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Mormon Boyz

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Added on April 13, 2017 by Luke Preston

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I don't know about you, but when those sweet 18 and 19-year-old boys come knocking on my door, with their smart suits, sexy faces and perfect bods, I just want to drag them inside and show them what being wicked is all about. Here at Mormon Boyz, you kind of get to live that fantasy, though the scenes are mainly elder/younger and solos. It's a hot site in its own niche, exclusive, HD and preaching the word of gay sex.

"Halleluiah for cute and innocent Mormon lads who get fucked"

Latest Review Update

May 22, 2018

Mormon Boyz is a raunchy gay site where young butts get dominated by hot tops. They have added 144 new scenes since our last visit, which brings the numbers up to 484 exclusive videos and high-resolution photo galleries. The site itself made me salivate with excitement, and I found it simple to navigate. Mormon Boyz continues to update about twice a week, and the movies are in Mp4 format, and there is one for most mobile devices.






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484 Full Movie

Average length of 25 Mins
1000Kbps MP4
1920 x 1080
7000Kbps MP4
1280 x 720
4500Kbps MP4
960 x 540
1500Kbps MP4
640 x 360

484 Picture Sets

100 Pics In Set
Hi-Res Pictures
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Mormon Boyz Full Review

ReviewerIt's long been a fantasy of mine, ever since I invited a couple of Mormon lads on their mission to come in and have a chat. They were so 'gay' on the doorstep: sexy, good looking, innocent, enthusiastic, keen to know me, with great looking bodies and those tight black trousers… Well, imagine my disappointment when I found out they were actually trying to convert me and wouldn't have any converting from me. Ah well, for years after I wallowed in what might have been, and then I found Mormon Boyz and all my dreams came true.

What we have here is a site on a mission, and that is: to sell you the idea that Mormon elders initiate their juniors into the 'church of good gay sex', as far as I can see. Hunky older guys with beards and muscles play the parts of the teachers and cute, 18 + twinks play the parts of the boys to be initiated. As you can imagine, there's a lot of older/young hardcore going on and boy, is it horny. If the fantasy wasn't enough, they also have a great About page to set it all up, and each boy comes with a write-up and a background story. That makes Mormon Boyz not only high class and horny, but so detailed as to be one of the best fantasy/scenario sites I've ever seen.

Let's hope the movies live up to the idea of the site. I'll just be away now for an hour or two checking out the videos… And I'm back, and I can tell you they are perfect. There were 384 exclusive videos or around 20 minutes each when I just checked, and they are a mix of solos and group scenes. Okay, so earlier ones are mainly solos, with cute guys jerking off with a Mormon story around them. But the more recent ones are full-on hardcore, and there are a lot of them. There's a lot of older Elders, Dads if you like, initiating their boys in some ritualistic videos, drilling their asses, sucking their virgin cocks and showing them what being a man is all about. They are all a good length (the videos I mean - oh, and the boys and dads) and they are all great quality.

Early videos have three stream/download options up to 720p, while newer ones now have 1080p HD as well. I was able to right-click and save as… Or left click and stream. These are all Mp4 files, so you must be set up for that. They also come with images, some screen caps, some digital shots, and they are on the same viewing page per scene. These images were up to 1,080 x 1,619 in size, and there were around 30 + per set. They are listed as screen caps, and they may all be, but I got the impression there were digital shots in here as well, stills as opposed to caps. I wasn't complaining about any of it though, and the images looked great. I didn't see zip file downloads though there are slideshows.

The guys are the thing, and here you have a model index in two parts, the Boys and the Men. I found it a bit of pain to navigate in that they show you featured boys and then the start of a list of all, but you keep having to open more profiles down the page. Going across with numbered pages would have been better like they are with the videos. But the write-ups and descriptions are spot on and really fuel the fantasy. With over 484 videos, some with group scenes, there are going to be loads of Mormon Boyz to check out.


The quality at Mormon Boyz is perfect. You have 1080p HD now, but original movies are also at 720p. The guys are chosen to fit the parts, and they do that brilliantly, the site is fine to use, the filming is good and the attention to detail is superb. I was totally impressed with the quality of the site and its models.


There were 484 scenes dating back quite a while, but with modern updates coming in, so it's growing. They had three or four download/stream options, were exclusive, well made and on the initiation of the younger guy theme. They came with cap or digital stills with around 30 per set. It's all exclusive and highly original.


You have exclusive movies here and some very hot guys to view. There's a fantasy scenario being played out - perfectly! The site carries loads of info, both real and made up, and a huge model index. But the best thing for me? The cute boys in tight pants who get fucked in initiations.


I would like to see the model index laid out in a different way, so it's easier to browse. Ditto the movies as you can only view a few index pages at a time and not select from a whole list of numbers - limited pagination they call it. There is a cross sale on the sign-up page.

Pricing & Bonus

Click through from here and find two sign-up options. There's the monthly price, currently discounted to $17.87 per month, and the twelve-month option at $10.00 a month which is paid for the term in advance. The usual price is nearer $30.00 per month, so grab an offer now. There is a cross sale on the join page. No bonuses, but still a great site.


All those Mormon Boyz I wanted to put straight (as it were) are here. I didn't get them in real life, but I found them at this unique site that plays out its fantasy theme perfectly. Unless, of course, these are real Mormon guys in which case… sign me up! Great movies, hot boys, hard dads, HD, exclusive, pics and vids, it's got it all. Halleluiah! I say.

Members Area Screen Shots

Below are actual screenshots taken from the members area of Mormon Boyz. Updated on May 22, 2018