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Girls Do Toys

Added on June 14, 2018 by Luke Preston

Review Summary

Barely legal teens and fresh, new girls between 18 and 22 are the stars of this female masturbation site that offers HD viewing. We're also told that it is exclusive content and the tour gives you a good idea of who to expect inside. Updates are not dated, and there are no firm promises, but with over 50 videos so far, it's looking good. Of course, toys feature a great deal, as do slinky sex kittens having on-screen orgasms.

"New models plus toy play equals female orgasms in HD"






Monthly Price

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55 Full Movie

Average length of 35 Mins
5000Kbps MP4
1280 x 720
2058Kbps MP4
720 x 404
8000Kbps MP4
1920 x 1080

55 Picture Sets

25 Pics In Set
Hi-Res Pictures
Zip Files

Girls Do Toys Full Review

ReviewerThere's something about a solo girl site that's hard to resist. I reckon it's because you are there alone with your models, and they don't have to worry about guys getting in the way. This means they can get into themselves and really enjoy what they are doing. The girls are in control, and in the case of Girls Do Toys, they are in charge of what their toy-penises do, and boy, do they know what to do with them!

The next good thing about this site is that it employs first-time porn masturbation models, and some very cute girls, all aged between 18 and 22. This means we're getting to see some steamy first-time performances. All the girls have to do is come along, have a chat and then they are left to their own devices, in more ways than one. Dildos, play-things, sex toys, whatever they have brought with them to stimulate their secret zones and parts, they use them to great effect.

You can see a trailer for one of the movies on the tour and from that, you will know what you're going to get. Long, pink dildos slowly inserted into tight shaved pussy, for example. A cute 19-year-old undressing from her skimpy red dress to show her lithe figure and her trimmed pussy and then, with wet fingers, she starts to explore. Then, she finds her favourite toy, the camera gets in close, and you can hear her sounds of pleasure as she brings herself closer to orgasmů What you are doing during this is up to you, but it's all horny stuff and well worth viewing, streaming and then saving to your hard drive.

There are various ways to do that. The members' area offers you streams in three speeds from 1080p, through 720p to 720 x 405. The downloads offered are in Mp4 format and come in the same three resolutions, with the lower one being suitable for you phones and portable devices. The quality is perfect, the sound is good, so you hear the chats before the fun, get to know your girls and know who you are getting off with, and the image quality is sharp. So, no hassles there. The only thing about the content setup I wasn't sure about was the lack of update news. The site has grown, but I can't say how regularly they add new content.

Movies come with images, and so there are 55 galleries, and these give you a few decent images each. There are around 25 per set on average, nice posed shots and also nice close-ups and insertion images. They come out at good sizes, are easy to navigate and come with zip files for easy saving. Again, no hassles there.

The site has a good design as well. You can easily select films, head to the videos page by page, and also read a little bit about the scenes and the girls. There were no extras attached, but then again, the sign-up price is pretty low. There's only one option here right now, $29.99 per month; not a bad price for all exclusive content and an on-going membership is worth it, as long as the updates continue to come in.


You have 1080p HD files to stream and download here with other good resolutions on offer. The filming is nicely intimate and a good standard and the girls, well, they are cute and young and fresh, so high-quality newbies who would not look out of place in any porn film. The site has a nifty design that makes it easy to use.


There were 50 + movies when I saw the site but no news on what new content will be added. However, there were a few more videos than the last time I saw it, so we should be up to 55 by now. It's exclusive, solo-girl content with much toy-play and many female orgasms. Each 35 + minute movie comes with around 25 pics.


The girls are fresh faces and new to the biz, so we get to see them first. They are all 18 to 22, so that tour promise is kept, and the quality of movies is great. They are also nicely inventive, as solo scenes can become repetitive, and you have a new newbie in each one. The site is easy to use, the quality is good. It's HD and exclusive.


It's still a small site, and Girls Do Toys doesn't give you many clues as to its updates, but it is expanding. There are no extras or bonuses attached, so it's a very basic site, but it's also a new one, so we make allowances. All files are Mp4, and there is only one sign-up option.

Pricing & Bonus

You access the site for $29.99 per month, and there are no other choices. There are no hidden charges though, so that's good. There are no bonuses attached to the site.


Girls Do Toys does its job. It brings you the promised HD, exclusive solo movies, with chats and toy play from new and young models aged 18 to 22. Each one is different, and their own character and each one has a different way to bring herself off with her favourite dildos and other toys. You get what you see on the tour and in HD.

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