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Bad Daddy POV

Added on May 13, 2017 by Luke Preston

Review Summary

Faux step-sex is on offer at Bad Daddy POV. At this new and hot site from James Deen, we have a series of hardcore movies, shot from your point of view (POV) where the guys are daddies and called 'dad' by the pretend step-daughters they bone in high-class movies. There are duos and some threesomes, a line-up of cute young things playing the parts of the girls, and some hardcore, hung guys as the dads. Viewing is HD and exclusive.

"Older/younger hardcore filmed from your point of view"




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13 Full Movie

Average length of 15 Mins
8000Kbps MP4
1920 x 1080
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Bad Daddy POV Full Review

ReviewerBad Daddy POV is an all-exclusive site, and it's a new one. This means that it's not very big, but I can see that it's going to get bigger and go far. It plays on the recent trend of step-sibling sex, though the tour makes it perfectly clear this is fantasy content only, and no-one is related. Even though the girls look young, they are all 18 +, and it's presented in a very professional way. So, if step-sex with a step-daughter is your thing, then this is your site.

When I checked things out, there were only 13 videos, but as they were presented with their upload dates, I could see that there was a new one being added each week. They are also from the master of porn, James Deen, who has been working in the industry a long time now, and it's clear to see that he knows what he is doing. The home page will give you the recent updates, and you can click straight to the first of the videos as soon as you log in. You're also able to search them out from the Videos tab in the main menu which brings up the first page of what I hope will be many more, showing you big sample shots of the fun to come.

Checking the videos, I found them to be simply presented on clear and easy to use pages where you have a large stream screen, three stream options and three downloads. These are the same: 1080p HD at the top, and a 480p version for mobiles; these are Mp4 files so they should work on most mobile devices.

The visuals were clear, and the movies are indeed, shot from your point of view. The sound is also natural, and there are storylines played out: girls with ponytails and looking all cutsie and innocent are the targets for the horny dads. The girls are a bit squeaky and over-innocent at times, but that adds to the age-gap fantasy, and their costumes also lend this air of innocence. There are some conversations as she speaks to 'you' and then either she seduces you, or you seduce her, but either way, you soon end up with 'your' dick in her mouth (and elsewhere) and the real action starts to roll. My suggestion is to go full screen, turn down the lights and then you have everything you need to imagine you are the guy she's working on.

Movies ran for around 13 to 15 minutes each, which was a decent length and they are well shot, considering the guy is also wearing the camera. I found a couple of threesomes and plenty of exactly what had been offered on the tour. So there were no disappointments. I would have liked some models hots and digital galleries, but there are only screen caps. These galleries hold a reasonable number of caps each and take you through the action. The link is at the top of the viewing screen, so it's easy to find. There are around 100 caps per set, and they can be saved, one at a time, or seen in slideshows online.

Bad Daddy POV is, as I mentioned, still new and small, but updates are coming in. There are no bonuses, but there's a model index with the girls shown with large sample shots and names, plus links to their videos. Again, there's not a lot of info, if any, and some more would have been good. Members can rate scenes and comment on them, but otherwise, it's a pretty small members' area where you can save your favourites and reach out for help if needed, but there's nothing extra.


The Bad Daddy POV quality is good, for POV filming where the camera can move around in unexpected ways. It plays out the promised fantasy to the full, and the movies are shot in HD. Your top resolution is 1,920 x 1,080 HD and in Mp4, with two smaller res versions to take. Images are screen caps only, but the site has a good design and is interactive.


So far so good with a decent update schedule, and 13 exclusive movies of around 15 minutes each. There were 13 screen caps galleries with around 100 pics each to view online and 12 models in the model index. Content is exclusive and from the James Deen production house.


You will be one of the first to see this site, if you head over there now, as it's so new. It's also pretty exciting and measures up really well on the 'reality scale' of step-sex sites. Content is filmed from your point of view, putting you right in the action. The site is easy to use and has interactive options.


Obviously, the site is small, and so the score for it is down slightly - but updates are coming in. There's not a lot of written info, no model news or info and no written intros to movies. There are also no galleries. The price is perhaps a little high for a small site, and there's a cross sale on the join page.

Pricing & Bonus

I'd have thought the initial cost would have been lower, to attract first members, but it's still not bad for all exclusive content and there is a low-price offer at the moment. Watch out for the higher price recurring membership after the trial, and the cross sale on the sign-up page. But go for a longer-term sign-up, and you can get a good deal.


Dad Daddy POVis good, but it is a bit on the small side because it is so new. This is one of the first reviews of the site, and the outlook is good; I was not disappointed in the content but would have liked more info on the girls and maybe some extras to justify the standard monthly price. Great step-sex from your POV makes for horny older/younger hardcore.

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