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New Solos

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Added on August 22, 2010 by Missy

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Never underestimate the power of a woman with an ache in her loins! New Solos is zeroing in on the zipper lowering content that will have you taking notes on the what-not ways these ladies have of making sure theyre sexually satisfied. When left to just themselves and their toys, theres no holding back the ways they thrust and thrive on the approaching orgasm. Its pledged HD quality, easy navigation, and bonuses are included.

"Self supported sexual enjoyment!"




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New Solos Full Review

ReviewerMy list of reviews upon this network of multiple niches is truly beginning to expand, as does my joy with every new installment I do. New Solos is a great way to get your girl playing with herself groove on, and what manů.or woman doesnt enjoy watching the loveliness of an already breathtaking babe stripped down naked, with legs as wide as they will go while she takes matters into her own hands. They are feeding the fury with such pleasure from all angles, not only giving you the masturbatory moisture you came looking for, but a layout that says pretty is as pretty does, and then sprinkle those fine attributes with the fact that the membership area does carry nice quality, and things are rounding out nicely here.

Ive gone through page after page of the offerings and Im guessing these girls are all going to be in the age range of early to late 20s, so theyre not the typical teen next door sort of specimen, but their curves are more developed as is their desire to be as seductive as they can possibly be. For instance, there is an extremely hot blonde by the name of Delilah and she will truly have you drooling at the thought of sharing the sheets with her. She has a body that seemingly never ends with its erotic flawlessness and she has those built in natural moves that ooze sexiness, not something youre taught, but rather something that carries through your DNA.

When her short skirt comes off and she drapes her tall body across the plum colored sofa, shes going to have her arousal level lifting as high as the oil in her lava lamp! I love the bra she has on, the half cups that give the lift without the gift of covering her actual breasts and nipples, now that is sexy. Theres an exotic sort of aura about this girl, just a little something thats hard to put my finger on, and yet, when you watch her ways of seduction, you will understand what Im talking about. She carries a couple of tattoos that tells you shes an expressionist, and when the clothing all comes off, you are surely going to want to listen to what her body has to say.

Her pubic area is shaved clean, no stubble, nothing but softness for her fingers to trail across as she begins the foreplay action of turning herself on. Watching this sweet thing being penetrated would be a sight for sore eyes, but the masturbation she brings to the screen is definitely going to work wonders on your wanking speed. They do the filming from angles that put you there, in the nether regions of delight, giving your mind the opportunity to envision yourself in front of these babes, watching them first hand, allowing them to share a couple self provoked orgasms before you take over. Yes, it is nicely done.

As I mentioned, the quality will leave a smile on your face from New Solos. They keep the formats pretty limited, offering the stream and a download choice through WMV, and then adding a MOV into the mix as well. The HD they promised through intro, well, its alive and well, through the browser viewing or saving it to your hard drive, and it will give you a rich clarity that will be more than appreciated.

They carry a bit more than double the amount of galleries as they do video sets, but both are nicely sized. I dont understand why they present the galleries with pictures as small as the ones offered, but a few of their sites have held this same trait, that is one area I would really enjoy seeing tweaked a bit. And if I may interject one disappointing detail at this pointů.there are no ZIP options. But, never the less, the images are nicely done when enlarged, carrying a 680x1024 pixel sizing, and again, the colors are strong, vibrant and so natural, you will feel as if theyve truly utilized every high resolution act on making them a fond area of this site to partake in.

It seems from the look of things, this site is approximately 3 years old, and they have done well in keeping it fresh throughout. Theres no set occurrence as far as when they update, sometimes it will be weekly and then it will go 11 days between, but the fact still remains, it is kept active, which is good because theres nothing like a hot solo girl site to get your own load brewing for some ball busting fun.


There were a few places through my journey of this site that made me want to tip my hat - in regards to the nice quality. Starting with the lovely design itself, the beautiful women, the manner in which the filming was done and also the nice quality of the content itself.


The numbers were good for this site on its own, even though it's approximately 3 years old and it seems they should be higher, but their pattern of updating, they're pretty much right on your money for the amount of installments, which is good.


How could I not say the biggest perk to this site fell upon the women themselves. They were all stunning, and they had a few more years on them than just those barely legal babes, meaning they had moves that were more experienced and manners of pleasing themselves with fingers and toys alike that were extremely stimulating.


My disappointments were minimal and basically located within the gallery section of this site. The thumbs were a bit too small for a pleasing display to the eye of the viewer, and there was not a ZIP option offered.

Pricing & Bonus

They carry their own weight of wetness well from this site, which is the first encouraging segment of my recommendation for this site, and they are keeping it active, even after nearly 3 years on the web it's not showing any cobwebs from lack of attention, then when you add up the amount of bonus sites and other perks, it is worthy.


New Solos is everything it was promised to be within the tour pages, which is a site full of beautiful women, stripping, posing and masturbating for the cameras. It remains under the heading of being softcore, but it's so alluring you'll find a stimulation that matches hardcore enjoyment. Quality was good, navigation was easy and the girls are gorgeous.

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