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Family Dick

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Added on December 12, 2017 by Luke Preston

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Stepdad and stepson fantasies are taken to the limit at Family Dick, a new and realistic older/younger hardcore site that features hot dads and cute, young-looking teens. This is all exclusive content, and it's also HD, with various download options, galleries and regular updates. There are reality scenarios here as the older men get to do all kinds of hot and horny stuff with their 18 + teen boys.

"Very young-looking guys get fucked by their stepdads"

Latest Review Update

October 7, 2018

This site continues to grow, with a new exclulsive scene being added every week like clockwork. The collection is now a respecable size that is worth the price of admission. Content remains on topic and is going to appeal to those looking for edgy taboo style gay porn.

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64 Full Movie

Average length of 20 Mins
8000Kbps MP4
1920 x 1080
6000Kbps MP4
1280 x 720
1600Kbps MP4
960 x 540
1000Kbps MP4
640 x 360

64 Picture Sets

20 Pics In Set
Hi-Res Pictures
Zip Files

Family Dick Full Review

ReviewerI have to be a bit careful how I say this, but, Guys who like the older/younger niche are on the lookout for younger looking models. Well, at Family Dick you will find one of the youngest looking 18-year-old boys I've seen working in porn. Maybe his small, smooth body, his big round eyes, bubble butt ass and shaved juvenile cock are the reasons that I've seen him stolen from this site and put on free Tube sites. At least, his videos have been. Trouble there is, you often don't get the whole video, and you don't get the images. Here in the members' area, though, you get the real deal and, with our access price currently reduced for membership, you get in for a great discount.

There are 43 videos at Family Dick as I write, and a new one is already lined up for 'coming soon', with the date we can expect it. So far, the 43 fantasies (and the videos make it clear that these are fantasies and no-one is really related) are outstanding. Well, in terms of older fucking younger they are, and the age gap is very apparent. That's good, as that's what we want. There are some regular couples, 'His Little Boy' (the model I was referring to above) and his 'dad' appear in more than one movie and the lad gets seduced and fucked, you might even say used, at home in his pyjamas, out in the woods and even at the doctor's clinic. There are other couples too, and if sweet 'n' smooth 'little boy' doesn't do it for you, one of the other handsome, innocent younger twinks will. If you're younger and into dads, then the older guys will twitch your cock as well.

The thing is, the site has this amateur appearance, and I mean that in a good way. It could do with more on it, and it will have more content in time, but a few extras wouldn't go amiss. We have 64 movies and their galleries, and the updates, but that's it. There's some info, you can rate scenes and leave comments, and you get the feeling that this is run by someone like yourself but who has the resources to make intergenerational gay porn and make it well. But it doesn't smack of a porn studio, though the quality is good, and that means it's much more believable than many other gay step-sex sites. As you can tell, I liked it.

The movies are set out on index pages starting at the home page, so that's nice and easy. You will find a large image and then your viewing options, and you can stream online or take the downloads. These were Mp4 files from 1,920 x 1,080 HD down to a 360p level, and each of them looked good. Filmed in a decent quality, amateur way, with natural sound and natural progression, they are manly unscripted and again, that adds to the reality feel of the site. Movies run for 15 to 20 minutes and are all hardcore, and what's more, they are bareback.

The movies come with galleries that have various numbers per set that you can view online or take in zip files. The images I took came in at 900 x 506 px in size and looked fine. Here you can catch stills or shots showing you the boys in all their glory. 'Daddy's Little Boy' is not so little, I'm going to say around seven inches and thick, shaved too, and with nice nuts, but even his cock pales in comparison to the size of some of the dad-dicks that penetrate him. The other guys, some hairier than the smoothies, are also damn sexy and up for being fucked by older hard-ons.

Although there are no extras at Family Dick, with this exclusive content sailing so close to the wind of what's real and what's fantasy, you're going to be in here for plenty of time watching the movies over and over again.


You're looking at decent amateur quality filming here with guys acting out scenarios usually without scripts. The camera work takes you right in close, and there's atmosphere. You have HD movies, mobile formats Mp4 versions as well, and decent images. The site looks amateur, but actually, it's all there and works well.


There are currently 64 exclusive videos to check out here, and updates happen on a weekly basis. It's great content, with well-written dialogue and well played-out scenarios. Hardcore, bareback, definitely older into younger content, and with galleries too.


For those who really do want to get as close to 'barely legal' as they can, you're going to do well here. The 18+ models look young, and the dads are hard and fit and handsome. The scenes are well acted, and shot, the sex is bang on, and the site is easy to use. So far, updates have been happening, and the price is currently discounted.


The site needs more time to grow, but what's here is fine enough for now. We could do with some bonuses or extras, and a little more info about the models would be nice. There are a few adverts on the site. There's a cross sale checked on the sign-up page.

Pricing & Bonus

The standard entry price of $27.95 is currently reduced to $17.76 if you follow our links, as it's not a public offer. The longer-term deals bring the price down when you pay for six months or three in one instalment. Beware the cross sale but be prepared to stay as you're going to want to see more of this hot action. There are no bonuses.


Family Dick is one of the best older/younger, step-sex, gay sites I've seen, at least its content is; the design could do with tweaking, but it all works. If you like to see vids where they sail close to the wind on the age gap and the youth of the models, this is the pace for you. HD, updating, excellent acting and good scenarios all combined. Excellent.

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May 22, 2018

Family Dick is a younger older gay site that updates on a weekly basis. This is a pretty new site that first started in September 2017, and it has gone from having 21 hot scenes to 43 in a very short time. This great looking fantasy site is easy to navigate, and although small, it is growing bigger every week. The movies are in HD, and there are a lot of bareback videos. Each scene comes with its own high-resolution photo set, and these are downloadable in zip files.

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Below are actual screenshots taken from the members area of Family Dick. Updated on October 07, 2018