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My Sexy Kittens

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Added on April 25, 2012 by Missy

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With sugar and spice and everything nice being their general make-up, they've now added temptation and tease and everything to please! The tour area of My Sexy Kittens shows a cotton-candy look to the tightness of these barely legal bodies, promising you're going to have in high quality what portrays exclusive solo, lesbian and hardcore enjoyment, with a few other things mixed in. A lovely display of naughtiness has been issued!

"Its feline females with fornication on their minds!"






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My Sexy Kittens Full Review

ReviewerWith a pastel aura of prettiness, they're opening their main membership pages with a beckoning look and enough moisture to have you slipping and sliding your way through beautifully! I took a quick gander through the many pages piled with content, and they have done not only an outstanding job of displaying everything available, but, they also hold the dates of how often freshness takes place and youll be happy to know its every 2-4 days. With dates going back to 2004, theyve done well for themselves in their 8 years of existence, I wont complain about the numbers, nor will I frown over any of the felines chosen to be a part of their seduction, each one holds their own type of individual beauty, whether in a truly teeny-bopper sort of way, or a smidge older with the look of know how on their face while a dildo is planted deeply, yes, this journey will be a juicy one for sure!

If you made a wish list from all of the promises found through the introductory pages of My Sexy Kittens, well, then allow me to tell you your wishes have been granted! There is a vast array of porn in all flavors to tickle your taste buds with and one is just as scrumptious as the other. There are two things you will not find from the girls of this site, no matter how hard you try, and that will be shyness, and the other being restrictions on where they desire to let their lust play out! They've got sets from all sorts of scenarios and public places, inside, outside, sunny skies and snow storm, which to me might warrant a frost-bit-clit, but it looks enjoyable just the same!

The fun will start out innocently enough, and with the most teen-ish sort of impression, but from there, the woman comes out in them, which will bring the man out in the erections, the fingernails in other females and the liveliness of a drawer full of sex toys, they are battling the bulge of boners and more from this site, and everyone seems to be cumming out a winner! When the short little skirts are hiked up, and those pretty little panties pulled down, their resilience will be a controlling factor in the fornication. The sexiness of each set plays out beautifully, and as stimulating as the hardcore scenes between male and female take place, I must admit, they don't totally over shadow the heat of solo and lesbian fun its all rounding out to be a very nice way to occupy my snow filled day!

I truly appreciate the realness of the girls here, some have such small, tight breasts, with the largest part seemingly being in the area of the areola and nipple, they aren't hung up on only offering hooters that could smother many people if placed correctly. It truly is a site filled with raw loveliness, and one that you will admire as much as I do.

In the video section they're keeping things down to a low roar of just basically two formats, a flash and WMV, but from those stem different qualities, such as, low, high and full resolution and there will be the stream or download option mixing with episode break downs or full run footage. The quality is nice, as pledged. Download times for full scenes will take a few minutes, but that's understandable. While you wait, choose some slow wanking pleasure to keep your one-eyed wonder staring north through the streaming effects and you wont be disappointed.

They have been just as courteous to their members from My Sexy Kittens when it comes to their image galleries. Thumbs are uniformed, large, and beautifully placed upon the page for the hunger you're feeling, while the enlargements will expand to a, 800x1200 pixel sizing for what they refer to as small, and then growing by leaps in their large installment, 2000x1333 pixels, which will more than fill your screen and allow you to count every small diamond shape in their fishnet stockings, or notice any little scuff that might be on their stiletto heels. Its all beautifully done!


Belly up to the beauty from this site and you're going to have to push yourself away from the niceness, because they will just keep it coming! From most every avenue I inspected getting to the vortex of these little vixens, they have done everything with their members in mind, making the quality high enough for appreciation.


This site is showing that it has about 8 years under its belt, but they've also got the numbers to back up their time on the web, and from going through the listed dates as to when the new material is added, they're keeping things done in multiple additions weekly.


Most everything rang up to a pretty presentation from this site. The color scheme of the website itself was fitting for the teen niche they offer, the girls are just breathtaking in their playful, pornographic way, and the technical numbers will show that is fitting for the fun they're having.


I'm having a really hard time coming up with something that needs to be changed about this site, it's hard to improve on something that has apparently been worked hard on to make it member worthy. The only thing I could see that wasn't offered was an option for ZIP.

Pricing & Bonus

I would hold no reluctance in referring this site for membership. They have plenty of content on their own to offer eager erotic seekers, and then adding the bonus sites, and keeping in mind how often they update, yes, it more than balances out. The 12 month membership is good value and will cost you a little over $10.00 a month, which is a 66% discount.


My Sexy Kittens is the exact title for this site. These purrrr-fectly beautiful young ladies are showing they have come of age and are now ready to cum every where else! Indoor, outdoor it doesn't matter, when the mood strikes, it's sex time. Tour promises for this hardcore site held true all the way through, with great footage and quality.

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