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Dirty Feet Mistress

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Added on October 05, 2009 by Missy

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None of these little piggys are going to market today, instead they're going to step through the dust and the dirt, feeling the grittiness, as they aim towards the waiting mouth of their submissive servant. Dirty Feet Mistress is going to show how a shower isn't called for after barefoot frolicking, because they have just the thing to clean them up, and turn them on at the same time. These Dommes now have a site to show off what a heel they can make of their men, and they promise it will be done in high quality and exclusive content.

"Getting to the "sole" of sexual pleasure!"
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Dirty Feet Mistress Full Review

ReviewerThere's a bit of a fork in the road once logging into the main membership area, just a division of dirtiness that will either navigate you to the content of Dirty Feet Mistress, or, you can opt for one more click that will take you to their smaller network of sites, enough to fill a shoe box, but not so many that your arches will raise with full blown excitement. I was surprised to find our intended site being offered in a bit of a blah manner, there was no exfoliating erotica blasting from the page, making your toes tingle with appending excitement, just a model index of sorts, showing 12 lovely ladies, all with that hint of wanting to be in control. From their images, you click into their foot-age, which will of course tell you immediately, there's not much material as a stand alone here.

The acting through the scenes….well, its actually a bit too porn-ish, if that makes sense. I mean, we don't expect Oscar winning performances, but a little reality in the way their voice carries the commands and also the submissive statements would be nice. I actually muted my speakers and concentrated fully on the action, which made the full clip much easier to enjoy for the fetish they offer. No dates are added as to when the activity of update took place, so I don't know how recent the uploads happen, but Tricia was the first girl listed, and she is a very pretty blonde, with large breasts and shapely everything else! She has one arm nearly filled with tattoos and what looks to be a size 7 ½ tucked nicely into a set of heels that gives her feet that come hither look.

With her nails painted red, she has the pedicure pedigree for knowing just what she wants from her lover, and that includes him being nearly belly flat on the floor paying respect to her, from the ankles down. His tongue whips across and between her toes until she feels the moistness his mouth leaves, and then its time to show just how much in charge she really is. With a large bowl of oatmeal whipped up and ready for consumption, she waivers the thought of eating healthy and decides to dip her digits into this breakfast of champions, giving her submissive boy toy something to really clean from her. What remnants that are left of the bulky and binding bowl of food is the lubricant used for the gliding of his girth, in and out between her arousing arches, feeling her delicate feet in the most fornicating way, until the excitement overwhelms his submissive shaft and shes then covered in his cum.

Mixing with the two formats for downloading the entire clip, which offers better than average quality in presentation, there will be a link with each of the 12 sets to Dirty Feet Mistress that will take you to the images. These are high resolution, and the thumbs have a nice uniformity, but it would have been nicer to see these split up into 2-3 pages per gallery, instead of one very long running page. Enlargements come in at a nice, 667x1000 pixels, again, no razzle-dazzle, but, keeping with enough niceness to get their foot in the fetish door.


Throughout my entire journey of this site, I found no stampede of sexiness that would really make the bells and whistles go off in your head - driving you crazy until you can get back to this site once more. It was mundane in presentation and each of the dozen sets seem to hold the same premise. Video quality was above average and images followed suit.


The amount of content for this site was very small, only 12 sets, and no dates to even say how often they add new material. There are bonus sites, all following the same niche, but as a solo installment, not enough to carry it's own weight.


All of the pluses to this site weren't exactly mind blowing things that will make you want to rush for your credit card, but they are adequate, and if you're a foot fetish fan, then you will enjoy what's offered from their mediocre quality through the video clips.


I've always looked at fetish sites as being that one area where you can really cut loose, kick your shoes off and get down to naughty business, but instead, from this site things were almost on the boring side, so much more could have been accomplished by thinking outside of the shoe box.

Pricing & Bonus

As a solo flier this site would not warrant the amount of membership requested, it's only for the bonus sites that accompany from the network, all holding the same niche that will justify the money spent.


I can't help but walk away from this site a bit disappointed and thinking they may need a "toe-truck" to take them to a new design. The overall display was blah, and there was nothing to really rock your world of fetish enjoyment from Dirty Feet Mistress. It was all just middle of the line.

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