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Chica Boom

Added on September 18, 2014 by Luke Preston

Review Summary

There are a couple of promises on the tour of Chica Boom, a Latina site from Kick Ass Productions. One of them offers us lovely Latina ladies from many places in the world, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Peru included. The other offers us daily updates. Although that second promise is no longer kept to, there is a stock of videos and galleries, there are some updates happening and you do get network access when you sign up.

"Lush Latinas in exclusive hardcore movies and galleries"






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233 Full Movie

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800Kbps MP4
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1500Kbps WMV
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108 Picture Sets

80 Pics In Set
Hi-Res Pictures
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Chica Boom Full Review

ReviewerOkay, lets start with those updates and get that out of the way. There had been two new videos during the month of my visit, not exactly the daily updates as promised on the tour, but that could refer to the network, where there are 20 sites in total. Not all Latina sites of course, but all decent ones and all working in the same way. So, Chica Boom, the networks Latina offering, updates as and when and brings you videos and galleries. There is also a model index and that is about it; your extras are found on the home page and your content from the top menu.

Videos are a simple affair. They are sampled on index pages where you click a pic to find the viewing page. These come with a description of the scene, and a link to the main model(s) in the model index. There is only one stream option, and there were two download options. One was for iPads and the like and was MP4, and the other was described as High Resolution WMV. The latest file there produced a movie at 640 x 480 @ 2,326 kbps, which is more like DVD standard. The visual quality was fine, though the screen was not huge. There was suitable Latina American music to introduce the scene, were told the name and nationality of the model, and, on the movies I saw there were scenarios, little scenes before the action started with acting from the girls, and guys.

The action here is a mix of hardcore with girls and guys, and them some solo work, and some Latina lesbian scenes with two girls together, and perhaps some toy-play as well. Locations vary and although there were only 233 scenes, there is a lot of variety within them. Movies run for around the standard length for a scene, at 20 minutes or so.

There were 108 galleries in the photos area and the updates here are less frequent that with the videos. Each gallery has its own number of images, around 80 would be a rough guide and they are a mix of posed shots before the action starts, and then action shots. In the most recent galleries I found images going up to 1,000 x 1500 in size where they were clear and fine to view. Recent sets also had zip file downloads, though some older sets didn't. Where there were zips to take there were often two choices, larger pics and smaller ones for phones and portable devices. Again, there are descriptions with the galleries and links to the models in the index.

And in the model index you find 236 models with face pics that, when clicked, lead to solo pages with stats, links to her movies/galleries and a search function for finding other girls. There are girls from all over the world here and you do get the mix of nationalities that the tour promised. That's a neat thing as so many Latina sites only offer girls from America, or one certain place; there is nice variety of models at Chica Boom.

And finally, there is also a search page to use to help you find exactly the kind of girls you like to see. This is about the only interactive option, though you can rate the scenes as you see them. Navigation is easy here and I had no technical troubles. The site is pretty basic, simply set out and easy on the eye, and to access your 19 bonus sites simply head back to the home page and scroll down, you will see each one listed and you just click to log in in using your access details.


This is, at the best, DVD quality with good standards for filming and good sound and light, but not yet HD specs. The images are big and clear, the girls are really hot and nicely varied, the site has a simple design and gives no hassles.


I counted 233 scenes here, with updates happening on a kind of as-and-when basis, with no set schedule. (The Daily Updates of the tour must refer to the network as a whole). Movies ran for around 20 minutes and came with two downloads and one stream. 108 galleries with around 80 pics each and there were 236 girls in the model index.


This is exclusive content and you should only find it on this network. The girls come from a wide variety of places and are all Latinas, so that's a nice mix. The site is easy to use and comes with access to 19 other sites from the same company, which all work in the same way, have updates and offer variety.


Viewing options are limited here with only one stream and two downloads. Older movies may not be the same DVD quality specs as the more recent ones. Updates are spasmodic at best, and there is no definite update news or schedule.

Pricing & Bonus

You are paying for network access here and yet the price is still under $30.00 a month, which is a pretty good deal. There are 19 other sites, including one for portable devices, one about bloopers and backstage stuff and also Kick Ass Productions itself. Taken all together you get good, all-round value for money.


Chica Boom didn't exactly go off with a great booming bang, but it did fire me up and it will do you too. There are some very hot and nicely varied Latina babes in all manner of hardcore scenes, the quality is fine at DVD levels, there are nice photos, the site is easy to use, and there is network access.

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19 Bonus Sites & Multi Access Network

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