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Naked Kombat

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Added on August 25, 2013 by Luke Preston

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They have rules, they have competitions, they all want to win and they all do it, eventually, naked. Wrestling in rounds with sex at the end guaranteed, Naked Kombat is an original, even unique, gay hardcore site from the Kink Castle which has full HD scenes and high resolution images. You will find new bouts being added each week, some very hunky athletes competing, and all-round oily man-sex taking place as the finale.

"Naked wrestling and hunky hardcore from Kink"

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February 8, 2017

For a discount price members now get access to all 30 Kink sites when they join this one.

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Naked Kombat Full Review

ReviewerYour sign up is safe and secure and I didn't see any pre-checked cross sales when I logged in, though I did notice that my prices were in Euros. You only get access to this one site when you sign up, at least that's meant to be the deal. I found a way in to other parts of Kink once I was inside, and I will tell you how that happened in a moment. First, what do you see when you log in:

Well, you see pretty much the tour again but now with full access to the content. The most recent bout is featured and then you have the first set of wrestling matches set out with sample images and dates. A new one is added ever week it seems. You will also notice on the home page that you have various ways to view these index pages; one thing this site is, is interactive. You can see the content set out in 15 different categories, and you can list it by date, rate and comments. A set of four settings lets you see the full summary of each scene, a brief one, a gallery of images per scene right there on the index pages or a set of featured bouts, it's up to you how you see your main pages. There is also a search engine in the top menu to use. That top menu also takes you to the rule book if you want to learn more about how the judging works, as these naked bouts do indeed have a judge, rules and a winner.

Click a sample image to get to the view page and there you find a summary of the bout and the stream, which runs as soon as you land on the page. There are options to view a trailer, the full scene, the scene in parts and the gallery that comes with it. You are also able to make comments and read what other viewers have written about, beneath the viewing screen. There are three qualities of Flash in which to view, we've only really listed the top one here, which is HD, but there are smaller versions, and some suitable for iPads and the like. Even the 2009, original, scenes have an HD version to download, so you are well taken care of in that respect.

The wrestling is the main attraction, at least in part one where the two guys, who are always fit and athletic and good looking, fight it out for supremacy. Part two usually contains the naked wrestling element of the bout, and part three is where the sex takes place. That's a generalisation, but the progression is usually along those lines. The guys get sweaty, and oily, and slip and slide around each other, their cocks starting soft and getting harder as things progress. Some of the guys have shaved which makes things even more erotic and you can't help but settle in for the full one hour, or thereabouts. Great quality, good matches, great sex, it all adds up to a bit of a masterpiece from Kink.

And now, although there is no model index, and no access to Kink Network included in your membership, I was able to click the linked names on the viewing page and found myself seeing the wrestlers entry in a model index. I don't know if that was because of my reviewer status membership, or if it's a loophole, but when I then clicked Updates, to get back to Naked Kombat and its videos, I found I was at Kink home, with some fit and sexy women gaping back at me. I don't know who was more surprised. So, explore that if you want and see if you can find this backdoor into the Castle.

Either way, you should still be able to enjoy the Naked Kombat live show which happens once a month; there is an advert for it atop your pages and a set of previously recoded live shows to watch in the archive. All is included in your membership, were told, as is the forum.


All the movies I found came with an HD version, and a medium one and a download suitable for portable devices. The filming, lighting and sound are perfect, the models are top-notch and fit, and the wrestling is also spot on. It's real, it's full of action and sex, and it is really good quality throughout. The images are also high quality captures.


You have hundreds of bouts with three parts each, and a new one being uploaded each week. There are also galleries with around 250 images in total, as an average. There is also a live show every month and a set of archive recordings to watch. All the content is about wrestling matches, with some tag teams, and naked wrestling followed by sex.


You are looking at top class, high quality entertainment from a top company that does not let you down. You can believe what the tour offers you. The guys are totally fit and hunky, varied in age and all wrestle well. The filming is great. Membership gets you access to all 30 Kink sites for one discount price.


Slower connections may not do as well with the larger files. The live shows are only once a month and you don't have access to the other Kink live shows.

Pricing & Bonus

We have a nice discount offer for membership to Naked Kombat that will save you loads. Membership now includes access to the whole Kink Unlimited network of 30 sites. These are BDSM themed sites, with a mix of straight and gay sites. This adds loads of content and value to your membership.


There really is no other site to compare Naked Kombat to, so all you can really say is top marks for originality. But then you can add that it's great quality, very erotic, there's plenty of athlete-sex to satisfy you, there is a live show once a month and weekly updates, galleries and videos to collect and it all stays on theme. It is the one and only.

More Review Updates

November 16, 2014

One year since my last review of Naked Kombat and the site has added a further 41 gay wrestling bouts to its incredible collection. As far as I know this site, from Kink, the master of kink, is the only site of its kind. So, it continues to be original, exclusive, with well-made and real wrestling bouts that then lead to gay hardcore sex. The good news is that the updates are continuing to come in, so the site is getting bigger and bigger and fairly bulging out of its seams; just like some of the hunky wrestlers you will find on this high quality gay site.

Members Area Screen Shots

Below are actual screenshots taken from the members area of Naked Kombat. Updated on June 15, 2017