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Sex Like Real

Added on July 04, 2018 by Luke Preston

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It's a pain when you sign-up to a site because you've seen a couple of hot clips on a tour and then you find out that they are the best thing in the site and you're stuck with a monthly membership. Well, over at Sex Like Real, they've come up with a new idea. 100% free registration, free movies and PPV Virtual Reality vids. They come from over 70 studios, are formatted for every VR device and cover all niches of porn.

"A variety of VR scenes in an innovative PPV site"






Monthly Price

Credit Card Credit Card      No Cross Sales

5022 Full Movie

Average length of 30 Mins
15000Kbps MP4
3860 x 2160
14000Kbps MP4
2880 x 1620
6000Kbps MP4
2880 x 1440
10000Kbps MP4
3200 x 1600
5000Kbps MP4
1920 x 960

Sex Like Real Full Review

ReviewerThere are three things going on here at Sex Like Real.
One, they offer you free registration and then a load of free porn, but they have some top VR scenes that you pay for if you want them.
Two, they collect VR movies from loads of different studios, and you can easily select your favourite studio or niche.
Three, they have set things up well, so the VR is suitable for all devices and makes and they have launched a free app that enables you to watch the VR porn on your mobile device. There's a part in the site that links to full instructions about that and, from what I've read about it, it works really well.

Starting with the niches, you're going to find that the links per niche lead to the pay to view scenes (we'll check out the bonuses in a minute). That's fine, and what's good about PPV is that you literally do only pay for what you want to see when you want to see it. There are no recurring memberships chugging along in the background doing nothing except costing you money. Some niches have more content than others, but then some are pretty unusual. (Fur, Extreme hair, Cuban, Korean, Timestop - whatever that is - and Greek, for example.) The most well-represented niches at the moment are Hardcore, American, Doggy style and Facials so we can see we're looking at mainly general hardcore movies with some rare finds included.

You have two content areas in the menu, Scenes and Free VR Porn. The scenes are the PPV ones, with prices varying depending on studio and newness of the content. The top price was at $11.99 for a 30-minute movie (stream and download), and the cheapest one I saw was at $3.49 for a decent quality, 34-minute scene. New movies are added regularly, in fact, the updates are excellent, and each scene is set up for just about every device and comes with links to where you can get the free mobile app, and a video showing you how it works.

Movies are shown for the following formats: Oculus, Oculus Go, Vive, Gear VR, Daydream, Cardboard, PlayStation VR and Windows Mixed Reality. You have a choice of files and resolutions, at mainly 60 fps, and with 1920p, 1440p, 1080p, with others depending on your system, and I think it's fair to say, they have thought of everything. The site has also worked on fixing some of the snags you find with VR, and so you have faultless playback. Videos come with trailers and also streams in 2D, but with an option to stream in VR and watch on your mobile with the app.

Sex Like Real has chosen a wide variety of studios to show off here, and some produce better porn than others, hence the differences in costs, but they've not found anything dodgy or bad quality, and I was totally satisfied with what I found.

The free porn area offered me 120 videos of various lengths and from various studios. These were available in the same VR formats and with the streams, so they really are genuine giveaways. There are no galleries, but there are screencaps with content and updates are frequent, so the site is growing madly. Navigation is simple enough with linked tag words on video pages, the niches page and a simple menu. Technically, Sex Like It Real has been well thought out, it covers all of your VR systems and needs, and the best part is, you only pay for what you want when you want it.

They did have an option to buy a bulk amount of content from VR Bangers, with 186 VR videos available for $29.99 for a month. This may be a good option for those looking for a decent amount of content at a reasonable price.


These are studio videos, VR, HD movies and the quality levels are high with 60 FPS being standard, and loads of 4K and even 5K porn on offer. These give you great sound and visuals, in a site that's specifically set up for virtual reality viewing. There are full instructions and help if you're new to VR. The VR Porn app is nice and makes streaming a breeze.


The advertising numbers are a bit odd. 70 videos are mentioned on the tour, over 180 inside the members' area, listing 'most recent' tells you there are 5,022 videos (and there are) and the free area gives you 120. Movies run for 15 to 30 + minutes, come with Mp4 files for all VR devices, there's a free app for streaming, and it's all non-exclusive, studio.


The site covers all the VR device systems I've ever heard of with there are instructions and help if needed. There's also an app to download for streaming, which is a game changer when it comes to VR porn, with most VR sites making you download huge files before you can view them. The niches page are great, and there are good search options. Quality is high.


Images are screen caps. The numbers are a bit confusing. Not all studios update or have much content, so if you're only after one studio's contributions and they don't update, you might be disappointed.

Pricing & Bonus

Sign-up is free as is the app you can download for streaming. PPV movies start at around $3.49 and rise in price to $11.99, possibly more. It depends on the age of the video and the studio, star, etc. There are 120 bonus, free VR movies. They do have specials liek the VR Bangers offer which gets you 186 videos for $29.99, which seems like good value to me.


VR is not a new concept but the idea of only paying for what you download and keep is a good one, and so is their amazing app which is designed for all kinds of VR systems. There's a lot of choice here, technically, so everyone is covered, but more importantly, there is a lot of porn and some sizzling scenes from top studios, all in one easy to handle place.

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