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Fister Twister

Added on March 09, 2017 by Luke Preston

Review Summary

It might sound like a rollercoaster ride, but Fister Twister is a site that will concrete your mind onto one thing, and one thing only: Hardcore lesbian fisting scenes. They are filmed in a particular style, they give us some top porn babes and a nice line-up of models who are all fit and full of zeal for lesbian fisting. It's also good looking, to works well, it's exclusive content and HD, up to 4K HD, and it's updating.

"Fisting, twisted sisters in exclusive lesbian movies"






Discounted Monthly Price

$14.95 Save 50%

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$99.95 $16.66 a month

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$149.95 $12.5 a month
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36 Full Movie & Movie Clips

Average length of 30 Mins
22300Kbps MP4
3840 x 2160
7300Kbps MP4
1920 x 1080
2000Kbps MP4
1440 x 1080
2000Kbps WMV
1440 x 1080

36 Picture Sets

100 Pics In Set
Hi-Res Pictures
Zip Files

Fister Twister Full Review

ReviewerWhen I say that the site concentrates your mind on the action, I say this because these movies are shot in a white room, on white furniture and in a sleek style of their own. This means that the only things that really stand out are the girls, all pink and gorgeous and so you are not distracted by anything else that's going on. The site of the horny porn babes is enough to get you going and keep you going and, as all scenes take the same style, you soon settle into a series of hardcore lesbian fantasy scenes, with nothing else getting in the way.

The movies are filmed exclusively for Fister Twister, and there are 36 of them. There will be more by the time you read this as the update schedule is established and it's a good one; you can even see what's coming next before it's fully published. You enter into a bright white site where there are sample shots from videos, and each one shows you two stunning models. They waste no time in getting down to the girl on girl action you came in to see. Just select a scene and stream it and within seconds the girls are kissing, fingering, playing with each other getting each other worked up. After that comes the twisted fisting you wanted to see, and the babes do this with their hands (and fists, of course) and even with their feet. Anything that can bring pleasure is called for and, with no storylines or set-up, it's straight into the hot action you were promised on the tour.

The quality is good as well, I had no complaints about what I saw. The white-room-filming makes the girls stand out and the 30-minute movies give you plenty of exploration time and loads to see. All you need to do, really, is lock yourself in a room and turn down the lights and then it will just be the three of you and a very high-class movie - or 36.

A couple of things stood out at me as being very special. Some of the girls were models I recognised from other high-class porn. Lexi Donna, for example, was here and each of the girls gets their own place in the model index that members can also browse. But what also stood out for me were the many options for viewing the scenes. You've got streams in HD and several downloads per scenes too. These include 4k HD, which is pretty massive, and slower connections may not be able to manage it, but there are then 1080p and lower resolution files, sizes suitable for mobiles and a loads of different viewing options in Mp4. The quality of filming is excellent, and so is the amount of viewing choices you have.

Galleries are also high quality and the images there are at around 2,000 x 3,000 px, and you can take them in zip files or view them online. They are high resolution, and each scene has one with around 100 pics each. There are no bonuses at the site, so it is stand-alone, but with the price at $14.95 per month for, currently 36 scenes and updates every week, I thought that was fine, especially as the content is all exclusive and all on the lesbian, fisting theme.


You have video here in 4K HD, which is excellent quality but the filming and style of movies is also very, very good. The models are top babes, there are some high-class porn names appearing, the photos are great, the videos are nice and natural, and hardcore and the site has a very clear and clean design.


There were 36 movies when I was at the site, and there were new ones lined up ready to come in soon. The content is all exclusive and on the girl-with-girl fisting theme as promised. Movies are there to be streamed or downloaded in various resolutions and sizes, with 4K HD at the top and mobile files also available. Galleries hold around 100 pics each.


The content is all exclusive, so you won't have seen it before. The site is also very well put together and easy to use while being informative and good to look at. I liked the way it stuck to its theme and held some nice interactive options.


This is a standalone site, and there were no bonuses. Updates come in, but as the site was still relatively new when I saw it, it was not huge. However the sign-up price reflects this and is a good deal.

Pricing & Bonus

You can gain access for one month for $14.95 as there is an offer on while the site is still new; I assume the cost will increase in time. The longer term options lead you to as little as $8.33 per month when you pay for a year in advance. There were no bonuses included.


Fister Twister takes slinky babes and puts them in pussy fisting lesbian scenes that are shot in a modern style. The quality is high, up to 4K HD, and the movies are exclusive. There are no extras or bonuses at the site, but there are galleries to view and take, loads of viewing options, porn star names in the model index and regular updates.

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