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Gay Room

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Added on November 14, 2012 by Luke Preston

Review Summary

The Gay Room key doesnt cost you a lot and it lets you into a pretty impressive room. There are eight sites, each with its own theme and fun, and each with its own exclusive and good quality set of videos and galleries. There is also a way of seeing everything at once, all mixed in together. Youve got good variety, hot guys, well-made scenes, extras, information, interactivity and updates.

"Eight original gay fantasy sites for the price of one"

Latest Review Update

March 2, 2014

We thought it was time to drop back into the members area of Gay Room for a review update. For guy on guy hardcore HD content these guys still tick all the boxes with sexy men and great sex scenes. Updates continue to come here on a more than regular basis so content numbers are still growing and the quality is consistently high. Another bit of good news is the fact that we have secured a reduced membership for our readers that will give you full access to the 8 exclusive sites here.




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$95.40 $7.95 a month
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800 Full Movie & Movie Clips

Average length of 20 Mins
1000Kbps FLV
1167Kbps MP4
720 x 400
2600Kbps MPEG
1200 x 700
2600Kbps WMV
1200 x 700

800 Picture Sets

200 Pics In Set
Hi-Res Pictures
Screen Captures

Gay Room Full Review

ReviewerYou can check around to find individual reviews of the eight sites you can join here, but what Ill do is give you a quick rundown of what goes on so you get a good idea. First off though, I have to say that this is one of my favourite networks and there is lots of variety and plenty of horny action.

You start off at a general home page, a hub if you like. Here you see the recent updates to all and any sites in the network. Here are search and sort options, good clear sample images and information and, at the very top, a drop down list of the sites. You can click straight to your favourite, or you can use the top menu to find all scenes and all models. There is a search page which you can use for keywords and there is a categories page with 26 different categories to select from, this also tells you the amount of scenes in each one and covers all kinds of things like solos, voyeurs, feet, big cock, black and blowjobs. Though I did wonder what gay might contain seeing as everything here is gay. There were only 600 or so scenes listed in this category but in the full network you've got about 4,652 advertised at the moment. But thats a bit of a trick because actually the 4,652 relates to clip and there are actually only 800 full scenes. I say only thats still a pretty impressive content count.

Each one works in the same way: you can view the scene on line in HD and you can watch clips or the full scene, and you can download the same in three file types. The viewing screen is a good size, and there are trailers to give you a flavour of whats to come. Scenes also come with screen cap galleries and digital sets and these too are accessed from the viewing page. You can then rate the scene and leave your comments about it. If you want to find your content by model then there is a network-wide model index to use where you can click over to each guys videos and galleries. There are some top names in here and many hunky amateur and newbie guys too.

And as for your variety: there is Damn Thats Big where big dicks are the thing, and then Boys Destroyed which is similar but the dick is black. You've got the original creepy site with Gay Creeps where straight mates get seduced while asleep, youve got all kinds of orgies going on with some straight and gay guys in Bathhouse Bait and then a similar but duo only thing with Massage Bait. Office Cock gives us suits and tie sex, Out Him (probably the weakest site IMHO) is about straight guys jerking off and coming out and Gay Violations has to be one of the most original gay sites ever, with horny pranks, guys having sex in public and all kinds of voyeur action. Each one works in the same way, and has original content.


You've got no quality concerns here, though the movies tend to be HD so slower connections but have trouble. But you cant fault the overall quality with well-made scenes, hot models, good filming, good sound, images that are clear and digital, high resolutions and a site that is well designed and well set out.


Within your eight sites, when looking at the network hub, there are 800 scenes that are listed: each site has its own scenes gathered together and listed in the same way. Each one comes with galleries of caps and digital pics with around 100 to 250 pics each.


Content from eight sites is included in your membership, and the monthly price is pretty low for such a lot of content. This is exclusive as well, as far as we know, and the quality is good. You can view full scenes or clips, and the movies are easy to download and save. The guys are varied and you've got a nice mix of names and newbies.


Slower connections might not be able to handle the full scene streams and theres not a lot of lower resolution choice. The site boats over 4,000 updates when in fact there are only 652 scenes and updates are clips. The extras and special deals are sign up offers. There was not a lot of information about the models.

Pricing & Bonus

I would say that the pricing here is set at low for what you get. Its not just at you've got exclusives but it is also that you get such variety, originality and inventiveness as well. And the content is good quality, the site is well maintained, it is being updated and you dont get let down. Go for a full year and you can't go wrong.


The Gay Room is a good and solid collection of eight varied sites that are imaginative and horny. You get all the standard gay hardcore that you could want, the horny solos, the spunky guys, but you also get lots of variety and some pretty nifty fantasy scenes. It's fresh, original, well made and not at all costly. Definitely well worth a sign up.

Members Area Screen Shots

Below are actual screenshots taken from the members area of Gay Room. Updated on May 12, 2014