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Jerk It Bitch

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Added on May 25, 2010 by Missy

Review Summary

Intercourse is never turned down…but a trip down memory lane will have the meat gripped by a beautiful babe, stroking and fisting their shaft until theres nothing left but the spewing of joy juice! The list of membership promises run long, including high quality for the content, going as far as HD in video viewing and then an exceptionally long list of network bonus sites and third party feed bonuses. Theyre squeezing the seduction!

"First they strip, then they grip!"




3 Day Trial

$1.85 recurs $39.98/month

Monthly Price

Credit Card Credit Card      Online Check Online Check      1 Cross sales, prechecked

25 Full Movie

Average length of 10 Mins
1800Kbps FLV
436Kbps MPEG
494Kbps WMV
1996Kbps WMV

44 Picture Sets

110 Pics In Set
Hi-Res Pictures

Jerk It Bitch Full Review

ReviewerThis site will bring back fond memories for men, after all, the majority probably stroked their way through puberty, their first experience with sexual arousal, excitement and orgasm was from fisting the erection. Since the joys felt at a young age will hang with the horniness, all it takes is that initial feeling of fingers wrapping tightly to take them back to a time when lying in bed at night meant reaching under the sheets for sliding their hand up and down, gaining in speed as those moments of fantasy whisk them into a euphoria of erotica. Its just like losing your virginity, you never forget that first time, and having a lovely girl offering to jack them off takes them to familiar testicle filled territory.

There is bountiful beauty when the main membership area opens to Jerk It Bitch, soft earth tones and deeper shaded borders allow the content images to pop from the background, giving a lovely pick me sort of attitude, which works well with the niche they offer. Since I am familiar with this network of sites, I knew right away the things I wanted to look for in their presentation, to know if they fit the bill a bit better than what Ive seen in the past, or if they followed suit with their usual display. Good or bad, all depending on how you look at it, Im finding both. The good news is they offer a very, very nice HD presentation to their videos through WMV format, the other options are of a much lower quality as the technical numbers will show, but they do have the HD, and surprisingly enough, the download times werent something that burns up your entire evening.

Another fault found that matches their pattern is the fact they dont expose the chronological order of when theyve updated, so its anyones guess basically. There is a small count to their content, which of the three to four sites of theirs that Ive reviewed in the past, none seem to hold a huge amount and theres no way of knowing if thats because theyre newer and just waiting for the scheduled attention, or whether theyve been uploaded and then left to gather a little dust while they move onto the next installment.

For what is here though, theyve utilized it well, finding hot, tight, teen bodies that have all the right curves, the flat bellies, some with large boobs and always tight butts, stripping down to give their men something to feast their eyes upon and then they drop to their knees or stretch across their laps, whatever it takes to deliver the gripping goods. They give all of the foreplay these guys can handle, such as licking and sucking on their boners, squeezing them between their big tits, rubbing the knob across their nipples, massaging all areas of their hot bodies with the erection before they finally get a good hold on their hardness and get down to beating off business!

They mix a little POV action in with the teasing and pleasing theyre bestowing upon the pricks, with bright eyes looking upward as their lips wrap around the straining heads and sometimes the glisten of pre-cum will greet their tongues as well. Any of the faces included with Jerk It Bitch would be a joy to view from between your thighs, they really have found some lovely girls.

For some reason this network displays advertising galleries and thumbs in a small sizing, which just that bit of tweaking would really make a difference in the quality presentation in my opinion, after all a person wants to see enough to know if they want to see more….but, luckily, the enlargements are better, they come in at a nice, 682x1024 pixel sizing with clarity and true tones to not only the skin shades but the backdrops as well, so they are giving the high resolution they promised. Unfortunately, no ZIP option or slideshow.


The quality from this site is a bit on the teeter-totter effect, there is a HD offered from the video section, but the other choices are very low in clarity. Images however do hold up to the promise of high resolution, but no ZIP or slideshow.


The numbers aren't strong enough to hold their own should they need to for membership, but, if it were a case that scheduled updates were done true to form, that would give the incentive, but no dates are added. Luckily, a lot of bonuses are included.


There were a few areas that sprung into my view as perks to this site, the first one being the fact the girls are all beautiful and the men well hung, from there, the niche itself is always a fan favorite and they do offer HD for video viewing as one of the options, so yes, there are some highlights.


Just as there was good to report, there is also some bad. The count for content of this site is low, and they don't furnish the knowledge of how often they add new material, so that leaves us a bit in the dark as to making the worthiness known. From there, they could have carried some technical numbers a bit higher and offered a ZIP for galleries.

Pricing & Bonus

It would be a tough call on how I would vote in regards to membership to this site, not because it was horribly done, just because I'm always a bit skeptical when there are no dates showing to substantiate the freshness, you want your dollars to keep working for you. They do carry a huge amount of bonuses, and that would be the tide to ride in on.


Jerk It Bitch brings back a true fan favorite for most anyone, since the population - for the most part anyway were incorporated into the feel good area of sex through masturbation, and this will bring back memories. They carry high quality in some areas, not so high in others and a few things left out that are important for worthiness to this softcore site.

Members Area Screen Shots

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