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Cougar Recruits

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Added on May 21, 2010 by Missy

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Everyone needs that mentor in their life, the person that shows the greatest of details that are known for bringing the most pleasure, and for the sexual satisfaction, its going to come from Cougar Recruits! Even though the tour area depicts babes that dont seem to be that different in age, its all about the instruction of the lesbian erotica that will leave the largest impression. High quality is promised, bonuses too.

"Woman to woman want and wetness!"
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Cougar Recruits Full Review

ReviewerThe Reality Gang is back with the beauty of lesbian action, there is so much moisture in the air from this footage, the barometric pressure must be all out of whack! The doors swing wide to display some, this and that effect from the many bonuses that go along with your membership fee, but an alphabetized list of their titles will take you right to Cougar Recruits, and this is definitely going to be the spot for beginning! Layout is nice, the advertising set shots are clear, they dont leave any ruffled feathers as far as finding your way around their town of temptation, in fact, youll want to do a little window shopping before entering the erotic pathways, theres a nice amount to see and you want to treat your erection to just the right sort of sultriness from this softcore enjoyment.

If they were giving courses at the local library, you would find them filed in the L section, lesbian, lust, lusciousness and lavish in the displays they offer. There is no shyness, even though a bit of coaxing goes along with the format of the scenarios themselves, not all participants are completely willing in the beginning, but thats where a good storyline forms, and youll find yourself rooting for the cougar catching her prey means a lot of pussy and a tremendous amount of heat will be radiating.

Theyve done a great job at keeping things balanced, and I know that might sound like a strange way to describe the action, but Im looking at it from two directions, the first being a bit of soft, romance, the thing that always goes right to a mans brain when he sees passion shared between two women, its the entwining tongues, the boobs rubbing against boobs, the softness of their feminine fingers roaming the curves and plush areas of their estrogen filled nether regions, but then of course, there is the ache to view that total abandonment, that almost anything goes sort of mind set that means things are going to get wild and get so quickly and with a passion that will leave you saying, Oh yeah! That is what theyve balanced nicely.

Theyve got toys, not just little petite plungers, oh no, were talking huge, thick, long dildos and vibrators that are going to be used in anything that will open, the older women are going to make sure these younger babes are going to find out that a man isnt always needed for complete sexual satisfaction. As I mentioned earlier, some of the sets will show duos that really seem to be close to the same age, which goes a bit against the title of Cougar Recruits, or at least in my overall assumption of what theyre going for, but the action becomes so exciting, you forget about that issue and focus on the nudity and the ferocious fun.

The content came in nicely with their presentation, but I do have one small item that makes me want to waiver on mentioning it, but honesty will prevail. They pledge not only through tour but in the membership area itself, per the individual sets that they have an installment thats listed as HD�..Im not finding that sort of extreme quality. Its good, its all good, with nice clarity and crispness, but the technical numbers arent showing what I feel falls under the category of something as grand as HD. There is stream and download, with a full scene that randomly runs at 30+ minutes in time, or they have episodes that linger around that 6 minute mark each, so theyre taking care of that need nicely. Just two formats, WMV and Flash, with numbers as I said that are going to be appreciated, just not what the pledge had me thinking Id find.

The images are just as good, with thumbs that are large, well set and more than appealing to the eye. They enlarge to a nearly full screen sizing and carry a slide show option as well as ZIP. From there, its a lot of bonuses and extras that will increase its worthiness. And just to mention this tid-bit of disappointment, no dates are added per set, so freshness is up in the air as to how often its tended to.


Quality is nice, there be no argument from me in the fact that navigation was simple and user friendly, along with large thumbs, even larger expansions with clarity and videos that gave a very nice presentation of their girl to girl porn.


The numbers fall in the mediocre range for me, just teetering on that edge where I can't really say there needs to be more, nor can I say, there is enough. Since there were no dates showing, there's nothing to tell me that they've done well or they've left things lacking, which is a shame.


I have to say the highlight of the content from this site for me came in the form of their being able to nicely balance the beauty of romance while engaging in the lesbian lust and then allowing the prowl of the passion take over with untamed wildness, very nicely done with all beautiful women per set.


There are a couple of things that immediately come to mind that do fall under the heading of negativity for me. The first one being there are no dates showing for when the content has been uploaded, so no way for me to profess they're keeping things on a good schedule, also, they pledge HD video play, but technical numbers don't quite back it up.

Pricing & Bonus

The amount of what this site holds on its own accord is fair enough to make you consider membership, but the fact we don't know how often they actually update would toss a bit of a monkey wrench in the consideration. Of course they round things back out nicely with all of the extras. A personal call, but tempting for sure.


Cougar Recruits is a very hot lesbian site, they have done most everything to perfection, with only a few flaws that make you wish they had rectified those issues before having to read it in a review such as this. It's softcore but extremely passionate and powerful.

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