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Banged Moms

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Added on December 20, 2009 by Missy

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There's a nurturing effect that radiates from those moisture filled moments that only a Mother can bring to the screen. These babes are sporting a few wrinkles and toting some sagging tits, all making a strong defense to the fact they are as promised, mature and beautiful women. Banged Moms shows a tour area of multiple men that are eager to get the beaver, and the ladies are happy to oblige. Promises include high quality and bonuses!

"Lift that apron and they'll show you how to cook!"






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Banged Moms Full Review

ReviewerThe main membership page to this opens with the turquoise blue, lime green color scheme that immediately made me think of retro porn, and in some ways, a few of the sets hold some presentations that say they could be as aged as the ladies inhabiting them, but, I think its suppose to be recent footage. Links across a horizontal bar at the top of the page will take you wherever you want to go, and of course my journey is going to begin with the videos, but not before saying that the ease of navigation from Banged Moms is definitely appreciated. They kept the same sort of niceness all the way through, meaning there aren't a lot of choices in some areas, but it is still coming out with a pleasurable tone.

Before going into some of the technical details, I have to say these women are having the time of their life! You can tell from their actions and expressions that they're experiencing sex in ways they never did even as teens. Since a woman does peak at a later prime than men do, well, lets just say this opportunity couldn't have come at a better time. Finding women basically my own age in some of the installments, made me wonder what it would be like to have multiple men with erections surrounding me, experiencing pleasure from all angles, through giving and receiving, and, I must admit, there was a spark of agreement that to experience an act such as that even once in life, well, it would make for some mighty moisture filled memories!

The content is exclusive, and carries amateur players for their porn, which is even more of an enhancement in my opinion. Their bodies are real, nothing airbrushed, nothing tucked, even though many have been shaved, they're the real deal. The bravery of the aging babes will show brightly as they refuse to turn down any erotic offer made by their sexual playmates. They're taking it down the throat, up the butt, nestled within the palm of their hand, thrusting into their vaginal orifice and anywhere that bare skin can meet with the balls for stimulation. Of course they are rewarded for their boldness by wearing load after load of sperm. Many of these sets finish off with a circle jerk of juiciness and as the spewing begins, the jets will cover these Banged Moms with loveliness.

As I mentioned earlier, there are some spots to this site where choices aren't abundant, and yet they make it work nicely. They keep things narrowed down to just one format for video viewing, WMV, which if you're going to choose, that's a nice one in my opinion. Even though that is the only format, they do spread the wealth with different qualities, in a stream or download. High quality resides in each offering, with the HD carrying technical statistics that will be proof to their porn´┐Żyou wont miss a detail.

The thumbs per gallery are large, meaning a very nice start to their subtle way of showing you the many position these Banged Moms are placed into that will make their sexual servicing more feasible. Bent at the waist, wearing thigh high stockings and little else, they're being driven from behind and fed from the front. Of course there will be framing to the sides of shafts that await their turn for any opening that will accommodate them.


They skipped around some areas that would have really made a large splash in the pornographic pond when it came to quality, but sometimes the less is more is not only safe, but appreciated. They still held onto good graces from what's offered, making this an enjoyable site in quality and niche.


The numbers as they stand at the time of this review are high enough to hold their own accord in the arousal department, but, without keeping a steady pattern of attention, there could have been more material easily offered.


One of the most positive aspects of this site has to be the enjoyment experienced by these maturing babes. They are having the best time and it shows. Feeling as if they had sowed their wild oats years before, to have an opportunity to go wild on film with multiple men of well endowment and handsome appearance, they are eating it up. Quality did enhance.


Unfortunately there were a couple of different spots that needed some attention in this reviewer's opinion. Starting with keeping a steadier pace with updates, that would give a feeling of growth for membership dollars. From there, the buffering and download times were a bit long, but given the quality that can be understandable, but needed mentioned.

Pricing & Bonus

Given the self supporting numbers and then factoring in the bonus sites, stories, DVD's and bonus feeds, this site does hold enough to make their membership fee more than reasonable. The numbers will justify the meat filled means.


I liked so many different parts of Banged Moms, starting with the fact it's amateur based, exclusive content and the women really do portray an age where having this lust laid in their lap must have been a huge turn on. Partaking in the hardcore activity of group sex and having it offered in such nice quality speaks volumes.

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