. Perfect for all spy-cam pervs.

Members Area Screen Shots

Below are actual screenshots taken from the members area of Shower Spy Cameras. Updated on November 23, 2018