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Geek Girl Sex

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Added on August 25, 2010 by Missy

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They may spend a lot of time with their nose in a book, but its the areas where the rest of their bodies end up that will hold your interest! Theres a lot to be said for the nerdy personality types, those are the ones that can be the most wild in the bedroom as they want to prove from Geek Girl Sex. They pledge through a hot introductory area that youre going to find HD, high resolution, bonuses and more here!

"Always make passes at girls in glasses!"




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Geek Girl Sex Full Review

ReviewerThese girls are going after your testicles with their spectacles! Ive gone through each and every page to this site, Ive viewed every large, advertising image for videos and the smaller shots for galleries, and I have to say, these babes are hot! The nerdy look they boast about through the title and the write ups alike is what gives the intelligent format to base the fornication upon, and quite frankly, they are bodacious in their bifocals! Theres just something so appealing about the book worm type, they always present themselves as being virgin-ish, and you always wonder just how high the temperature goes inside of their panties, well, this site is going to show you its an inferno!

All it takes is the opening up of membership to let you know things are going to roll quickly in regards to sexual content from Geek Girl Sex. Giving the fact this installment to the network is just shy of 4 months old, the numbers withstand the lack of time theyve been alive, but the main reminder would be the fact theyre staying relatively steady with the promised weekly updates, and in being familiar with this network as I am, they dont lack the knack of keeping the freshness coming. Different scenarios will have these girls hand in hand with their horniness and the number of ways theyve found to quench it.

Theres not much they dont tickle the fancy with from this site, not really fetish related in any way, just the basic 2 + 2 = 4 of porn, meaning youre going to find well built girls, posing and masturbating, along with lesbian sex that will include toys for teasing and pleasing those areas of great excitement, and of course theyre going to include hardcore enjoyment, and with the way they film the footage, youre going to be close enough to the action you can almost smell the muskiness. For instance, a studious lacking lad by the name of Jimmy Deen is having problems retaining the book learning phase of his studies, so, he decides to hire a tutor, which is one of the smartest things hes done because the blonde that comes to help him with his learning abilities is Brooke Cherry and shes got a bit more on her mind than how to construct a perfect paragraph!

While sitting on the futon and looking professional, wanting to earn that hourly wage, she is doing a great job of holding her own in the acting department through this particular flick, but when he eyes her short skirt and long legs things suddenly turn to the top of anatomy, and that is one subject he catches onto quickly! She slips off her blouse to reveal her black lingerie and hes ready to set the books aside and get some hands on training instead! There are blow by blow details involved with what happens next, but what it all boils down to is the fact Jimmy is going to pass with flying colors, hes thinking much clearer now with his big head now that the smaller head has been drained of all that backed up ball juice!

Thankfully, they offer quality fitting to the fun. Like I said, theres nothing out of the ordinary here, it could be your every day walk of life porn site, but there are just a lot of little things that make it a nicer experience than some, and when you factor in the fantasy that its Geek Girl Sex that will be warming your loins, that makes it all worthwhile. Like their sister sites, they keep the amount of formats on the lower side, but they do give a WMV stream and download through HD, as promised, and its very nicely done, from there, a standard quality and then an MOV option will wrap up what you get from the clips they share with the world of membership.

Another trait carrying through the sites that Ive reviewed from this network before is the fact they offer small gallery shots, a little boost and expansion to their dimensions would be such an improvement, from there, the thumbs are just as small, but their enlargements stretch to a nice, 685x1024 pixels, and these are crisp enough they could have went much higher with those dimensions. Unfortunately, no ZIP download link is found.


They're mixing simplicity with a large dose of nice quality and the end result is something that will put a smile on your face. They're not giving all of the razzle dazzle effect, nor are they loading you down with umpteen hundred choices, it's a handful of this and a smidge of that, with it all being nice.


The numbers aren't high enough to cause a downtown parade by any means, but in the same respect, this site is only a few months old, and for that amount of time, they're regular with updating and the schedule from their sister sites that are older, says they keep freshness high on the list.


I can't really say there was anything out of the ordinary when it came to the porn they supplied, there was no kinky niche per se, nothing that would give it a category all of its own. What they do boast about are the beautiful girls that wear glasses and are the studious types, and the manner in which they get down and dirty, and it works.


As with other sites within this network, my main objections are limited to the picture section, small thumbs and no ZIP option, just those small details that if changed a bit could make a world of difference for members.

Pricing & Bonus

There are a lot of things about this site that says by purchasing membership, you'll sleep soundly at night knowing you made the right decision. The count on a personal level is low, but it's new, and I'm familiar with the network and they remain steady with updates. Taking into consideration the many bonuses, it's climbed the scale of worthiness.


Geek Girl Sex will show you once and for all that it's the shy types that are the most wild in the bedroom. They may be carrying books all the time, but between their thighs is a fire looking to be put out. They share softcore and hardcore entertainment alike with a long list of bonuses, all of it well done in quality.

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