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Latin Adultery

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Added on May 07, 2013 by Missy

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Latin Adultery is all about how far sexy Latinas will go to get a good fuck behind their husbands back. The site, which is part of the Naughty America network, is one of the longest running sites on that network and features hundreds of scenes of beautiful Hispanic women in a wide variety of situations, some simple and some clever, getting something extra on the side.

"Hot Latinas get cock regardless if its their husband or not"

Latest Review Update

October 31, 2018

Latin Adultery no longer gives you access to all the Naughty America sites. You get a selection of 50 videos that come from all the Naughty America sites, and your not guaranteed that any will be from this site in particular. These videos change from time to time. If you want all the content from Latin Adultery your going to have to pay more. Beware of a pre-checked cross sale on the join page as well.

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3 Day Trial

$1.95 Recurs at $24.95 / month until cancelled

Discounted Monthly Price

$17.76 Save 28%

Yearly Price

$71.40 $5.95 a month
Credit Card Credit Card      Phone Phone      1 Cross sales, prechecked

50 Full Movie

Average length of 23 Mins
8000Kbps FLV
1500Kbps FLV
3000Kbps MP4
2000Kbps WMV

50 Picture Sets

100 Pics In Set
Screen Captures
Zip Files

Latin Adultery Full Review

ReviewerThere seems to be this stereotype regarding Latina women in that they are a feisty bunch who you better not cross or else you will receive a combination of yelling and beating. This stereotype is made sexy in Latin Adultery by featuring attractive Latina women all having some extra-marital affairs with men who are at first uneasy by the idea but are forced to by the strong will and intimidating character of Latina women. To give an example of a scene there was a recent one I watched with busty beauty Yurizan Beltran, she was planning her wedding and meeting with the caterer. On a whim she decides to fuck him. He knows she is essentially a married woman but her fierce attitude makes him succumb.

Something that is interesting and I believe is very unique to the Naughty America network, more of a fantasy fulfilling network, is that not only can you search by the actress name, what happens in the video, or what she looks like, but who she is in the scene in relation to the person fucking her. This may range from boss to student to stranger and in the case of Latin Adultery, married woman. There are plenty of other sites on the network that feature married women and Latinas but if you want the two together, in other words if you want to see strong-willed Latinas get what they want, then this site has so much to offer with thousands of hours and hundreds of girls.

Each of the scenes comes with a set of accompanying pictures. There are about 100 pictures per set and they are all taken with the same level of high quality production that the scenes themselves have. In the case of the older videos from around 2005, the picture sets actually look better than the videos themselves. Nowadays the photos and the videos match in terms of quality but offer different experiences of the same scene.

The more recent scenes can be had in many different types of files that range in file size depending on what you like, what your computer can store, and what your internet speed can handle. There are three levels of MP4s (480p, 720p, and 1080p the highest), a normal and DVD quality level WMVs, QuickTime format, and mobile version. There is even an on the go version of each scene made for the current generation that are only five minutes in lengthm which is basically an abridged version of each scene.

While there was a hiatus in updates starting in October of 2012, Latin Adultery seems to be making a comeback starting in March as three new scenes have already been released in the span of a month. This is good news but even if the site had stopped updating there are already over 300 videos in the library as well as archived live cam shows featuring the same bronze hotties featured in the scenes.

Recently the sites membership costs have decreased from $24.95 to $17.76 a month. This is such an amazing price as you are not only getting the countless hours Latin Adultery has, but all the content from every single site on the Naughty America network. I repeat, everything, even the archived live cam shows which are just as appealing as the regular scenes themselves. You also get discounts to other sites if you so choose to venture out but given the amount of content and the variety of content as well as the consistent updates, I doubt that you will be needing to move away from Naughty America any time soon.


The site has been around for quite some time so it is reasonable to note that video quality only improves as the years go on. Early videos are only available in normal WMVs while the newer stuff is in all levels of high-def.


Some of the scenes may contain Latina woman getting some extra-martial sex with unsuspecting and timid men. The women range from younger to older, smaller breasts to huge melons, but what they all have in common is that they are Latina and get whatever they want no matter what.


The production level is top notch as well as the stars featured (established and up-and-coming stars).


It is uncertain what the future holds for the site as updates in the past few years have been spotty but there is still hope due to the recent videos added. The older videos also look poor when compared to the gorgeous newer ones which are shot with high definition cameras.

Pricing & Bonus

A subscription to the site has recently been discounted from $24.95 to $17.76 a month. You will get a limited selection of content from the Naughty America network of sites. If you want to unlock all the content from this site, or any of the other Naughty America sites, your going to have to pay more. Beware of cross sale on the join page as well.


If you enjoy the darker skin of Latina beauties as well as their get-whatever-they-want attitudes, then Latin Adultery is the place to go. The fact that a subscription to Latin Adultery also gives access to the rest of Naughty America means more scenes of your favorite Latinas, as well as loads of other great hardcore niches.

More Review Updates

March 9, 2014

Latin Adultery remains a strong site for those looking for hot Latina girls in high quality hardcore scenes. The site remains active and are adding new scenes on a regular basis. This site won the 2013 XBiz award for best Latina series in 2013 and continues to remain at the forefront of its niche, with 308 exclusive videos and picture sets at the time of this review update. With our discounted price and a massive number of bonus sites it remains great value for money.

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Below are actual screenshots taken from the members area of Latin Adultery. Updated on October 31, 2018