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Private Classics

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Added on March 06, 2015 by Luke Preston

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If classic porn star names such as Silvia Saint ring any bells with you then you're going to love Private Classics . You must have heard of Private, surely? The porn company from the 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond? Well, here they let us see their classic collection of movies and mags, photos and babes, and they also give us an on-going value membership with regular updates and surprisingly good, remastered quality content.

"One for all collectors of vintage porn mags and videos"

Latest Review Update

January 2, 2019

Private Classics continues to grow on a daily basis, and it has added 800 videos and high-resolution photo sets since the last review two years ago. The videos may not be in HD, but they are still of a good quality. They have a mega-huge content of porn, and it as all exclusive to this site.






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1415 Full Movie

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1884 Picture Sets

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Hi-Res Pictures
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Private Classics Full Review

ReviewerThere are full DVDs (videos or celluloids as were) presented here with their individual scenes and photos giving you access to the good old days when girls were unshaved (not all, of course) and hair was big. I found just over 1,415 full length DVDs, though some of these were not actually DVDs when released. Private was founded back in 1965 by Berth Milton Snr. And went on to become one of the world biggest adult entertainment publications and businesses. It was, if I am not mistaken, the first hardcore porn magazine to appear in colour. What we have here is a digitalised version of its collection of films, pics and magazines.

The home page starts you off with its retro look, and the site has a design which, at first, I didn't care for. But, after a while, I fell into pace with it and realised that it's got a neat, old-world look; the old world being around 1980! There is a top menu to take you to the DVDs, the girls and the years of content, or you can use the home page to find the videos, magazines and so on. Magazines and movies are listed together laid out over index pages showing cover shots of the magazines. You are able to download the mags in Pdf format where you can then browse through all that they have to offer.

The movies are shown as cover shots and separate scenes, so there is some info and some pics from each one, plus the various scenes to view individually. I clicked on a Private Castings edition to see what was what and found nine scenes where new models were varied and being put through their paces anally-wise. There's a brief intro with each DVD but not a lot of info and viewing the scenes is a simple affair too. You have one stream and one download, an Mp4 at a reasonable size. You have to bear in mind that these movies were produced before the digital age and so the quality is not going to be anything like today's standards. However, as long as you stay at a mid-sized screen you should have no complaints. Scenes run for various lengths of time, you're able to give them a like and also add them to a favourites collection and make comments.

You need to keep your eyes open when on index pages, so that you can see whats a movie and whats a gallery. There are no separate areas for them. Movies have a play icon on them. You can also find content via the model index, where each girl gets a good body or face shot and that, when clicked, leads to her list of content and some stats and info. I found the easiest way to find galleries was to head back to the home page and click on the latest photo sets and scene updates and then scan through for the non-Play sample shots. I have to say, they could make navigation easier here by having galleries and videos separated out. You can scan through by year and find everything mixed together, but it can be a bit slow and cumbersome.

Fining a photo set I found images set out in large thumbnails with related content (Videos or magazines) listed beneath, Thumbnails clicked up to various sizes depending on age, 750 x 550 or 3,200 x 2,200 for example, but the quality was always good. These are, of course, professionally taken images with professional models.


The quality varies here because the content dates back nearly 50 years in some cases. But the work is from a professional company with guys who know and knew what they were doing. The site presents the best quality it can based on the material it has, and you get a good mix of girls. The design in quirkily old fashioned, and it all works fine.


It looks like there is something new being added to Private Classics every day, which is great news, and there were over 1,415 full Videos with around six or seven scene each, plus around 1,88 galleries, and a set of magazines. Scenes are around 20 minutes each, though runtimes vary, galleries hold around 50 pics each, and there were 90 or so models featured


You have a piece of history preserved here and this is a great collection for everyone who likes their porn classic, vintage, and well made. You can relive your youth, or just collect old porn, either way it's good value. There are good updates with something more or less every day, the quality is surprisingly good and the magazines are great to collect.


Navigation could be improved. It would be nice to have galleries and videos in separate areas. There's not a lot of information about movies or girls, though there is some. There are no bonus sites.

Pricing & Bonus

My prices showed up in Euros so watch out of geo-targeted prices, but the monthly price was fine considering the amount of content and the fact that there are regular and frequent updates. You make a good saving on the three-month memberships, and even more on the annual one.


Once you figure out the best way to use it, Private Classics gives you a wealth of old and more up to date porn from the original masters of the industry. Girls with big hair, everywhere, classic hardcore, decent quality considering and access to all the Private magazines and photos, it's a good collection and great to see our porn heritage being preserved.

Members Area Screen Shots

Below are actual screenshots taken from the members area of Private Classics. Updated on January 02, 2019