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Feet Frenzy

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Added on August 28, 2009 by Missy

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With their pedicures done, it's pornographic action all the way from Feet Frenzy! The tour area shows just how talented the toes are on these temptresses, and they're getting their foot in the door nicely through this fetish filled site promising high quality pictures and videos.

"Putting Your Best Foot Forward!"




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Feet Frenzy Full Review

ReviewerOpening the main membership page to Feet Frenzy will show-off through stimulating shots and well written text that this is a part of the Pornstar Network, so you'll have content oozing up between your toes for sure. Ive reviewed many of their sites before, and I do remember quality being an asset. Depending on the age of this particular site, that will determine how much self supported material you'll get, but with updates done to the network each and every day, multiple updates, the rotation will keep them all growing by lust filled leaps and bounds.

They do a nice job of display their goods and making sure you have just what you want displayed neatly and nicely. Since we signed in through the membership area of Feet Frenzy, that is the site taking center stage with a link giving the continuance of its material. Its pretty much no muss, no fuss in layout, but you will have multiple pages to go through before getting down to the sole of this site. Everything is boxed in neatly, giving you either high speed or low speed presentations, along with the link for images, but you're going to have to make your choice and then be pleased with how much more they break it all down for you.

There are two formats, with the full clips broken into episodes for the low speed video section, from here you'll find WMV and MPEG, but when opting for the high speed, those add a bit more quality and choices from the WMV and QuickTime, with a full scene in DVD presentation. Of course you're going to find the DVD quality much better viewing, but you wont mind any of the choices one the action really gets started. They have done a nice job at keeping their feet firmly planted when gathering the goodness for this foot fetish site. They show the way these women can wank with their high arches, and the seductive way the cum and ooze between their toes, but they don't stop there, you'll find all of the other qualities of hard core display coming at you as well, which includes the penetration, oral, and much more. For those that have the time, another perk to the full scene DVD is the time involved, you'll be switching out a 5 minute episode, which is good, for a nearly 4 times as many minutes for the entire installment, giving you the chance to get up and get off.

The pictures display nicely, with the thumbs all being organized, neatly sized and presented in a way that its not really until you enlarge that you find these are screen caps, but well done. Very little streaking in the motion from the sets Ive ventured into, and they're proud enough of their quality to offer the enlargements not only in a lovely 720x480 pixel size, but also the ability to download as a ZIP. They do a nice job of giving you the grabbing in just the right areas of arousal. I must admit, I am more than impressed with the double jointed ways these ladies can brace the shaft with their feet while their mouths supply the oral stimulation, that is some deep folding at the waist for sure!


The quality was what I expected to find, mostly because I'm familiar with this network. You have ample choices for your video downloading, either episodes or the full scene through DVD quality. Navigation was simple and even though the pictures were caps, nicely done.


This is one of those tit-for-tat type of sites when it comes to the content amount matching up to the membership fee. On one hand as the lone ranger, they have a small amount of material, but when factoring in the man bonus sites, the scales tip heavily.


The pros for this site pretty well fall under the fact it's a part of the Pornstar Network, and, with that being said, you know they're always striving for quality and plenty of bonus material with daily updates.


The only real con I could mention here would be that I would enjoy seeing them keep the well done screen caps for this site, but then to also add a section for higher quality posed shots, just to round things out.

Pricing & Bonus

When doing a comparison of content count vs. pricing for membership, I would have to continue factoring in the many bonuses to make it not only worthy for consideration, but a bargain!


These ladies know exactly how to use the fancy footwork for fornicating enjoyment and the camera person has done a great job of capturing each "heeling" moment they apply to those enlarged erections. Quality was nice, bonuses were many and tour promises held up.

Members Area Screen Shots

Below are actual screenshots taken from the members area of Feet Frenzy. Updated on November 12, 2012

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