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Bone Whackers

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Added on August 28, 2015 by Panky

Review Summary

The girls here know how to handle hard cocks. That's the theory behind Bone Whackers : suck them, stroke them, swallow what comes, or get fucked by them, the whole point is that hot girls pleasure horny guys and we get to see it all in decent quality movies. The site comes with network access, streams, downloads and it's all being updated pretty frequently, so there's good value to be had too.

"Whacking great value in a whacking great hardcore site"






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$69.95 $23.32 a month

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$119.38 $9.95 a month
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4500 Full Movie

Average length of 20 Mins
1000Kbps FLV
920 x 516
5000Kbps MP4
1280 x 720
1500Kbps MP4
1280 x 720

6360 Picture Sets

100 Pics In Set
Hi-Res Pictures
Zip Files

Bone Whackers Full Review

ReviewerActually, Bone Whackers is a bit of an excuse. The thing is, the site is part of a huge network of over 4,700 movies and because of its theme the site movies also turn up in the network movies list. You see, the theme here is stroke or suck cock and as that tends to happen in most hardcore flicks anyway, they've made a site up out of any networked movies that contain a hand job or a blow job. Probably the only things missing from the movie and gallery lists here are the network lesbian movies, but you can get to see those too, and quite easily, from the list of sites that you'll see linked from your home page.

So, you can expect something like 4,500 scenes that are a mix of pure hand job, pure blow job cum shot and facial, and then a mix of BJ and hardcore. Each scenes is shown with a Flash stream and these are kind of mid-quality at around 640 x 480 in size, though some are larger. You can stream easily enough and I had no buffer problems. There are then three downloads per scene with a desktop version that is around 720p HD, though older ones may only be a more standard definition. You get two mobile downloads as well, suitable for you iThings, and all these download files are in Mp4.

Movies run for an average length of time for a porn video, around the 20 to 30 minute mark, though some pure hand jobs or suck session may be a little shorter. There is some basic info with them on viewing pages but not a lot really, and the site adds at least one new videos every week, sometimes more. It is easy to see, from the viewing pages, which are the HD videos and linked tag words on viewing pages will also help you find more of the same; and HD is one of the options.

Over in the galleries area I found 6,360 galleries, again taken from across the network of 6,840 or more. There are various numbers per set, the quality is good and there are images going up to 1,920 x 1,280 when at full size, though often scaled down to fit the page. You can browse them one at a time and download as you go, or you can grab zip files of full sets. Numbers per set vary from 20 upwards, and I would guess and average of 100 for each gallery. Navigation through the sets is easy.

And navigation through the whole network is easy. You can open things one site at a time, and you get the same viewing options and interactive functions. Or you can open the network hub area and find all the content set out that way. If you like you can browse the 2,760 + models in the full model index and read their stats and details, and then click to their content that way.

As you view you can make comments and leave feedback, you can rate the things and you can also add videos or pics to a favourites area and come back to them easily next time you visit. There are those linked tag words and you can add more to the list, and I had no trouble with technical things here and had no trouble moving around the site or network.


There are some HD movies now at 720p and the quality there is good, the others are standard definition but also decent quality and there's nothing really to worry about. The images are big and clear and also decent quality, there may be some screen caps included too. I had no worries about standards here and the site has an easy to use design.


The content, we are told, is exclusive and it is drawn from the full network. Because its theme is common to most hardcore videos you've got over 4,000 from the network and over 6,000 galleries all of which are also found on other networked sites. There is one stream option and three downloads per scene, and zip files for galleries.


You get a lot of hardcore for your money here and the girls are a good mix or pro and amateur. The site is easy to use and interactive, there are regular updates, and there is also network access, though you're accessing most of it at this site anyway. The price is right, the quality is right and there are no technical issues.


A lot of this content, if not all, appears on other sites in the network, so you extras are kind of limited to the lesbian scenes from another site in that network. Quality might vary with age and there are limited stream options. All download files are Mp4 only.

Pricing & Bonus

Check the prices as mine showed in Euros, but were still reasonable considering the amount of content I got in return. There are longer term options but the monthly one is fine at just under $30.00 per month. There are no hidden charges and it's easy to join. The network holds over 4,700 scenes and over 6,800 galleries, and they're all yours.


Bone Whackers gives you most of the content from the Full Network Access network of 15 sites, because its theme is hand and blow jobs, and most movies contain some of that kinds of sexy stuff. The quality is good, there is network access, it's easy to use and the network updates every day with up to five pieces of content. So, whacking great value I'd say!

Members Area Screen Shots

Below are actual screenshots taken from the members area of Bone Whackers. Updated on August 29, 2015

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