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Box Truck Sex

Added on December 15, 2016 by Luke Preston

Review Summary

I reckon Box Truck Sex is the first site of its kind. What you have here is something new, a brilliant idea, an odd one, admittedly, but certainly unique. Hot girls are picked up and paid to appear in exclusive movies that are filmed inside a glass covered truck where they can see out but the public can't see in, and it's filmed on busy streets. Life passes by outside while the girls strip, play and get fucked in HD, exclusive movies.

"Very innovative, HD, exclusive, public sex in private!"






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Box Truck Sex Full Review

ReviewerI can honestly say that I have never seen anything like this before. You know when you pass a truck, or van, or even a mobile unit in the street and you wonder what's going on inside? Well, it could be hot European girls being filmed fucking with studly guys only a few inches from where you are stood, and you have no idea it's going on. It's like watching people having sex right there in the street. It's pretty amazing and, thanks to the HD and the regular updates, this standalone site is going to be one that every voyeur fan, every reality fan and every fan of unusual and yet erotic sex is going to want to see.

I admit, I am still unsure exactly where this is all filmed. The guys spoke English with American accents, but some of the girls needed a translator. I tried to read street signs and shop signs, but was none the wiser, so I am guessing it's Easter Europe, but forgive me if I am wrong. And, in the end, it doesn't really matter as the act is the important thing. What they do and what you can see going on only just outside the one-way glass windows; these girls are fucking and stripping and playing, with themselves or with each other, by the edge of a city centre main road. It's pretty unbelievable - but it's real.

The girls are hot and well chosen; some are picked up on the streets and persuaded to come into the 'box' for a chat, a casting audition, a two-way with a porn guy or with another girl and so the end results are realistic and horny, made more so by their location. The filming is also good and natural and in HD and movies run for up to and over one hour in length. Start with the set-ups and listen all the way through and you will find out all the info you need to know - probably including where the action is taking place - and you, like me, will come away wondering why no-one had thought of this before.

Onto the technical side of things: There were 84 videos when I was there. You have a stream screen to run and the streams ran immediately; they came with three sizes and all looked good. You have four options for download in Mp4, with 1080p HD at the top of the scale and the videos looked good, nice and sharp and clear. Each one comes with six stills beneath it, more to give you an idea of what happens than to give you a gallery, but they are also good quality and a handy tool. The next neat thing is that the site is updating every five days with a new video and each one runs for that good length of time. There is also a good banner showing you what's coming up next and it looks like updates are set up for quite a while ahead.

Check through the model index to find a girl you want to see more of and you will find an instant link to her videos, plus a detailed writeup of some of them. There are some linked tag words to help navigation, there are search options including an advanced search and also rates, add to favourites and a place to comment. There are no extras or bonuses, but what you have here already justifies the sign-up prices, which offer reductions for the longer you sign-up for. It was a pleasure to be one of the first to review it.


Considering this is all outside filming, though inside the glass box, you get excellent quality movies here with attention to lighting and sound. Great looking models as well. The movies are at 1080p HD and come with mobile and other resolution versions and the images are also a decent size and quality. The site is well designed and easy to use.


There were 84 exclusive video and they ran for around 60 minutes each, some were at 50, but good runtimes all-round. There were four download and three stream options (up to 720p) and six images per video as a guide. Updates are every five days or so.


This is pretty unique content; public sex videos exist but because of the filming here it's like these fuck and suck videos, lesbian ones and solos, are going on right there in the street. I've never seen anything this public (and yet secret) before. The site is well set out and the girls are original and hot, and the whole thing is a new experience.


This is a standalone site and fairly new so it will need time to grow, but that's should be fine as updates look good. There are no extras, not lot of info about the girls and the set-ups (where filmed, when? Whose idea was it?) unless it's contained in the speaking within the movies.

Pricing & Bonus

Although the site is not yet huge, I thought the prices were right for all exclusive and HD content that is so original. The longer you sign for the more you save. There are no bonuses but there are good updates and regular too.


Box Truck Sex is an odd title but a descriptive one; girls have sex in a glass box in public places but the public can't see in. We see out and it's just like they are having sex in the street. The updates are coming in and everything is a great quality. Exclusive, original, well set out and with regular updates, this site should soon be top of the charts.

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