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Crazy DP

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Added on January 09, 2010 by Missy

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I always knew there was a specific reason for those two holes to be so close together! Crazy DP is broadcasting a tour area that carries a lot of images, streaming footage and promises, such as the girls from this site are said to be nimble nymphs that cant be satisfied by one man at a time. Whether their mouth, vaginal opening, or anal penetration, they want the bulk of boners in a plural sense. Claims are HD to the exclusive content

"Two heads are much hotter than one!"
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Crazy DP Full Review

ReviewerI was pretty much mesmerized by what this site holds in store just from the introduction area, but when logging into the main membership page, I really like the design they've compiled, with bursts of neon brightness in shades worthy of this Christmas time of year, it makes you want to turn out the lights in your computer area and just enjoy the twinkle of the testicles while theyre slapping against the sweet asses of babes that cant get enough! Yes, I think the double headers from Crazy DP are going to be on a lot of peoples wish list this year, and its a gift that you wont want to return because of the incorrect size!

An immediate message greets you from the first page, letting you know this site just graced the web approximately 3 months ago, which tells me there more than likely wont be a huge amount of content, but thats understandable. From there, its updates and whats on the horizon, along with the links that will be our navigational guide through the growing erections. If you hear something coming through your systems speakers right now, its the sound of my screeching breaks. Im a bit confused. They announce front page that this site just launched in September of this year, and yet, when going into the video section, I'm finding dates of upload stemming back to April of this year OK, on the count of three, everyone scratch their heads!

The confusion just keeps rolling from this site, and I know I should be in the midst of the content description at this point, but my honesty is leading first and foremost to areas where I feel deserving minds need to know. From the tour page of Crazy DP, there is immediately stated at the banner areas, 32 bonus sites with membership...well, once in membership, in going to the page for bonuses, I'm counting 19 sites, yes there is a listing as well for a DVD site, but, where are the other areas?

From there, the video section is nicely done for the most part, giving you only one format, but qualities that range from dial up to cable connection in the full length movies, which you'll find its stamped across the advertising set images which ones are full, which ones are not. Offered from the segments that aren't are episodes that will either stream or download, just like the entire movie, but they have a set quality, no choices given. I could teeter most either way from this part of the site, but I will allow my whims to drift across that line and say that youre getting nice footage presentations, with technical numbers that will back up my feelings.

Now, for the content action itself, just let me say, HOT! These women are more than ready to show that they aren't frightened by multiples, and as long as they have orifices that come in numbers, then they're ready to have them filled. The hardcore/fetish enjoyment will portray oral talents being exhibited on one man, while another plows deep into her pussy, stretching the tightness and banging against her cervix until her muffled moans are telling the world shes having a good time!

From there, they end up mounting and shifting bodies until all boners have easy access into their intended hole. Whether its to the tune of dueling knobs sliding across her taste buds at the same time, or the girth of these men being crammed and rammed into her vaginal opening simultaneously, or one entering through the front door while another bursts through the back, one way or another, its going to be slippery shafts thrusting and penetrating until the visible cum shots add the cherry to the top of this gang-banging sundae!

Just as a quick mention, the pictures are nicely done, the high resolution especially. They are mixed through this section, screen caps and posed shots, but they'll let you know which is which from the initial display. Folder counts are good, with the grabbers holding about three times as many shots, but the high resolution comes through with full screen seduction, 1280x853 pixels will put a smile on your face.


The quality was good in most respects, but I found a bit of a bouncing effect. I consider the basic layout to go along with quality, for the sake of navigation, etc. They mix full scenes with episodes, screen caps with high resolution, but overall, it's good. They keep just one format, but different levels of niceness, posed shots were good.


The count for this site as a single entity was very low, along with the confusion of exactly when this site went live, it's hard to say it's because of its newness, so I won't pledge anything either way. The bonus sites help, but....


When it comes to the most positive areas of this site, the load falls squarely upon the shoulders of the action itself. The double penetrating porn will be unquestionable proof that two men are never a surplus when it comes to sexual desire. From there, the quality of the videos was nice, and the high resolution shots held their own.


Yes, there are some negative aspects, mostly from their own professing of things I was not able to confirm within membership. They stated the site went online just three months ago, but there is footage dated back 8 months, and with only 20 sets, that tells you their lack of scheduled updating. Not a huge fan of display for videos and galleries.

Pricing & Bonus

I would say worthiness as to the membership fee matching up to what you receive will depend 95% upon the bonus sites. As a stand alone, the count is very small, without a constant sequence to the updating schedule.


Crazy DP could be a double headed gold mine! The action itself is very good from this site, those huge cocks prying and poking into all orifices, teaming up for the torment of being stretched, but satisfied. There were some issues that left me scratching my head and even frowning, so it will be a self conclusion as to membership for the hardcore fun.

Members Area Screen Shots

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