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Butt Fetish

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Added on June 04, 2010 by Missy

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Theres a full moon risin and youre going to benefit from the glow of those globes! What man…or woman doesnt enjoy the pleasure of seeing a nice, rounded ass, with just enough jiggle to cause you to drool when watching it bounce down the street? Well, from Butt Fetish, theyre offering more than just strolling for seduction, its pledged to be hardcore and hard hitting with nice quality and extras.

"Derriere delight and dirtiness!"
We apologize, This site is no longer available.




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213 Full Movie & Movie Clips

Average length of 19 Mins
1000Kbps FLV
899Kbps MP4
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1096Kbps WMV
1991Kbps WMV

213 Picture Sets

65 Pics In Set
Hi-Res Pictures
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Butt Fetish Full Review

ReviewerIf you guessed Butt Fetish sounded like something All Network Pass would have to offer, then you were exactly right! That means when logging into the main membership area, its going to be page after page their updates from their many available sites, to which your fee will gain you access into the hardcore/fetish footage of all. But, a drop down box will quickly take us to the place we want to be, where the ass will pass all erotic inspection before being plunged, penetrated and stretched through that oh so naughty anal sex.

Ok, so Ive got good news and bad news about this site, but the good is so nice….Im going to start with it. The display of sets couldnt be easier, or more appealing to the eye. Beautiful women, I do mean all of the women are stunning, and theyre clad in either extremely sexy lingerie or nothing at all, both of which is a perk to the porn and their prettiness. There is one woman especially that caught my eye, her name is, Jada Fire, her set appeared a bit over a year ago and she is outstandingly beautiful! She has the creamy ebony skin, strong leg muscles that are defined by the positions she assumes for penetration and this hottie has a set of breasts you wont forget. With areolas that must measure no less than 3 across and nipple buds that harden perfectly for the cameras capture, watching her take the hard, ivory cock is exceptional viewing. She not only has the vaginal thrusting, but of course her rounded ass is the prime target as well, and its like pornographic poetry in motion seeing her getting butt banged.

They do a nice job of mixing up niches and fetishes throughout the content here, but then of course when you go with a niche such as anal sex, you can spin your way through so many different avenues and just have a good time with the content, and they have. They give you interracial sex, double penetration, masturbating moments with fingers and toys, not to mention oral sex, and once the hardcore action of the rectal probing has gotten the guys to the point of no return, theyll flip and slip the cock back to the lovely lips of their ladies to do some ass to mouth and of course facial cum shots, yes, theyve covered the tempting topics of dirtiness nicely.

As with other parts to this network that Ive reviewed before, Butt Fetish holds choices for video viewing. You can opt for stream or download, episode particles or the full scene, with a grand total of 4 formats in the making. The quality once viewing begins is nice, they can carry their own with bragging rights on the clarity youll receive. One thing that had me a bit puzzled was the fact they offer through WMV what they call, HD, but, the technical numbers dont show that sort of heightened projection that I feel would qualify them to boast in that realm. Short write up descriptions are present and nicely summarized for what the video will hold. Oh, I did want to mention the download times do run a bit longer than I would have thought they would do, but, you can stream and dream while waiting for your big butt hard-drive library to fill.

Youll find things will vary when it comes to the pictures from this site. Some sets will hold high resolution images and caps, while others are video grabbers only. So you do get some choices floating a bit willy-nilly in that area. They seem to be doing most everything right, and for what is here, Im appreciative in their attempts at making sure they keep members happy, however……

This site was given birth in July of 2005, a few short months down the road and that will mean theyre celebrating their 5th birthday online. At first I thought the count was going to be nice, and it is, until you factor in just how old this site is, and once thats done, youll feel the same disappointed as I did. With just 213 sets in total, that should be much higher to say the least, which tells you that updating is something that has not been done under a strict regime. In fact, its been nearly a year since the last newness was added. That seems to be a constant complaint through some of my reviews lately and even though I get tired of reporting it you, they continue doing it to their members. Granted they have a huge listing of bonus sites, some exclusive, some not, but, having an offering of fresh content is an important attribute.


They have done a nice job of including the things that members look for when signing up for a site, choices in video viewing, decent quality, high resolution images, multiple niches and fetishes feeding through one site and of course, there are the many bonus sites that are included.


The numbers at first glance will put a smile on your face, giving a number that will be appreciated, but when thinking of how much more they could/should be, then it's telling you there will be some long wait times for newness.


I would have to say the biggest highlight of this site comes in the form of the action itself. They base the premise in advertising on the large, rounded bottoms belonging to beautiful women, but once inside membership, you'll find many more naughty things play into the scheme of things.


There are two complaints I have about this site, the first one being the most important, and that is the fact it's been nearly a year since anything new was added, and for a site that's almost 5 years old, the overall content count is showing serious neglect. The other issue is they hold no ZIP option.

Pricing & Bonus

This site could carry its own with the number of sets they hold within membership, making the fee worthy, but, then when you realize they don't update any longer, that puts a crimp in the style of sexual offerings. They are backed up beautifully by a huge amount of bonus sites, those will make it more tempting.


Butt Fetish offers a tour that tells you hardcore/fetish enjoyment await your arrival inside of membership, which would include not only those luscious asses, but also the anal sex being put to them. But once inside, there are many other heat generating areas that boost the erotic inferno. The updating issue however is something to worry about.

Members Area Screen Shots

Below are actual screenshots taken from the members area of Butt Fetish. Updated on November 02, 2017

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