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Gigi Spice

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Added on March 14, 2012 by Missy

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Forget the oregano, and set aside the basil, the only thing to make your dishes tastier is Gigi Spice! This teen temptress is just adorable. Its nice to open up a cheery tour area and see a smile on her face that tells you she's having the time of her young life, and shes sharing it with guys and girls alike, yes, shes young, but shes enjoying the bisexual beauty of each orgasm. Nice quality pledged for content.

"Lovely Latina Teen Temptation!"






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Gigi Spice Full Review

ReviewerThere are some sites when opened that you just dont know where to begin on the description, and Gigi Spice is one such as that. They keep beautiful shades of complimentary colors for the basic layout, making it teen-ish in presentation, but also just plain ol easy on the eyes as well. No hassle for hunting down this or that, its immediate with the goods, and the goods…..are good! This little Latina sweetheart is cute enough to put on your bed each morning after fluffing the shams and positioning your stuffed teddy bears, she would go nicely, meaning the cuteness is just oozing from her every pore. Sometimes sites will put the hair in pigtails and give the girl a lollipop, hoping to pull off that barely legal playfulness, but with this teen babe, she doesn't even have to try!

Shes limber, you can tell there's an athletic streak in her, and besides that, she seems know the right moves to make in creating the moisture flowing and the meat growing! She has this aura around her that at first look will make you think of a cute little brunette neighbor girl skipping rope or playing hopscotch on the sidewalk, and then suddenly you see her in that different light of her shapely curves and cute little flirting antics that make you want to see just how far you can push her buttons. Well, take it from someone that's been completely through the site, you can push all you want, but shes eventually going to pull…and that will start with pulling her vibrators from the panty drawer, pulling her gal pal in closer for a kiss, or pulling a hard cock from a pair of jeans to show her oral skills!

Her innocence is going to get her far in life, but her bedroom skills will carry her the rest of the way, she is one hot little Latina lady that somehow was instilled with the notion and the motion of exactly what is sexy, and it is showing beautifully. When her tiny panties are rolled down to show the smoothness of her flat little mound of moisture, not to mention the tightness of her teen butt, she is going to score high with the judges, Im guessing shell bring in 10s all the way across the board. With her extremely long raven colored hair framing the loveliness of her caramel shaded face, and a smile that glistens with a mischievous twist, that is just the beginning.

Gigi Spice is young, but shes fearless, and her body may be petite, but shes holding a full tank of temptation and horniness. I actually wish I had the time to go through each video clip, because shes so damn adorable for one thing, and for another, when her tongue slides into the mouth of one of her female friends, its enjoyable to watch her getting turned on. Of course the fact that she takes on some very well hung men doesn't hurt things either, she doesn't mind licking them into full attention and then opening her thighs for them to be at ease with the tightness she encompasses them with.

They have done everything right from her personal site when it comes to the presentations and the quality they fall under. They keep the formats a little limited in numbers, but thats not always a bad thing, and certainly not when you factor in that the one format alone will give three choices for the height of display, with the nicest being a HD that will make you shudder with delight. Images were no different, they kept everything on an even keel for you to feel the enjoyment. With a ZIP offered and the bonus sites, weekly updates right on time, this is a site for all teen bopper boners to bang their way into!


You will not hear a gripe slide across my lips when it comes to the quality of this site. They've done everything right from the fine, fun way they present the footage and this hottie herself, right down the HD videos and smoking high resolution pictures. I'm a fan of their quality.


The numbers are above average, and with a bit more time under their belt, they are going to be in a position where they won't have to rely so heavily on the bonus sites for members to want to join. They are sticking to weekly updates as promised, which is a perk for freshness.


I could sit and make a list of the positive aspects to this site, from the good taste and pristine way the webmasters designed it, to the more than fine quality radiating from videos and images alike, to the focus of the site itself, she is adorable and sexy all wrapped up into one bundle of fun!


I suppose if you used a set of forceps to extract something that didn't quite gel for me about this site, I could come up with one thing, and that would have to be maybe a few more format choices would have been nice. It looks as though this site is no longer updating, which is a big disappointment.

Pricing & Bonus

Not only is there a nice beginning to this site as a stand alone, but knowing they hold true to weekly updates gives the satisfaction of knowing there will be freshness. From there, factor in the bonus sites and the balance will be on your side for a gentle push in leading you to the membership sign up page.


Gigi Spice is a girl that brings a lot of adjectives to mind, with the first one being...handful! Yes, you can tell by her spirit that comes through the footage, there's no holding this honey down. Truth radiates from tour promises for this softcore/hardcore site, with weekly updates and high quality added.

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