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Bikini Banger

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Added on May 07, 2010 by Missy

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She wore an itsy-bitsy-teenie-weenie-yellow-polka-dot-bikini…..but not for long! Strolling across the beach, with sand oozing between your toes, tuning in on the hot bodies lying there with their curves looking delicious, its all going to lead to arousal and exclusive, hardcore entertainment from Bikini Banger. They pledge from this site youll acquire weekly updates and nice quality to their footage displays.

"Summer sun brings heat…and passion!"
We apologize, This site is no longer available.

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January 22, 2015

Sorry but this site is now closed.




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Bikini Banger Full Review

ReviewerWith snow covering the ground in much of the world, most everyone allows their mind to wander to warmth filled days, with the sun beating down on your shoulders, causing that bit of tingle as the shade of crimson will be the foundation for summer tanning, but that tingle will travel to other areas as well! The main membership page to this particular site, once you bypass the many bonuses that accompany, will show you those skimpy swimsuits that ride high in the butt cracks and low in the cleavage…ah yes, summer is in the air! Through the All Elite Pass Network theyre bringing this seasonal sexiness as a part of their many niches, they never seem to run out of ideas for erotica, which is good, I just wish all aspects were done with such cleverness.

Ok, so I may as well just get this out of the way and then we can get down to the business at hand….for your hand. Im always the first one to enjoy amateur footage, to see faces and bodies of those you dont see on 3 out of 5 porn sites, just to tease with that bit of freshness that always makes you feel as though youre the only one viewing the footage. I have no complaints about the fun, excitement and hardcore enjoyment youll find from the sets offered at, Bikini Banger, my problem….and here I go sounding like a broken record, is their updating practice. As Ive mentioned in other reviews, I am a strong advocate for this network, everything about them screams sex and its the one stop place for finding a wide variety of niches for your nookie filled pleasure. However, I am honest, and I have to be so in explaining that Ive reviewed quite a few of their sites and were not getting the freshness.

They even quote immediately in the banner of tour, Weekly updates, and thats not happening. In fact we arent even getting monthly updates, were getting none at all. There are 41 sets to this site, each and every one of them show their date of addition as, 10/27/08, yes, each one of them, which means they put up an ample amount to get on the web and then never ventured back again. This is now, at the time of this review, 2/16/10, so, there is a problem, and its a shame.

Now for the goodness of what youll find in the footage, and that is, beautiful girls, with tight bodies, wearing even tighter swatches of material that barely cover their nether regions and looking like beach bunnies. Theyre sprawled in the sand, stretched across the sofas, and assuming positions on the bed. This lucky guy gets to kick up his bare toes through the grains of gonad heaven, checking out this babe and that one, wanting to get his hooks, or at least his fingers into them all, and it does seem that whomever he chooses is a more than willing participant. He pulls the cups of their top back to expose the roundness of their breasts, the hardness of their nipples and the perfect fit his mouth seems to make around them all. From there, hands wander and explore, tongues taste the muskiness of impending orgasm and of course penetration certainly isnt lost in the sand filled shuffle.

With his shaved testicles and thickened erection, he becomes their favorite way to spend a summer afternoon and for many of these girls, the Bikini Banger is ready to make some dreams come true. The rays of the sun can only warm them so much, but its the hard to reach places the sizzling solar penetration cant make contact with, and thats where he comes in. They participate in some fine foreplay and powerful pornographic plunging as well, rounding this site to surely fall under the heading of hardcore.

The quality of video footage Im happy to report does hold numbers a smidge higher than Ive found in the past, the video size increases enough to give a clarity that will have you mesmerized all day long. Everything is organized beautifully, and youll find the ability to stream or download, choosing episodes or full scenes alike. They dont miss a beat as far as the images go either, giving high resolution presented by large thumbs that carry a slideshow and ZIP, as well as screen caps.


The quality bar did rise a bit with this site in comparison to a couple recent reviews I've done of this network, giving a higher video size for a bit more clarity that will be appreciated. The images are nice, the thumbs are large, they carry choices to fit most anyone's need.


The numbers aren't quite what they should be, considering the fact this site originated in Oct. 08, and every set available was added on that day, nothing since. So, the numbers could be acceptable if it were being added to, but it's not.


When approaching this area of the review, my mind immediately went to the hardcore entertainment itself, that is where the true pat on the back belongs. I appreciate amateur sex, and when choreographed by an established network, it's going to be an end result of foreplay and fornication.


The drawbacks are pretty similar to the same ones I've noted when reviewing sister sites to this network, the updating issue. Yes, the list of bonus sites is more than mediocre, giving much to appreciate for your membership dollars, but to just put a site up, add all content on that day and then go 16 months with nothing new, that's a problem.

Pricing & Bonus

I am in awe of the niches held within this network, they've managed to climb into the fantasy of so many - and then put it into a website form that will make for joy filled jerking sessions. For that reason alone, I could recommend this site/network until the sun sets...but, there is that nagging factor of no updates that leave me lingering with doubt.


With winter upon us full force, it was nice to spend some time in the sun with the folks from Bikini Banger. To experience the warmth and passion passing across the sand of the beach was a nice experience. I'm a fan of the network, but not a fan of their way of leaving sites unattended for over a year, it's all about freshness for worthiness.

Members Area Screen Shots

Below are actual screenshots taken from the members area of Bikini Banger . Updated on January 22, 2015