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Infernal Restraints

Added on August 20, 2014 by Luke Preston

Review Summary

If you like BDSM and want to see it taken to the extreme, and if you have some cash to spare, then you might want to know more about Infernal Restraints. This site is all about extreme machine and device bondage where women endure some pretty far-out trappings and strappings. The content is exclusive and good quality, there are weekly updates, photos, videos and a forum, but it is for the connoisseurs only, and the rich one at that.

"Probably the most extreme BDSM site made to date"






Monthly Price


3 Month Price

$135.00 $45 a month

6 Month Price

$195.00 $32.5 a month
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356 Full Movie & Movie Clips

Average length of 40 Mins
3000Kbps FLV
1280 x 720
7400Kbps MP4
1280 x 720
2000Kbps WMV
1280 x 720

356 Picture Sets

90 Pics In Set
Hi-Res Pictures
Zip Files

Infernal Restraints Full Review

ReviewerThis is probably the most expensive site I have ever looked at with the monthly membership coming in at $65.00 per month. You can pay less if you pay more and go for a longer-term membership, with the cheapest option workiing out at $32.50 per month, which is reasonable I guess. I grant you, the site is big, exclusive and extreme and so for those really into the painful world of BDSM this is going to be something of a treat.

The site has a neat, dark design and there's atmosphere right from the start. The members' area itself runs along pretty standard lines, though it looks very good and has its own character. You find the most recent update featured on the home page, at the top of the list, and this page also acts as page one of several index pages. There were 356 videos/scenes when I was in the site and their upload dates are clearly shown. The oldest dated back to 2006 where there were Real Player downloads and MP4, with a large stream screen, and where the movies were available for full files or parts.

The most recent videos were shown with more download options, but with full scenes only. The quality was excellent, there is no problem at all with that, and I found HD movies to take, though some files may be a bit big at over 2.4 Gbs. There is also a streaming option though, just the one and as this was also quote a high resolution one it took a while to get set up and playing on my mid-range connection.

But the action is all as you were led to believe it would be when you saw the tour. Clicking a random index page I found girls hanging, upside-down, in the stocks, spanking, extreme ropes and binds, gags, masks, in chairs and in some pretty medieval looking contraptions too, and I also saw a few blow jobs and insertions. I am kind of hoping that the hammers, nails and other torture devices are effects only. As I said, this is extreme stuff and only really for the connoisseur of the extremely curious.

The movies come with galleries, and, certainly in the more recent scenes, there were directors picks and the scene photos. These included posed shots by the models before the shoots (and the videos also contain interviews with the girls before the shoots), and also action ones. Images were up to 795 x 1,200 when at full size and were clear and sharp. There were no quality concerns with those images. However, when trying to look at the scene pics, the boxes opened up but no image showed. This might have been a temporary glitch, and I didnt try every single gallery.

Around the movies are some details and descriptions, links to the zip files for images, a place where you can rate the scene and content and links to some up-sell sites. You can, if you want, use the link in the top menu for Model Call, where you find a new page explaining how you can book these extreme torture models. There is also the forum, which seems well attended and well used, and links to help and support.


The quality at Infernal Restraints is excellent, with, these days, HD movies in large files, big images and some brilliantly extreme bondage and staged torture. These girls know their stuff and so you do get pushed boundaries and more than your average BDSM site. It all looks good and works well.


There were 365 videos when I was in the site running for around 40 minutes each, including interviews with the models. They came with full file downloads, some had clips streaming as well, and there were usually two galleries of images with each one. It looks like updates happen every week.


This is exclusive and extreme bondage and will therefore appeal to everyone into the fetish. The girls allow the most outrageous things to be done to them. The filming quality is good, the site works well, there is a forum and there are weekly updates. This really is a site for the connoisseur of hardcore BDSM and bondage material.


This is a very expensive site and comes with no extras other than the forum. Some of the gallery pics didn't enlarge and some of the full scene files were very big for slower connections.

Pricing & Bonus

At $65.00 per month for the basic monthly membership you are being asked for a lot of money here, there are sign up offers for longer and cheaper terms which may be the way to go, and you can join two sites for another offer, also costly. There are no bonuses to boost your value and only the extremeness and the exclusivity, plus quality, to justify the fee.


You've probably gathered by now that Infernal Restraints is probably one of, if not the, most extreme BDSM sites we've looked at, and certainly the most expensive. It really does push boundaries and leaves your eyes watering. Perfect for extreme fetish fans with a bit of spare cash and a lot of time to see the large archive.

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