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Czech Bitch

Added on December 11, 2015 by Luke Preston

Review Summary

If you ever wondered what went on in a lorry park in the Czech Republic, then here's your chance to find out. Czech Bitch is all about hidden cams in a certain lorry where the guy gets hookers to come and fuck with him. These bitches for sale will do anything and we get to see the horny hardcore results. Good looking, unsuspecting working girls get filmed and he gets blown, and rimmed and fucked. It's exclusive and comes with bonuses.

"Life ain't a bitch at this hot, hardcore voyeur site"






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Czech Bitch Full Review

ReviewerThe premise here is a good one and the site falls into the hardcore category and the voyeur one; I guess it's also reality too as the cameras are hidden and we are parked up in a real lorry somewhere in the Czech Republic. The things that this company come up with to keep us hard and horny are beyond belief and Czech Bitch is another of their great ideas. They, by the way, are Czech AV and when you join this site you get to access all of their others; but more about that in due course.

What happens in these movies is that our main guy gets approached by a local hooker, she who has been hanging about the motorway (freeway) lorry stop, and he invites her in. The transaction is done and the deal is set; the sex then follows. There are some randy girls here who will do loads of kinky stuff; there's even some ass licking and watersports in the confines of the cab. There are hand jobs and full on fucking, full nudity as well, and though it's a fairly cramped environment, we get to see the action from several different hidden cam angles.

Movies run for good lengths of time, sometimes 40 minutes or more. There is one stream option to view in, in Mp4 format and this buffered quickly and ran well on my mid-range connection. The quality was very good and full screen was fine. There were then two downloads with a WMV file at 720p and a lower resolution Mp4 one to choose from. These are full files and there are no clips or parts to take, so some files may be very large for downloading, around 2 Gbs, but the end results are worth the wait.

Movies come with a descriptions by way of an introduction and these set the scene nicely. There are then very basic details about runtimes and upload dates; there had not been any uploads for four month prior to my visit. Before that though things had been fine and I can't help wondering if our guy got himself arrested or something, I mean, these movies really do take place in a very public lorry park.

But because of the way things are filmed there are no galleries, but not even any screen caps, so no way of seeing how the movie unfolds before you start a stream or download. And there are no interactive options either, no rates or add to favourites functions, no details about the girls (well, if they are genuine hookers you can't ask for a bio) and no other interactive options. But what you do have with Czech Bitch is access to every other site in the network. You simply head back to the home page and click a site from the list on the left.

What's good about Czech AV, the network you are in, is that you have a lot of variety. There are other voyeur sites and there are other hardcore sites too, so both bases are covered. You've also got teens, Milfs, squiring and solos, casting videos, over a thousand of them, and some rather unusual ones too, some extreme fetish and glory hole action, for example. But you do always get exclusive content and daily network updates too.


Considering this is voyeur footage from hidden cams inside a lorry cab, the quality is good here. The image is sharp and the sound is natural. There are usually two viewing options and the top quality one is at 720p, so not bad at all. The other is fine too. The site is simple and easy to manage though rather basic on interactivity.


There were 45 movies when I was visiting the site and no new ones had been added for a few months, so the updates are a slight concern. The videos ran for 30 to 40 minutes or so and are filmed from two or three angels. They are all exclusive and come with one stream and two downloads. There are no galleries to view.


The content here is all exclusive and it is also good quality and on niche. The action is nicely varied and horny, and the whole thing has a real voyeur feel to it. Your membership gets you access to the other 27 sites in the network and that network has daily updates, sometimes with more than one new movie per day.


The site is small and there had been no updates for several months before my visit. There is no interactivity at the site or network, with no rates, comments or add to favourites functions and there are no search and sort options either, so it's all a bit basic.

Pricing & Bonus

There are three sign-up options and all are for the network and so all are good value, with more value being found the longer-term you go on your membership. There were no hidden cross sales. The network of 28 sites holds around 3,000 exclusive and varied, good quality and original movies, some with photo galleries.


I liked the way Czech Bitch is filmed, and I liked the premise. I really suspect that this guy has got himself arrested, hence the lack of updates. The quality is good, it is all exclusive, it's fun and hot at the same time and it's easy to use. You get access to the full set of exclusive Czech AV sites too so top value. Life ain't a bitch at this hot site.

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