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Feed Her Fuck Her

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Added on July 23, 2012 by Missy

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These babes will take a ham on rye, a large coke, and a side order of dick to go! There's a lot of things that bring comfort to people, many find their favorite menu items will put a smile on their face, so why not grin from ear to ear while you''re being fucked from tits to slit! They promise through the tour area of Feed Her Fuck Her that their content is exclusive and high quality through multiple formats. They've set the table for tempting hardcore action, so pull out a seat and stay awhile!

"Feed their fornication!"

Latest Review Update

May 22, 2018

Feed Her Fuck Her is a great site for guys into big girls. The design of this site is easy on the eye and is simple to navigate. Looking at the dates of the vids, they do update, but as the number of movies is still only 16, I am guessing that they are rotating their scenes and getting rid of the older movies. But thankfully, membership includes access to 1 more site, and that is XL Girls, which has over 1,576 videos to enjoy at no extra cost.

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16 Full Movie & Movie Clips

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16 Picture Sets

60 Pics In Set
Hi-Res Pictures
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Feed Her Fuck Her Full Review

ReviewerAs the commercial states, Nothing says loving like something from the oven! And these ladies are finding that out first hand. While they're munching on muffins, their boyfriends are banging their biscuits, meaning more is being filled from this hardcore site than just their pie holes! I really like the design they've come up with for this layout, they had the foresight to know this particular niche was something that calls for a tad of humor, along with bright colors and bold clarity, and from what Im viewing so far, they've done very well on all accords. The tablecloth has been spread, and so have the thighs, now there's nothing left to do, but, dig in!

Unfortunately there's not enough sets offered from Feed Her Fuck Her to make you have to push your way back from the table from the expansion, but there is enough to get your appetite aroused. This site is only a couple of months old, so that does explain the lack of content on your plate, but with the updates being as active as they are, you're going to have seconds to make sure you don't go away hungry quickly. This is such a fun niche, its going to become a fast favorite for those that appreciate the fullness of the female figure, and who wouldn't, these women are beautiful! They've definitely mastered the knack of being able to burn calories while adding them at the same time!

I am so very much enjoying the font, bright colors, etc. used for this site and it sticks with the presentation through their video layouts as well. They're offering snippets, for when you just want something to snack on quickly, or, if you have the time available, there are also the full scenes, giving you dinner and dessert. Go for the largest when time allows, because its worth watching it all play out in one serving. These robust women are beautiful in their sexy lingerie, and you can tell as they're mixing things up in the kitchen, they're thinking about how well they can carry it into the bedroom. Drizzling cupcake batter into the cleavage while their cellulite is being massaged by the men that appreciate their porn by the pound really is hot to watch!

The quality for video play is very nicely done, and as promised through their introduction, there is HD as well. The crispness will take you deep into the utensils used for making this site a reality. They have the recipe for something good here, and it seems that all of the ingredients are blending beautifully, we just need them to double the amounts and keep those numbers growing. Its more exciting than you would think watching a lovely brunette BBW sucking chow-mein noodles from a carry-out carton while her leg is lifted high in the air and shes being driven in fast food style!

Their bodies are so spectacular, with the thickness they carry, it enhances a beauty that's hard to explain. Watching syrup being drizzled across a hefty derriere while shes in doggy style position for penetration, its going to keep a fetish spin to the hardcore material. Their breasts are so large, so plush, and the majority of the women are keeping their pubes shaved, which allows you to see just how puffy a pussy really can be with the right amount of tender loving care from the kitchen. The beauty of each BBW from Feed Her Fuck Her really is matched by the high quality of presentation, and they're showing why eating at home really is much more enjoyable than going out!


The quality rang with brilliance from beginning to end of this site. Not only was the layout of the pages themselves done perfectly for matching this niche, but they offer multiple formats, stream/download for videos with HD included and the images kept their professionalism in tact.


Unfortunately the number count for this site was low, very low, but they are updating each week, and this site is only a couple of months old, so that speaks volumes. There is one bonus site included, but that is it for the extras.


This site is just bursting at the seams in this reviewer's opinion with positive feeding. They've done everything right, not only in display, but the niche and also the quality it's all offered in. The women are big and beautiful, hungry and horny!


The only drawback I found from this site fell under the heading of material count, unfortunately there's not much offered. Updates are no longer happening here so it's what you see is what you get.

Pricing & Bonus

Although the site is tiny and doesn't update anymore the fact that it gives you access to XL Girls, which does update, is a major plus. We have a discount price for membership which is great news.


Feed Her Fuck Her is a site that mixes fetish and hardcore and just plain ol' fun as well! Not an easy task, but they've accomplished it beautifully. Tour promises all held true, and the only thing lacking is content at this time, the rest is all in place and perfectly so.

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March 16, 2016

This site is no longer updating which is a major bummer. Access to XL Girls means you will get loads more exclusive plus sized girls content, and that site does update. We have also secured a discount price for our readers.

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