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Peter Girls

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Added on March 16, 2011 by Missy

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Everything has to start somewhere, and when these girls started spreading their thighs, the cameras starting running! Peter Girls is all about the fine work of POV specialist Peter Romero. The word on this sites streets come in the form of this being the exhibition of girls wanting to get into the boner filled business, and their auditions are saved for pornographic prosperity. It's exclusive, high quality and holds bonus sites.

"Debuting the dirtiness and desire!"






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427 Movie Clips

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Peter Girls Full Review

ReviewerThe fine taste buds that reside on the tongue of this creator were sparkling and sizzling through his search for the perfect girls to fill his site with, and his picking of teams for temptation and tease were well orchestrated. A very nice model index will give you first glance at the gals that are proud to be Peter Girls. I always find myself enjoying a photographer that can capture more than just extended nipples and flat tummies, and as you'll see from the large advertising shots of these sweeties, they all have personality, playful, exotic, erotic and in some cases, almost shy looking personalities. Its the uniqueness that tells me my voyage through this site will be an enjoyable one.

If there's one thing that Peter Romero knows about, its beauty, not only the natural outstanding beauty of the girls themselves, but the backdrops, posing, and fine eye of zeroing in on some of the most spectacular shots Ive seen in quite some time. He keeps water as one of the sensual staples to his sets, which is always a safe zone for causing zippers to lower from the excitement. And one goes with water but bikinis, very skimpy bikinis that show all of those dangerous curves to the loveliest of girls. With full breasts, palm sized pleasures, perfectly shaped asses and of course the desire to be exhibited as one of the Peter Girls, they are making all of your dirty dreams come true.

They hold a lot of solo, and also multiple girls giving those wide spread shots, the sultriness and seductiveness of allowing the camera to come in close to show the beauty of each grain of sand clinging to their bare skin. With a full moon or bright sun, they couldn't have positioned these shots any more perfectly than what you find, and with the extremely nice quality of the videos, you'll have the joy of being a sexual spectator to their graceful and feminine movements. Its not all just softcore however, you'll also find hardcore action laced through, which will give a balance to your boner that will lead you from foreplay to the explosive orgasm.

They lay out the sets with such beauty, each girl holding a full page production of what they have to offer, which of course carries, as promised the audition video, an updated video, slideshow for images and the high resolution shots that will literally take your breath away! After viewing the very nice presentation of the videos, I assumed I would find matching criteria for the image section, but they even exceeding my assumptions. With pixel sizes coming in at, 2106x1400, that will tell you something, and Ill fill in the blanks by saying these are spectacular!

I am just in awe at the fineness of quality this filming was done in, utilizing the outdoors and all of its attributes to enhance the existing loveliness of the girls themselves, that is always a nice thing, but to have such shots as I witnessed from this site, with the bursting brightness of the suns rays filtering across bare breasts, showing the glistening of sweat beads on their skin that is now showing the slightest hint of pinkness or for the nocturnal admirers, they have nightly shoots that will make you happy to remain in the darkness.


The quality will be part of the stimulation found from this site. A simple navigation, and a lovely layout, not to mention backdrops and outdoor areas that have been captured by a very fine eye behind the camera, it's all adding up to a very nice presentation.


The numbers are good, good enough to hold their own, and they are more than active with updates. In my exploration I was finding areas where daily installments were taking place. They do add a handful of bonus sites as well just to spruce things up a bit.


There were so many things, coming in from different areas that conversed upon the center of attraction for this site, making it all a positive journey. They had some of the most beautiful spots for filming, featuring some of the most loveliest girls, keeping the footage high in quality, not to mention the exceptional filming talents from the photographer.


It was hard to find anything to voice a negative tone to in regards to this site, but I would have liked seeing a ZIP file included for the high resolution pictures, these galleries are surely a keeper. A few more formats might have been nice, but they stick with the universal for download, and Flash for streaming.

Pricing & Bonus

I would have to say - in my opinion, you would be getting your money's worth when embarking on membership. Their existing numbers are high, with proof that they're active in keeping those accumulating, and then with the bonus sites, it adds up nicely.


Being one of the Peter Girls would indeed be a badge of honor. They are all so pretty, so unique, natural, and just stunning in their presentation. They keep tour promises holding true in the fact you will find HD videos and high resolution images, adding that to the other aspects and this hardcore/softcore site is beautiful!

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4 Bonus Sites & Multi Access Network

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