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Added on July 26, 2017 by Luke Preston

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By the people, for the people and all that, that's what Ersties is all about. Horny German amateurs get together to record their own exclusive movies for their own site, so everything here is 100% exclusive. That's the first good news, the second is that these girls know what they are doing. Hardcore scenes, well shot, hot chicks, horny guys, lesbian scenes, dildo play, group scenes and backstage info.

"A top amateur European site with its own exclusive content"






Monthly Price


3 Month Price

$45.00 $15 a month

6 Month Price

$84.00 $14 a month

Yearly Price

$132.00 $11 a month
Credit Card Credit Card      No Cross Sales

1500 Full Movie

Average length of 12 Mins
3700Kbps MP4
1280 x 720
1000Kbps MP4
360 x 480

300 Picture Sets

50 Pics In Set
Hi-Res Pictures
Zip Files

Ersties Full Review

ReviewerThe thing about Ersties that makes it so different to many amateur porn sites is these girls have taste. This isn't some thrown-together attempt to make a bit of porn cash from your home movies, these are videos and photo shoots that are borderline professional. You can see from the many behind the scenes videos that they take their job seriously. They have sets and costumes, interviews and great looking models as well. The girls are ranged for 18+ teens upwards, and so there is lots of variety. There are over 300 models, mainly European from Germany or Britain, and there are also some USA guys appearing, and probably many other nationalities as well.

They appear in over 1,500 'scenes.' Some are full-on hardcore scenes, some are lesbian ones, some are girls masturbating, and some are short while others are longer. The thrust of the site, I would say, is the girl-action, you can click through pages of movies and not see a guy involved. There are also many interviews and backstage videos mixed in, and you have 96 pages of episodes to browse through. There's a new Videos area now where there are 150 pages of movies to check out, with ten per page. That might be an easier way of finding videos as the episodes also include the chats and any galleries that are attached to certain shoots. The titles are bold, and you can easily see what's an interview and what's a sex scene.

Viewing pages are simple. You can stream the movies n 720p or in 360p, and there is a download for each one at 1,920 x 1,080 HD. That's it, and they are all Mp4 file. Movies run for around 10 to 30 minutes, the runtimes vary. The sound is good, and the filming is fine. Some scenes come with images, and there are around 300 + galleries, though you can't find them in their own area, you have to take pot luck as to whether a video has images with it. When you do find them, you find around 50 pics per set at good sizes, we're talking the 3,000 x 2,000 px mark here. They look good, and the quality is fine. Movies tend to have a few screen shots embedded in the page to show you the action as well.

So, the content is an excellent amateur standard, and there's loads of it. They have recently improved the navigation here, adding a tagging system and tag cloud that lets you sort through content quickly and easily. This is a nice addition that members will appreciate. There are no separate areas for galleries either. Having said that, the site does give us a unique design, and it doesn't look like any other sites we've seen. It's well designed and looks good. They have recently added a responsive designt to the site, which means you can now view it on your mobile phone and tablets.

There were no extras here, but there is a link to a cam site where you can buy credits and see some of the girls live from time to time. Sign-up prices are fine, though the longer to sign for the less you will pay, and the initial sign-up page states $35.00 per month but then the next one drops that to 25.00 per month, and the other amounts change as well.


This is high-end amateur movie making that looks good. Sets and costumes are used in some shots, the others are unscripted and natural, the girls are cute and varied, and the images are fine. The site has a unique design which is fresh and looks fine. Movies are at 720p HD, with downloads being available in 1080p HD.


There are around 1,500 videos, being a mix of action, solos and interviews, and they run for 10 to 30 minutes each. These are all exclusive. There are about 300 + image sets and 300 + models too. Content is made in Europe, and you are only going to find it here.


It's all exclusive and looks fine, there are good looking models who are really into making porn, and although it's amateur, it works well and looks good. Updates are frequent too, and there's always something new to see when you log back in. The model index is quite detailed. The site text comes in German and English. The site is mobile friendly.


Some movies did not have subtitles. You've only got one Mp4 file to download per scene and only two choices of stream. The sign-up prices are different on two different pages.

Pricing & Bonus

I got a bit confused here as my sign-up price went from $35.00 to 25.00 on the next page, but there are various ways to pay and no hidden cross sales. You have various time options, and the longer you sign for, the more you save. There are no bonuses.


Ersties is a good, solid amateur site that's run by people who love what they do. It's made by women and is mainly about women, with solos and lesbian scenes, but there is some hardcore and loads of backstage info and video as well. Navigation has improved and the design is unique. It's exclusive and works well. A top amateur, European site.

Members Area Screen Shots

Below are actual screenshots taken from the members area of Ersties. Updated on October 30, 2017