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Hidden Camera Dressing Room

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Added on January 04, 2016 by Luke Preston

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None of the women changing and showering knew they were being filmed for a pervy site such as Hidden Camera Dressing Room. There's this couple, Robin and Julia, and they set up cameras in changing rooms and then record the women undressing, unaware. We get to see the exclusive results at the site and a new clip was being added every couple of days. You can stream and download and it's decent quality, but a bit pricey.

"It's not the cheapest bit of fun but voyeurs will love this"

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November 24, 2018

These unsuspecting babes dont know they are being filmed. They now have a good-sized library of reality porn, but the numbers have dropped slightly, and they havent updated in a while. In saying that, this is the perfect site for lovers of voyeurism, and all the content is exclusive.






Monthly Price


3 Month Price

$54.90 $18.3 a month

6 Month Price

$88.20 $14.7 a month
Credit Card Credit Card      1 Cross sales, prechecked

548 Movie Clips

Average length of 2 Mins
665Kbps MP4
640 x 480

Hidden Camera Dressing Room Full Review

ReviewerThis is one of those sites where, if you can afford it, it's good to have stashed away in your list of favourite sites so you can pop back in every now and then and see what's new. It's a one-theme site, with no extras, no galleries and no frills, but it stays 100% on its tour promises. There are six cameras, in six different changing rooms and they film what goes on from their hidden vantage point and then the tapes are collected and put up on the site. The women in the videos are amateur well, they are simply customers of the swimming pool where the films are made, they have no idea they are being filmed or that they are being shown online in these movies. I wonder what would happen if one of them recognised themselves; there must be some privacy issues being breached here.

And that's what makes the movies work. They are real, and natural with natural sound and for hidden cam content they are also a good standard and a decent resolution. You only have one option for streaming and one for downloading and that is Mp4. The download was at 640 x 480 and the quality was fine. The stream was fine at full screen too and you can see everything that is going on.

My point, though, is that there is not much going on; simply a variety of women, younger and old, undressing and showering and dressing again in two minute clips; yes, the videos are that short. That's what I mean about having the site stashed away for when you fancy a quick look in, you won't want to sit and watch all these 548 movies one after the other unless you are an absolutely totally dedicated voyeur; they soon become very repetitive.

And that's all there is to Hidden Camera Dressing Room: By now, 548 two-minute tapes showing all kinds of women undressing and showering, with decent quality and a new video every couple of days. There is some information on the tour pages but no other details in the site. But there are some interactive options:

You have a place where you can comment on the videos and leave your messages, and you are able to rate each clip as you view it. There is also an add to favourites function so you can build up your own stock. And there is a search function with a keyword search box, linked tag words for easy filtering and a category page with 12 categories including Milf, panties, shaved and BBW. The site works well and is easy to navigate and there were no technical issues.


The quality is fine here considering this is hidden cam material but it is not HD. You're talking 640 x 480 and that's it. The sound and light are good and natural though and the site has a simple design that's easy to use.


All the videos clips here are on the same theme. There were 548 when I was at the site, each one ran for two minutes and some were clips from longer videos. There is one Mp4 stream and one download. There are no galleries. Videos are form six different locations.


You have exclusive content at this site and it is all as promised on the tour with hidden cam footage and ordinary ladies who don't know they are being filmed. Updates seem to have stopped recently but the quality, for hidden cam footage, is fine.


There are only the video clips here and they are only two minutes each, and are pretty repetitive. There are no galleries and no extras, and the price is pretty high for a one theme site with no bonuses.

Pricing & Bonus

The first month will cost you �38.40 and then recurs at �24.60 each month; savings can be found on longer-term deals, though they are still pricey for a site with no bonuses and only one theme. Watch out for a pre-checked cross sale on the join pages.


Hidden Camera Dressing Room is good at what it does: giving you hidden cam, footage of unsuspecting women changing and showering. The quality is fine and the site is easy to use. But� That's all there is to the site so it starts to feel samey very quickly and it's a pretty high price. But� voyeurs will love it.

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