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Foot Cravings

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Added on May 25, 2010 by Missy

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These babes have gotten their foot in the door….and the mouths of those that appreciate a fetish filled afternoon! The tour area is the exposure of glamour, giving that seductive display of stockings and of course the horny person that cant wait to suck and fuck those wiggling wonders of delight. Foot Cravings promises a large amount of content, nice quality and an array of bonus extras that will enhance the membership joining.

"Theyre made for more than just walking!"




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Foot Cravings Full Review

ReviewerSometimes you feel as though someone just put their foot down on your parade and squashed all of your high arched hopes right before you eyes, and thats pretty much the way I feel in regards to Foot Cravings. I had a feeling when I opened the main membership page and there was basically nothing pertaining to what I thought I was coming in there for, there might be an issue. Its almost like you sit there, looking at the page and feel as though youve landed in the midst of a hosting area of sorts, as if its a nucleus where everything they offer branches from, so youd better figure out what link you want, because things arent as they appear. This is a stepping stone spot, and you will achieve foot fetish action from a few of the areas, but its basically all about the bonus sites.

Speaking of which, I can tell you at this moment, after going through the offers the best I could, yes, navigation is a bit nightmarish in the fact that you click on what you think youre going to find and it ends up being something totally different, but, at this moment, for me to recommend membership, it would be only for the many bonuses, that is the highlight to this site, which is a shame. I know it sounds as if Ive started out on a negative foot in describing my journey here, but, Im honest….for you, and honestly, I was disappointed.

The tour area of Foot Cravings had me eager for entrance, it was so classy and sexy looking, and lets face it, of all of the fetishes found, this is one that can really be utilized in a way to expend beauty and lust when the content and display matches the niche. I cant really express how I feel that it was almost a ploy to give an intro as they did and then turn around and offer a membership area that is what this is, so yes, this review may not be what the site was hoping for in pornographic promotion, but again, honesty will prevail.

There were pledges of videos, and those do exist, but, not from the intended site, its basically a third party feed that youll receive content from, so, for the sake of this write up, I am not counting any videos as being existent for your dollars, because they arent from the root of the site itself. But yes, you will find film footage, and it will pertain to foot fetish, but its incorporated from a different entity.

There are galleries, thankfully, but it doesnt look as though updating has been a goal high on their list, another disappointment. From there, the thumbs are small, and the enlargements, when expanded to their fullest arent anything to brag about in the realm of niceness, in fact the pixel sizing is a mere, 576x768, with a bit of fuzziness included, these arent what I would call the highest of resolution, theyre good, but not great. There is also no offer of a ZIP. They do highlight the fun from feet through these galleries, sticking to the niche nicely. Most of the sets are solo posing, which gives not only the heels, stockings, and of course the painted nails and lovely feet themselves, but youll get nudity from the rest of the body as well. There are also some girl to girl appreciation for those arches and males that know how to utilize their appendages for arousal.

This site is basically all about the bonus content. Foot Cravings could have been a gold mine of goodness if they had stuck with the way they taunted and teased through tour, but a major failure took place. There are tons of bonus sites, games, a chat area and such, which is what theyre hoping will draw in membership.


I take a lot of things into consideration when factoring the quality for a site, and I'm not having a lot of rave reviews for any of those from this area. Navigation was confusing, there were no self supported videos to rate, and the images weren't as high in resolution as they could have been.


The numbers pertaining to this site alone were low. The only videos I found were from a third party feed, so I'm not factoring those in on this review at all, the galleries weren't outstanding in count, with a lack of updating. The numbers come from the bonuses only.


This is the first time I've had to report that the main highlight I've found in a site comes from the bonuses they offer, but unfortunately, that's my synopsis for this site. There was nothing I found from the self supported material, which was very little that would really strike a chord of excellence. The galleries did stick to the niche with decent shots.


This is the area unfortunately where this site will excel in description. The tour lead me to believe beauty and allure would be inside, instead, it's just an area for bonus branching. No self supported videos, the galleries held small thumbs and enlargements that are small and a bit fuzzy. The navigation wasn't done well, confusion lives.

Pricing & Bonus

As I said in my review body, the only way I could recommend this site for membership falls under the amount of bonuses that are offered, as for this site itself, complete wash-out in many ways.


Foot Cravings was depicted as being one thing from the tour area, something very sultry and sexy, but membership didn't have its back. Severe lacking of a lot of points to this softcore fetish related site, the main highlight is the many bonuses, not the intended footage.

Members Area Screen Shots

Below are actual screenshots taken from the members area of Foot Cravings. Updated on February 06, 2013