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Dream Kelly

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Added on February 02, 2012 by Missy

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Forget about counting sheep, if theres a chance youre going to have Dream Kelly on your mind when your eyes close, then nothing and no one will be able to keep you awake! Youre going to be sleeping through some erotic REM all night long, this babe is ball-busting beautiful! They are making some powerful promises through intro, such as HD content, a ton of bonus sites and a chance to know this babe intimately!

"Sleeping with the erotica!"




3 Day Trial

$2.93 recurs $39.95/month

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197 Full Movie

Average length of 18 Mins
695Kbps MOV
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2101Kbps WMV

247 Picture Sets

120 Pics In Set
Hi-Res Pictures

Dream Kelly Full Review

ReviewerKeep the dream alive….hit the snooze button! If this girl infiltrates your slumber, then you have one very perverted sand-man, and bless his heart for bestowing that pixie dust straight onto your gonads! The tour really jumps out at a person, the color scheme, the presentation of our sexy subject matter, it all melds for a look that will lead you into the membership area. Once those doors swing wide, theres no going back, not that youd want to, because they make sure to keep you captivated from the first glance of goodness from this exclusive, softcore site. Its always nice to find a girl that carries such softness, and yet can create such hardness, and thats just one of the abilities of this girl.

There are a lot of things that go into the making of an adult site, first you have to consider what niche you want to go for, and for this one, its solo stimulation, from there you have to find a face, and a body that will be able to pull off the porn all by herself and still keep you aroused enough that youll keep coming back for more, and theyve accomplished that. They keep a true personal persona wrapped around the content here, the get to know her the person and then see how well she plays when alone. Scenarios are constructed and passion is oozing. Youll find a lot of posing, cute outfits included, of course some lingerie and yet there are also sets that keep with the fun side of her self exploration, she goes from being a tempting teen type to the sultry woman youd enjoy having in your bed after a night at the opera!

No matter which generation gap shes attempting to span, there is one thing that will always be certain, Dream Kelly is all female, all naughty, naughty female. Shes lively, perky, fun, seductive and sexy, which is just the beginning of the adjectives I could use to describe her. She doesnt have an easy job in the sense that its her and her alone that will carry the content and bring in the members, but one look into her eyes and youll not want to be anywhere else. She goes from being the kitten-ish type, as if she could just rub up against your leg and purr for attention, to ripping away her tee shirt, exposing her small breasts and giving that wild child sort of arrogance that tells the world she has many different personalities when it comes to her softcore porn and she wants them to know all. Her site is based upon her body and masturbation, and those are two winning factors from this female that you cant overlook.

Of course we havent really touched base yet on the most wildcat ways that reside within Dream Kelly, but her footage is going to show it beautifully! She takes toys nearly as thick as her arms to fuck herself with, and she doesnt just stop at the first half inch, just enough for penetration, no she takes more to give more…. to her members. She uses a bronco-ing buck, bull riding technique to straddle her machine, and even though she gets off, she never falls off! Her looks change a bit through the site, sometimes shes a soft, chestnut colored hair babe, in others it will be a bit darker, but my overall favorite is the light blonde with that streak of deep pink hanging long across her shoulders. Her face holds such a softness, almost an angelic presentation, like one of those rare China dolls that have the delicate features, the porcelain shade of skin, making you sigh aloud as you cradle her close to your chest….yes, this babe is definitely cradle worthy!

The quality of video play is above average and average alike, but they state through the tour pages that they cater to the needs of different connection speeds and thats just what theyve done. Sticking with basically two formats, the streaming is done through WMV, along with download and then MOV as well, they carry numbers that will have her looking so pretty plastered across your computer monitor. Download times arent long, even for the HD installment its not nearly as lengthy as I thought it might be, and I didnt see any issues through the buffering of stream.

The images are good, thumbs are a bit small for my liking, but, the clarity is alive and well through the enlargements. They will span your screen with wonderful pixel sizing such as, 1600x1066, giving beautiful detail not only to our hot, tempting teen, but the surroundings as well, surprisingly enough though, Im not finding a ZIP download option.

There is a nice amount of content to Dream Kelly, and even though there are no dates to show when they've added something new, the tour promises weekly installments and they must be doing something right, the numbers are proof.


Quality was nice from beginning to end. They used the perfect sort of page display to match the cute side of this babe, and from there, they made navigation an easy task as well. Video quality was kept simple with that slipping in of a HD choice, meaning they've spanned things nicely. Images enlarge to more than full screen.


The numbers are good from this entry, her personal softcore porn site could easily carry its own if need be, but, they also offer a large count of bonus sites, so you're sure to get plenty for your money.


Oh my, where do I start on the positive aspects to this site. The first one would have to be the sexy subject matter herself, she is past the point of adorable and teetering over the line of just plain beautiful. From there, they kept nice navigation and quality to their content.


It was hard to find anything really bad about the material for this site, but, I could say it was a disappointment for there not being a ZIP option...and the thumbs were a bit on the smaller side. A couple more formats would have been nice maybe.

Pricing & Bonus

In measuring our apples to oranges in regards to worthiness of this site for membership, well, I'd say all fruits will win! As a stand alone the numbers are abundant enough to justify spending the membership fee, and then when factoring in the many bonuses, it's off the chart with numbers that say, "Good deal!"


Go ahead, your eyelids are feeling heavy, let yourself go, because there's a beautiful girl waiting for you once you reach that state of sleep, which will lead into a wet, Dream Kelly. It all played out nicely from this installment with a count that's high and quality more than above average. Bonus sites are present as well in large quantities.

Members Area Screen Shots

Below are actual screenshots taken from the members area of Dream Kelly. Updated on February 06, 2013