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Frolic Me

Added on March 13, 2017 by Luke Preston

Review Summary

You're looking at an incredible site here, run by women and for couples, it's a great mix of hardcore and girl/girl scenes, it has beautiful filming, and beautiful models too, there are erotic stories and galleries and a blog to keep in touch with. It's also extremely high quality in terms of production, resolutions of video and presentation of the site itself. The content is all exclusive, it's now up to 1080p HD, and it's stunning.

"Incredible quality, gorgeous babes, and a mind-blowing site"




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Frolic Me Full Review

ReviewerThey say that women do it better than men and, being a man, I daren't argue with that. And I am certainly not going to argue about it having seen Frolic Me. This site was set up by women with an eye for the erotic (and the hardcore, don't panic) and with an eye to tempting couples as well as solo girls and guys in to see the incredible videos and photos. I don't often use the word 'incredible', but in this case, I am making an exception because the standard of what I saw here was breath-taking.

You are looking at movies that are about sensual situations, the erotic build ups, and then the sensuality of lovemaking. It's not hard and fast, gratuitous porn like we see on so many other sites. It's thoughtful and well planned, and it is also brilliantly directed. The lighting of the videos is great, there's lots of soft focus and good long-shots, plenty of close-ups and the action is actually hardcore, but filmed in a more erotic way than I, for one, am used to seeing. Some of the videos will appeal to ladies, like the guy with a huge dick doing a solo jack off, and others will appeal to guys, like the lesbian scenes, or any scene with a Frolic Me babe in it. Others will appeal to couples together, there is a good variety, some threesomes and some kink.

Movies are arranged in the updates area, and there is also an Erotic Films area where some of them can be found. They are shown with large sample shots and a description, and you just have to click through to the viewing page. You can download the scenes, and they have some at 1080p now, others at 720p, and there are mobile suitable files as well, all in Mp4. Streams are there to be run smoothly and quickly online and the quality, as I may have suggested, is perfect. Movies also come with links to any gallery and story, as there are erotic stories here to go with some scenes. I found 76 stories, all well written and nicely presented.

I did find that downloads came in a zip file; at least the ones I tried did. Once this was downloaded there was then a bit of a process to unzip the file before I could run it. It wasn't an issue, just something you need to be aware of. I have to say, even the music on these movies is excellent. The visuals and sound are too. Here again is something I don't say very often: these are probably the best erotic/hardcore movies I've seen on an adult site. There, make of that what you will and go and see if you agree. But not yet. There's more:

I found 33 galleries in their own separate area, and movies also have links across to any photo sets that are associated with them. Images are perfect. I mean big and clear and easy to browse online. The site calls this an 'erotic sex art gallery' area, and there are some stunning and very arty images. Not your usual screen caps or slightly rough action shots, oh no, these are the real deal with downloaded images up to 800 x 1,200 and also looking fine on the screen. Galleries also come with three choices of zip file and three resolutions for full set downloads.

Add in your erotic stories, with pics from some of the films, and the blog area that's called 'Magazine' (it is like a magazine with news and info), the smooth design and the fantastic quality, and you're looking at a top site for sure.


The quality is perfect, probably the best quality movies and pics I've seen on a site. There are HD movies at 1080p, and smaller ones for mobiles, but the filming and lighting, the models and presentation are all amazing. The site is easy to use and well designed.


I counted 229 videos in the updates area but didn't see dates; however, the site has definitely grown over recent months. There were 121 movies in the Erotic Films area and 76 stories where some of the movies are told in words. Movies are around 20 minutes in length and exclusive, as are the 33 galleries with around 100 pics each.


You are looking at a top-class site here and at an amazing price. Quality standards are through the roof, the girls are gorgeous, it suits couples and guys and girls alike, and it's easy to use. You can connect via the blog and social media links, there are easy downloads and streams, and some good information. It's clearly well looked after.


I'd have liked a model index (though there is some info about the models) and some place where I could comment and rate. A bit more interactivity would be nice. There were no bonuses, and I didn't find a place to save my favourite scenes.

Pricing & Bonus

I had to look twice at the sign-up pages to make sure: $14.95 per month for all this exclusive and high-quality content? Yup, and you can get in for $6.35 per month if you sign-up for a year in advance; that's worth it. There is a no-download trial period. There are no hidden charges, but the sign-up rate might vary according to your currency.


I was totally blown away by Frolic Me, it's a place I am going to come back to time after time. Amazing movies that are erotic and yet cover hardcore action too; a great design to the site, stories and galleries, and some amazing models too. Not to mention the very reasonable sign-up price. If you want class, you need to come frolic with these girls.

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