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My Smoking Mistress

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Added on May 10, 2010 by Missy

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Ah�those sensual wafts white billows, floating through the air, disappearing before your very eyes, but leaving a trace of temptation and pleasure behind. My Smoking Mistress says the exclusive material youll find within their membership pages will be directed to the attitude and arousal of girls that want to be the Alpha, and if that means using their submissive males tongue for an ashtray, so be it. Nice quality is pledged.

"Lighting up means turning on!"
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My Smoking Mistress Full Review

ReviewerWhen it comes to being dominant, there are so many ways to travel, depending on the personality of the Dominatrix, how far they will push the boundaries of their brutality, what part of the body/mind they want to have the most control over, what sort of fetishes are included with their practice of humiliating their prey, and of course how submissive their subject is. That statement is pretty vast when it comes to the realness of this way of life, there really are so many ways it can go, so many nooks and crannies that even I dont know all of�.yet, but, for My Smoking Mistress, things are laid out pretty clearly from the minute you enter the membership area.

When it comes to sex, you can never really remain loyal to only one topic, theres too much to explore, too much to enjoy and too many ways of bringing pleasure, so theres no good way to limit. Thats what I enjoy about sites such as this, their main niche is of course the smoking fetish, but theyve blended in the beauty and brutality of BDSM as well, giving it a full spectrum presentation. No two sites, just like niches are exactly alike, but similar ones to this that Ive reviewed before have taken the more sultry, sexy approach to their scenarios, whereas for this site, its more harsh, almost as if these women are angry with the male gender for some reason and the more antagonistic and down right bitch like they can be, the more they seem to enjoy it.

The sets may start out simple enough in some areas, but from there, its more than clear, the woman, or women, are always in control. Part of the blend I spoke of will include those thigh high stockings, foot licking, toe sucking, tongue to vaginal area, lingerie, chains, collars, dungeon type backdrops, theyre not holding back when it comes to making their statement of self sexual pleasure. Some sets will project the men as not enjoying cigarette smoke, so of course the women make sure to blow their exhaling erotica right into their faces, and yes, they do use their bodies for ashtrays, including their mouths, and in a case or two, they even extinguish their lit sticks onto the tongue of their submissive slave, so there were a couple of areas that made me flinch a bit.

Since Im a bit older, Ive spent many years smoking. It started as a, fit in with the rest of the crowd when I was in school and then I acquired the taste for it that has remained with me for all of these years. I will admit, smoking is sexy. The feel of it between your fingers, the wafting of the smoke into different shapes, sizes, its as if it takes on a life of its own. The deep inhaling and feeling that light as air matter filling your lungs, yes, its all stimulating as far as Im concerned. I even enjoy watching other people smoke, their own style, the look on their face, its just an all around addiction thats hard to break. But, they have surely taken things one step further here by showing how the act of smoking can add an allure to an arousing and dominating situation, which is the cherry on top of a sexual sundae, and as I said, they do it from My Smoking Mistress with a lot of attitude and almost anger.

This is set up as a different sort of presentation for this fetish, and it will be one that really grips the gonads of men that want to be used as a human disposal for those of the female gender. As they light up and puff, the men are on their knees groveling and licking toes to show their worthiness. There is a true darkness theyve decided to portray their content through, which granted, this is a BDSM type of fetish, so you shouldnt find pastel shades and butterflies, no, theyve done a nice job of keeping a bit of an ominous portrayal going for their sets.

As for the quality itself�.Im a bit torn in this area. The layout is wonderful, each set is center stage, a few pages of display that carries advertising images and choices listed underneath, no clicking for each sets self supporting page, just right there at your fingertips. They do limit the formats, offering download of either MP4 or .AVI. I would have liked seeing more choices for sure. The numbers are adequate in their video size, clarity, etc., nothing over the top, but acceptable. The images werent burning down the house with fineness, but again, an average compilation that would be acceptable if you dont mind screen caps only. There was enough streaking in the shots, too much movement to make these a high resolution shot. I found it all pretty much riding the rail on keeping things mediocre, a bit more to the right could have put them into an entirely upgraded arena of presentation.


It's different strokes for different folks and the manner they chose to portray their porn in would be eagerly accepted by many, but, to get the members and keep the members, they could do a bit of work on their offerings to raise the bar of quality. Enough flaw type of issues can make or break, and this is teetering in my opinion.


The numbers are pretty low when it comes to counting the content for this site, which, if they were new, that will change and improve, but with no way of knowing when their origination took place, I can't make any promises on how efficiently this will improve.


The one thing to remember about a fetish site, is like the movie says, "If you build it they will cum," well, a different spin on it, but you get my idea. The unique side of people means there is something out there that will cater to the whims and wants when it comes to being turned on. This BDSM, smoking fetish site is more brutal than most.


There are some negative issues I've found to this site, enough to give a bit of reading material to weigh options. First, the quality of the video clips wasn't the greatest, and a very limited amount in formats, with them not being the most utilized. Images were screen caps with a lot streaking and there were no dates to show how often it's tended to.

Pricing & Bonus

I would have to really think long and hard on recommending this site for membership. I realize folks read these reviews as a nudge in one direction or the other if they're trying to decide, but there was just enough negativity to this site - well, just enough to leave it as an item to check back on at another time, but not to rush for the credit card.


The premise of My Smoking Mistress is good, you can hardly go wrong with a strong fetish site, and even the way they decided to portray it would be welcomed by many, however, they didn't go all out with making the quality high enough to really make a statement, nor do we know how often they update the content, no dates given. A bit bland and blah.

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